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Chapter: 693

Twelve Kirov class airships fly slowly from afar in a seemingly slow attitude, but they have not yet reached the sky of Boston. All the sailors of the US Army and the United Fleet who see them all have a look at God on their faces.

The speed of the Kirov class airship is not slow. Even if it flies against the wind, it can reach a steady speed of 15 km / h. Although the speed is not as fast as the speed of galloping horse, don't forget that the airship can fly continuously in the air. As long as the small steam engine that provides power doesn't have any problems and the fuel medium is enough, in theory, the hard airship can directly cross the Atlantic Ocean or even travel around the world.

Of course, at present, Yanhuang tribe's Kirov class airship can't sail across the ocean. However, if the size of the airship is bigger, the buoyancy is doubled, and the internal combustion engine is used to replace the steam engine, then there is no problem in sailing across the ocean.

Kirov class airship is not big in the distance, but once it flies overhead, the shock is not for fun. Even if the airship's flying height is always above 800 meters, when twelve airships fly together, it can only be described as covering the sky and the sun.

Kirov class airship is a full spindle shape, the thickest part is more than 18 meters in diameter, and the length is more than 90 meters. In other words, a Kirov class airship is about the same size as a Carlos class warship.

Compared with the Kirov class airship, the previous hot-air balloon is the absolute younger brother class

Such a big lump flies in the air, even if it is more than 800 meters above the ground, it still looks very big on the ground.

Because the airbags of the airship are full of flammable and explosive hydrogen, for the sake of safety, when the airship is flying smoothly, the height should not be less than 800 meters, and it can't take off in thunderstorm days

The cost of such a Kirov class airship is quite high, even if it is not comparable to a Carlos class warship, it is not much worse.

Therefore, in the past six or seven years, Yanhuang tribe devoted almost all their efforts to build 12 Carlos class airships. This thing and the warship sailing in the sea are the flesh and soul of the stone bear. They can't bear to lose.

When the Kirov class airship flew over Boston, the general attack was completely launched.

First of all, the division artillery regiment of the second division launched the first volley with 105mm and 76mm cannons. Well, it is worth mentioning that there are four 122mm cannons in the division artillery regiment of the second division.

After arduous research and development, especially the scientists of Yanhuang Academy of science and technology and the engineers of the smelter, Yanhuang tribe already has qualified steel which can make 122mm cannon barrel.

At the beginning of the year, the Shangjing military factory had already built 20 122mm cannons. Now, each of the five division artillery regiments attacking the United States has four sample cannons.

The general attack on Boston was the first time that 122mm cannons were fired in actual combat.

Even five or six kilometers away, they can feel the power of the volley. The roar of guns and the louder explosion were enough to prove how fierce the fire of the team attacking Boston was.

And the chubby man on the deck of the xiongzhang turned white with fright.

If he hadn't arrived at the dock at the last moment and boarded the xiongzhang, he would be covered by the same terrible fire as his men.

If the firing of the artillery regiment of the second division of the bear army can be described as terror, then when the Kirov class airships in the sky begin to lay eggs, few people know how to describe the terror of this "flying demon".

In fact, Boston was not big at this time, far from the size shown on later maps.

Boston is built on a peninsula, connected to the mainland through a narrow isthmus, and surrounded by the mouth of the Massachusetts Bay and Back Bay, the Charles River. The early European immigrants in Boston originally named the three hills city after the three hills.

Before the 19th century, the residents of Boston could only expand the area of Boston by a small reclamation project. But since the 19th century, Boston has carried out a huge "mountain cutting and sea reclamation" project to accelerate the expansion of Boston's area. For example, in 1807, the top of Lighthouse mountain was used to fill up a 50 acre pond, about 20 hectares. Later, the filled pond formed today's hay market square.

But right now, Boston is really small.

If the core area of Boston, that is, the wall of Boston fortress, can withstand the firing of the second division artillery, then when the Kirov class airship flies overhead, the battle becomes a dimension reduction strike.

An aerial bomb weighing more than 30 kg and with a warhead charge of up to 8 kg is like laying an egg, which is constantly dropped by the air force soldiers of the storm bear army in the airship cabin through the sight and the bomb projector. Then the dropped aerial bomb does not produce sonic boom and screech like a shell. However, once this kind of aerial bomb does not make any sound in the air, it will land, Then you will understand what the earth shaking is like.

The total carrying capacity of a Kirov class airship can reach 4 tons. After deducting the weight of fuel medium and six soldiers, a Kirov class airship can carry about 2.4 tons of air missiles, that is, 80 missiles!

Once this kind of aerial bomb filled with 8kg high explosive explodes, unless you hide in a solid underground fortification, no one will survive within a radius of 20m around the explosion point, even if you hide in a solid house.

The fragments of aviation bomb may not kill you, but the shock wave can shatter your viscera!

If there is no protection, soft targets within a radius of 45 meters around the explosion point will be killed. Of course, the fragmentation radius of an aerial bomb is more than 45 meters. If you are unlucky enough, even if you stand 100 meters away without any protection, you have a high probability of being killed by fragments!

In contrast, let alone the 105 heavy artillery of the artillery regiment of the second division, even the 122 heavy artillery just developed is the younger brother in front of this kind of aerial bomb!

The most important thing is that this thing is attacked in the air. In this era, this kind of air attack is a down dimension attack, and you don't even have a place to hide.

Every time an aviation bomb falls and explodes, the earth will move with it. Then, with the explosion point as the center, the huge shock wave will destroy all the houses within a radius of 10 meters. The fragments that exceed three times the speed of sound will harvest all the people standing in the killing range. Finally, a small black mushroom cloud will rise with the explosion point as the cente

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