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Chapter: 688

"Admiral, we can't fight any more. If we fight any more, these ships will be buried here for nothing." On the xiongzhang, lieutenant general Peres said anxiously.

Although lieutenant general Sebastian did not say it, the anxious look on his face clearly showed his mood.

The two deputy commanders of the United Fleet were completely frightened by the firepower of the two steel warships of the Yanhuang fleet. They did not expect that this battle, which was almost like a gambling fight, would be so one-sided.

It's a pity that they are the target of being crushed

Whether France or Spain, after the brutal offensive and defensive battle of the fort of gibraltarian, the number of their naval warships has shrunk significantly. They do not want to bury their limited precious warships in this kind of sea battle that now seems beyond doubt.

As the commander of the United Fleet, Admiral abbasnott did not change his face, but in fact his heart is bleeding now.

Among the six warships that were sunk, there was a Royal Navy class II. Although this class II ship has been launched for more than 20 years, it is an old ship to the letter, and its performance is not even as good as the class III ship newly launched in recent years, but it is a class II ship after all, a class II ship worth hundreds of thousands of pounds!

When his Majesty George III bought Buckingham Palace, it cost 34000 pounds, and the cost of a class II windsurfing battleship was enough to buy 20 Buckingham palaces!

But it's such an expensive warship that it's buried here for nothing. It's absolutely nonsense for abbasnott to say that he doesn't care.

However, abbasnott can not order the white flag to be raised now, because abbasnott is not only a senior naval general, but also a senior politician. He knows that war is for politics. When political demands appear, war is the best way to solve them.

Now Britain has a dirty relationship with the Yanhuang tribe in the United States. Now Britain has a strong political appeal, but Britain can't tear its face with the Yanhuang tribe. After all, abbasnott has read the document, and he knows what his majesty thinks.

In his Majesty's opinion, although the thirteen colonies have been lost, it is a bottom line for the British authorities to continue to exert great influence on the independent United States.

I can't prevent your independence, but after your independence, whether it's business or diplomacy, you have to be led by Britain.

This is something that the UK has to do because it wants to continue to benefit enormously from North America.

But now a more powerful Yanhuang tribe has jumped out, resolutely opposed the independence of the United States, and promised that if Britain gave up the United States, it would gain more benefits from Yanhuang tribe.

Such a situation makes his majesty very contradictory. There is no doubt that the Yanhuang tribe is powerful, but his majesty thinks that if he gives all his strength to Britain, there is no problem in defeating that aboriginal tribe.

However, if we do that, we will certainly let Britain, whose economic situation is not so good, fall into a bottomless abyss. A war of independence almost brought Britain down. If there is a more powerful Yanhuang tribe

But it is obviously not in Britain's interest to give up the United States.

Under such circumstances, there was a joint fleet.

Abbasnott clearly remembers what his majesty said to him before he set out - this time, he must protect the interests of the United Kingdom. If you encounter any problems, you and Salem cester must discuss a good way to solve them. As for who to choose between the United States and the Yanhuang tribe, it depends on the performance of both sides. Whoever is strong will be attacked and the weak side will be helped, but we must control a certain degree. Don't cause too much damage to the fleet

Obviously, although his majesty hesitated, he still had a choice, that is to choose a stronger one between the two to attack and win over the weak one. After all, what Britain needs now is control. It is not in Britain's interest to have a regime that is too strong to be controlled.

Of course, there is another meaning in his Majesty's words. Although his majesty did not make it clear, abbasnott understood that if the Yanhuang tribe is really strong and irresistible, it is not impossible to give up the United States.

On the way here, abbasnott and cyrencester discussed for more than a dozen times, and then they decided to take a look at the situation of both sides before making a final decision. Of course, the two personnel also discussed a lot of Countermeasures in advance, and chose different countermeasures according to different situations.

When the United Fleet came to Boston, abbasnott and cyrensester meant to negotiate with Yanhuang tribe and the United States of America first. Unexpectedly, they met a rabbit mouth like lengzi.

Under the stimulation of the rabbit's mouth, this gambling fight happened.

Well, in fact, to settle disputes by means of gambling is also something that abbasnott and cyrencester predicted in advance, and they also formulated corresponding countermeasures.

However, neither Abbas nor cyrensest thought that the warships of Yanhuang tribe would be so powerful.

In front of this scene, not only the two vice admirals of the fleet could not support it, but also Abbas Norte and cyrencester.

Even though he doesn't understand naval warfare, he is still very clear about the current situation. If he continues to rush hard, it is estimated that the 20 warships of the United fleet will be sunk by the two powerful warships before they are within the range of their guns.

Although I don't believe what happened in front of me, the fact is so cruel.

The 20 warships of the United Fleet are about to be crushed to ashes

Abbasnott looked at the pale salencester. Although salencester was very reluctant, he finally nodded helplessly.

The loss of this period of time alone has already made the adjutant of his majesty unable to bear it. If he continues, even if this task can be completed, he will be dismissed.

The situation is stronger than others. Even if you are as proud as count cyrencester, you have to admit the fact that the Yanhuang tribe is stronger than anyone's imagination. This kind of power can no longer be resisted by joint supervision, and even Britain may not be able to resist this kind of power.

Therefore, it is inevitable to bow down.

Abbasnott directed the adjutant issued the order to raise the white flag, the next moment, several ships outside the United Fleet raised a huge white flag.

After seeing that the white flag had been raised in the rear, largeer finally took a long breath and immediately ordered the white flag to be angry and the sails to be lowered.

There is no way to fight this kind of battle. Well, it's not a fight at all. It's just giving away your head for nothing!

Compared with the idea that she vowed to avenge her old friend just before leaving, now lager just wants to go home to find her mother. Fighting with such a frightful warship is like looking for abuse

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