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Chapter: 694

Such an attack is very difficult!

The soldiers of Yanhuang tribe watched with interest, and the officers and sailors of the United Fleet were stunned. As for the poor soldiers of the United States hiding in Boston fortress, it was very unfortunate.

As early as after the second division besieged Boston, the second division allowed the residents of Boston to flee. Whether they were residents or American soldiers, the second division would not stop them if you wanted to escape.

Even if you are a soldier, as long as you put down your gun and take off your uniform, you can also escape from Boston.

As for officers or something, don't think about it.

Rabbit mouth's men had already found out the American officers trapped in Boston. They wanted to run, but there was no way.

In addition, the stone bear has to show its muscles in front of the European powers, so the end of Boston fortress is only one - completely destroyed.

The same is true.

The walls of Boston fortress were still strong enough to withstand the second division's artillery fire. But this kind of wall in front of the air bomb, immediately become no different from the paper paste.

After all, the charge of a shell is only one or two kilograms, while that of an air bomb is as high as eight kilograms. Although this kind of aerial bomb is far from being able to compare with the 250 pound or even 500 pound aerial bomb of later generations, it is absolutely impossible for the wall of Boston fortress to resist.

After all, this kind of aerial bomb is not filled with weak chicken like black powder, but it is filled with high explosive chemical explosive which is not much worse than the ladder pressing ladder.

When dozens and hundreds of aerial bombs were dropped, the whole Boston Fort disappeared - the real kind of no, the fort on the edge of the Gulf was completely wiped out, along with more than 4000 American federal soldiers and officers hiding inside

And the whole process is only ten minutes.

Even the soldiers of Yanhuang tribe were a little stunned, let alone the people of the United Fleet.

In particular, the admiral was terrified to see that the dock outside Boston fort was ablaze with flames, and even the long-standing flames were burning on a large area of water.

Of course, abbasnott didn't know that this was a "new type of bomb" used by the giant chief around him to scare them. This new type of bomb is a solidified gas bomb. Of course, it can burn on the sea.

In this era, the solidified air bomb is a big killer against windsurfing warships. As long as it is used in naval warfare, no windsurfing warship can resist it.

Well, it's still the stone bear, because it can't bear to use the coagulated air bomb with white phosphorus. If you use that thing, you can make these vasichu pee.

But even so, the officers of the United Fleet were almost staring at the four coagulated air bombs dropped from an airship.

They don't care whether Boston is alive or dead. After all, the United States has become independent now, and the gambling fight just now makes them fully understand that this war against the United States is not controlled by the United Fleet. Now they can only stand by and watch.

But when this kind of flare that can burn in a wide range on the sea comes out, the officers and men of the joint fleet will be silly.

Obviously, the Yanhuang tribe didn't do their best in the gambling fight just now! If people used this kind of bomb in the gambling fight just now, not to mention the 20 ships, I'm afraid even the whole United Fleet can't escape from this bay

I'm afraid to think about it!

Abbasnott and cyrensest shivered involuntarily. When they looked at the great chief, the son of God, their eyes changed completely and became a kind of complete awe.

In fact, this is what the stone bear wants to get.

Since we have to decide to light the muscle, we should light it completely. Therefore, the steel warships of Yanhuang fleet appeared. As the main force of air attack, Kirov class airships also appeared. Of course, air bombs and solidified air bombs are absolutely indispensable.

The stone bear originally intended to use these weapons, which are more than a century ahead of this era, to smooth Boston in the most brilliant way, and then let these European powers see what is called saturation strike and what is called Trinity strike!

And the fact also achieved the purpose of the stone bear.

In just ten minutes, this solid fortress was completely wiped out.

It also means that Boston will not appear in the new world of North America for a long time, even forever.

Although Boston port is very good, there has never been a lack of high-quality deep-water ports on the east coast of North America. It doesn't matter if Boston is gone, but both Gloucester to the north of Boston and providence to the south of Boston are excellent deep-water ports.

So if Boston's gone, it's gone. If the flattening of this city can bring enough shock to the European powers and the United States, then the flattening of Boston will have its due value.

Although it seems very inhumane to do so, it's just the so-called benevolence. Now that the war has begun, what the stone bear needs to do is to live and die! What's the point of erasing Boston? Later generations of Americans even threw two Mushroom bombs at the devils!

If necessary, the stone bear doesn't even mind smoothing out New York!

Well, it's very difficult to even out Boston and New York? Thanks to the fact that the Wharton special zone has not yet been established, otherwise the first thing stone bear will wipe out will surely be that evil city!

But the stone bear didn't have such a chance, because when Boston became a pile of undoubted ruins, the chubby man who once talked and laughed with the stone bear completely collapsed.

Then this lawyer, who was the second president of the United States in the original historical time and space, with the help of his assistants, took the initiative to meet the son of God, the great chief, and sincerely promised that he would go to New York and Charleston to lobby the high-level officials of the United States, so that they would voluntarily agree to dissolve the federal government and the army.

Meanwhile, the equally frightened Earl of serencester and his colleagues in the three countries' negotiation also said that they would not intervene in the war any more, and they did not support the independence of the United States

At this time, it is obviously a very wise choice. Yanhuang tribe has just shown its incomparable power. If you dare to fight with others, they will turn your iron head into a dog's head!

I can't fight. I really can't fight!

Since you can't fight, you should change the course and be honest and obedient according to what others mean.

Toutie, it's impossible

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