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Chapter: 699

As the saying goes, not a word is enough.

Among the three people who came, except for Adams, neither Watson nor Jefferson was willing to talk to the stone bear, and the stone bear didn't care about them. Therefore, the meeting lasted only a few minutes and ended with some nonsense.

Although Shi Xiong admits that Watson ton is a man who does not crave power, after all, the Federation established by others is ended by himself. No matter how open-minded Watson ton is, he is not willing to talk to his enemy at this time.

As for Mr. Jefferson, he had a bad face all the time. I didn't know that he thought the stone bear owed him 200 pounds.

If it wasn't for this important political occasion, Shi Xiong would have tied ya up and sunk into the sea!

You don't even know what your situation is now, and you dare to put on your face. It's not like taking off your pants and scraping your ass to look for shit.

After the guards took the three pieces of materials away, the stone bear stood on the wall and blew for a while. Then he went down the wall and stood on the steps of the wall to watch.

At this time, a platform had been set up in the New York fortress. Under the platform, there were rows of stools, on which were full of senior officials from the three countries' joint fleet, Yanhuang tribe and the United States of America.

In fact, this surrender ceremony and the consciousness of the dissolution of the United States of America are just a passing scene. The whole United States of America has been completely destroyed by the bear army. They just don't want to surrender or dissolve the union.

Well, it's not impossible. If they don't surrender and dissolve the union, the soldiers of the bear army will send them to their father Jesus.

This kind of thing is nothing to blame, not to mention who is right and who is wrong.

In the original historical time and space, there was no big bug like the stone bear, and there was no unity among the North American Indians, so the United States became independent. As a result, the North American Indians were almost extinct.

Who do Indians go to argue with in the original historical time and space?

Now in this time and space, stone bear has been preparing for more than 20 years to achieve this step. It's only natural that the United States of America has no place to reason.

At this time, the top commander of the American army was still Watson, but the Prime Minister of the United States was Jefferson, just like in the original historical time and space.

So it was watsonton who declared the unconditional surrender of the American army, and it was Jefferson who signed the agreement to dissolve the United States.

The surrender ceremony was attended by bighorn sheep on behalf of the stormy bear army, and Jorah krulu signed the agreement on behalf of the Yanhuang tribe. As for the witness representative of the European powers, it was the adjutant of George III, Earl of Celeste.

In fact, at the beginning, cyrencester wanted to refuse this ceremony. After all, Britain, France and the West set up a huge joint fleet to support my younger brother in North America. Although Britain lost its thirteen colonies in North America, no matter what, the Americans are still British at root, but they are separated.

Moreover, during the negotiation of the Paris peace treaty two years ago, the Americans promised a lot of benefits to the British, as well as to Spain and France. Otherwise, how could the Paris peace treaty be signed?

Now that the Paris peace treaty has been signed, these European powers have the obligation to safeguard the security of the United States, because safeguarding the security of the United States is equivalent to safeguarding the interests of these three countries in North America.

As a result, I didn't expect that such a huge United Fleet would meet with dust in North America. Although the number of warships in the Yanhuang clan fleet can't even compare with that of the United Fleet, the steel warships are too powerful. Just the gambling fight in Boston directly broke the backbone of the United Fleet.

No one wants to face such a fleet.

Not to mention the appearance of Kirov class airship and gas bomb in the battle of Boston, China Lili frightened all the senior members of the United Fleet.

The Yanhuang tribe can't be defeated at all. Even if three countries pull all their warships and Army soldiers to North America, they will only be crushed in front of such a fierce bear army.

The high level of the United Fleet are all important figures who can speak directly with the king or the emperor in their respective countries. They can be sent to North America by their respective kings and emperors, which in fact represents the will of the king and the emperor.

But in such a situation, the top management of the United Fleet immediately made a correct judgment, that is, the little brother of the United States of America can no longer be saved, and no one can pick up the disintegrated ship of the United States of America.

Since this is the case, we should simply let it go and make more powerful Yanhuang tribes.

In fact, before the surrender ceremony, stone bear and jorak roulu had another in-depth exchange with the representatives of European powers headed by count cyrencester.

In that exchange, Shi Xiong finally made some commitments that made Europeans happy, mainly in terms of economic trade and mineral resources. As for the commitment of territory and military technology that Europeans want, the stone bear is absolutely impossible to give them.

In fact, after the gambling fight in Boston and the battle in Boston, the negotiators of Britain, France and the West have completely understood one thing, that is, as long as there are Yanhuang tribes in the new continent of North America, they will not want to touch the new continent of North America as they did in the previous two centuries.

Britain and France are indifferent to this result, because with the independence of the United States of America, almost all British interests in North America have been lost. At this time, even the British will not think that they will continue to get Canada.

As for the French, they lost their interests in North America as early as the end of the seven-year war.

The only one who is reluctant is the Spanish. The Spaniards still have great interests in North America, but the problem is that there is a mountain that the Yanhuang tribe can't cross in North America. Even if the Spaniards are reluctant, they have nothing to do.

Instead of getting nothing, it's better to go back to it and try to make good relations with Yanhuang tribe and expand trade with North America.

Negotiators who can represent their respective countries in North America are not stupid. On the contrary, they are all the best of the best. They can easily decide what choice to make.

As a result, on behalf of three European countries, salencester witnessed the surrender ceremony and the dissolution ceremony of the United States.

But during the whole ceremony, as the most important protagonist, you Shi Xiong, the chief of Yanhuang tribe, didn't appear. He didn't even sit on the stool under the platform. He just stood on the steps of the city wall not far from the platform and watched the historic ceremony coldly, as if he didn't belong to the world

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