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Chapter: 692

Count cyrencester swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked anxiously, "Dear chief, can't we sit down and have a good talk about the United States of America? I think that as long as we are willing to talk, we can certainly solve all the problems at the negotiation table. "

Stone bear turned his head and looked at the adjutant of George III with bright eyes. He couldn't help shrinking his neck.

"No, count, I don't think it's necessary to negotiate. For our Yanhuang tribe, the enemy is the enemy and the Betrayer is the Betrayer. It is absolutely impossible for us to negotiate with such people. Only blood and life is the best way to solve the problem! "

After a pause, Shi Xiong continued: "since they chose betrayal at the beginning, they should understand that betrayal must have a price. Now, it's time for them to pay the price. "

Just after that, the wall clock hanging on one side of the bridge made more than a dozen melodious sounds. Everyone looked up and found that the time had come to noon.

"Inform bone spear and let his second division launch a general attack." Stone bear moved his sight away from the wall clock and gave a light command.

The Communication Officer immediately sent the order to the radio communication room under the bridge. A few seconds later, a radio wave crossed a distance of more than ten kilometers and arrived at the second division headquarters of bone spear.

At the next moment, the dull sound like thunder began to ring continuously in the distance, and five or six small black spots appeared in the distant sky and expanded rapidly, which was the hard airship of the air force of the storm bear army.

Abbasnott, who hasn't talked much all the time, saw the communication officer's hand-held magnet telephone, and his pupils shrank slightly. He had never seen or heard of such a communication facility, and he had never heard of such a thing that he could talk directly.

Obviously, this is a very efficient way of communication, far better than the flag language.

"Yanhuang tribe has such technology?" Abbasnott felt his chin and thought, "if we can get this kind of technology, it's definitely a strategic good thing for the Empire..."

The rumble of the gun in the distance interrupted abbasnott's thinking. When he looked up in the direction of the gun, he was immediately attracted by the hard airships in the sky.

"What is it? It's different from the balloons I've seen before. Is this a more advanced balloon? " Abbasnott's mind began to move again.

In fact, at this time, the fact that the Yanhuang tribe had a kind of hot air balloon that could carry people in the sky had already spread in the European continent. After all, whether it was the Yanhuang tribe's acceptance of the Iroquois alliance or the Chesapeake Bay naval battle, the British had witnessed this kind of hot air balloon that could carry people into the air.

And a few years ago, the French brothers Joseph menguefei and Jacques menguefei performed several hot air balloons in the park of Versailles in Paris. Now hot air balloons are not uncommon in Europe.

It's just that after the balloon is launched, unless it is fixed with a rope, the direction of the balloon's floating depends entirely on the wind direction.

It's obviously southeast wind today, but how can those "hot air balloons" fly against the wind?

Of course, abbasnott would not know that the six "hot air balloons" appearing over Boston are actually six standard hard airships, which are equipped with propeller propulsion system and rudder.

Hard airships are much bigger than hot-air balloons. Take the hard airships owned by the air force of the bear army for example. One air bag of an airship is not much smaller than a hot-air balloon. For the same air bag, there are 13 air bags on one airship!

The hard airship now used by the air force of the storm bear army was built by stone bear imitating the first generation Zeppelin airship.

At this time, there was no way to smelt aluminum. Neither thermal reduction nor electrolytic aluminum could be achieved by the Yanhuang tribe at present. Therefore, the cabin of the airship could not be made of lighter aluminum oxide. Shi Xiong had to let his subordinates build the cabin with thin steel plate and wood.

Above the cabin is an airship with 13 airbags. There is a skeleton made of steel in the boat. The skeleton is composed of a longitudinal abdominal beam, twenty pestles and twelve frames. A large number of longitudinal and transverse stay wires are used to enhance the structural strength. The hull frame is covered with a skin made of cotton cloth coated with tung oil.

There are 13 airbags in the boat, with a total volume of 10000 cubic meters. It is full of hydrogen and has a total buoyancy of 11 tons.

In this era, the source of hydrogen is not difficult, whether it is purified by water gas or by steam and iron heating. Both Shangjing industrial base and Daqingshan industrial base have these two methods of hydrogen purification.

Even the Petroleum Research Institute in buffalo is now studying the use of decomposed oil to produce hydrogen

In a word, the purification of hydrogen is not a problem.

The airship is also equipped with a steering rudder, which can control the lift. At the rear of the airship, a propeller with a diameter of four meters is installed. The power of the propeller is provided by a small steam engine with a weight of 330 kg.

Powered by this steam engine, the airship can fly in the air at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

In general, the basic performance of this airship is similar to that of the first generation Zeppelin airship, but slightly inferior to that of the first generation Zeppelin airship in volume and buoyancy.

The weight of the airship is close to seven tons, that is to say, if the airship can fly normally, the cabin of the airship can carry four tons of cargo.

In fact, a few years ago, when the first hard airship carried two tons of stone into the sky and flew 500 kilometers nonstop, the stone bear knew that his "Kirov" airship bombing team had not run away.

Yes, after the first hard airship successfully completed the test, Shi Xiong named this airship after maozi's Kirov airship in the famous computer game "Red Alert". This airship is called "Kirov class" hard airship.

The power of this thing is really bad. When we did the bombing experiment, everyone was shocked by the power of the projectile thrown down by this thing.

This special "aviation bomb" used on the airship weighs more than 30 kg, and it is loaded with 8 kg high explosive charge, which is 2 kg more than the later 155 mm high explosive grenade!

This kind of high explosive bomb specially used for airdrop is equipped with a special balance tail, which can ensure that the warhead will always rush down in the process of throwing. The warhead will be equipped with a touch fuse before it is thrown. Once it lands, it will explode, and then all unprotected soft targets within a radius of 45 meters will be cleaned up!

Now, it's finally the turn of this thing to come to the fore in actual combat

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