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Chapter: 70

"No more stone axes and hammers! I've worked so hard to refine those tools for you. They're not for you to worship at home. They're for use! " Standing at the foot of Xiaoyan mountain, the stone bear roared at the people with big eyes.

A group of people who are digging salt mountain dare not speak one by one. They are as scared as quails.

Although the stone bear usually doesn't lose his temper, when he gets angry, that kind of momentum is really beyond ordinary people's resistance.

For these people who are still in the primitive society, Shi Xiong tries his best to be the most gentle, just like the adults of later generations treat their children.

Although most of these people have been adults for a long time, in the eyes of stone bear, they are just a group of children who have not yet grown up, including high-level tribes such as Lilei, Hongyun and gaoniu.

It is no exaggeration to say that future generations of four or five-year-old children may have more knowledge than these people.

Therefore, these people need to be cultivated slowly, just like children in the family.

Although Shi Xiong was not married and had no children in his previous life, he was still an uncle. When his nephew was young, Shi Xiong often went to his sister's house to help take care of his children. At that time, he had a strong reason, that is, to practice from his nephew first. When he had a son, he would raise his son according to his nephew training experience

As a result, the stone bear's son didn't know that the girl had him. He was hit by a Cadillac on the North American continent more than 250 years ago, and met this group of Indians who were similar to the children.

Therefore, from the moment he made clear all this, he was ready to apply the child raising techniques developed from his nephew to these people.

It's like wolf's tail. This guy confronts the stone bear openly and secretly. Sometimes he bullies the stone bear blatantly. The stone bear beats this guy at most, but never kills him.

When their children start to clean up, the most they can do as parents is to beat them up. You can't beat them to death just because they clean up

But today, the stone bear is really a little angry. Maybe they have a very good attitude towards these guys, so they are a little bit arrogant about themselves. They told them to dig salt mountain with iron tools, but they just don't listen.

"Kuaima, you take a few people to ride back to the tribe and bring me all the iron tools. There must be no less hammers or chisels! "

Stone bear tiger face to fast horse said, fast horse is also can't help a tongue, flustered nodded.

Li Lei and Hong Yun are also a little chatty, nodding to agree that Kuaima will lead the tribe.

Taking advantage of the gap between the horse and the tools, the stone bear said to the idle people, "come on, don't be idle now. Take out the charcoal that was burned yesterday and smash it all. Well, this one can use a stone hammer. "

In order to filter out the impurities in salt, activated carbon is undoubtedly the best, and activated carbon is obtained after deep processing of charcoal.

If you want to make activated carbon, you must first burn wood into charcoal, which has been burned a lot by some people under the guidance of stone bear yesterday. But charcoal is not activated carbon, so today we just use this gap to make activated carbon.

In fact, even if it is not activated carbon, direct use of charcoal to filter is not bad, but that a lot of impurities, and the color is not very good-looking. After all, charcoal is not made into activated carbon. If it is directly used for filtration, the black soup alone can make people feel numb.

To process charcoal into activated carbon, it is best to use sodium carbonate solution, but the stone bear does not have sodium carbonate on hand now. For Xueba stone bear, although sodium carbonate is easy to measure, it also needs time. He doesn't have the time to measure sodium carbonate now.

It doesn't matter if there's no sodium carbonate. After the charcoal is wrapped, cook it in water for a few more times.

The charcoal just burned out still contains a lot of oil inside, and the micropores inside are mostly blocked, so it's not good to filter directly.

Smash the charcoal, wrap it in linen cloth, rinse it with water, then put it into the pot and add a lot of water to boil it. Although the effect of this method is not as good as that of boiling with sodium carbonate solution, it can also boil out most of the oil in charcoal and dredge most of the pores in charcoal.

Many of the burlap tribes were bought by European white people who came to trade in furs. Although the Cherokees had long been in contact with European colonists, they still can't weave their own cloth.

These hemp cloth are also very valuable things for the people in the tribe. After they were exchanged with vasichu people, they were reluctant to use them. This time, it's just cheap for the stone bear. Otherwise, the stone bear is really hard to make salt.

When Kuaima came back with more than ten hammers and chisels, the stone bear and his people had already cooked a lot of activated carbon.

It is said that the newly boiled activated carbon is the best to use after drying, but the stone bear does not have that time, and the wet activated carbon is not unusable. It's better to pack more.

Some people with hammers and chisels began to gnash their teeth to dig the salt mountain. The posture was like throwing the most precious things to the ground. It can be seen that these people really love these iron tools.

However, hammers and chisels are obviously much easier to use than stone hammers and axes. In a short time, a lot of salt blocks will be chiseled down. Although two chisels were broken because of poor quality in this process, which made the two people sad and unhappy, such a large amount of salt made the stone bear happy.

"Now use the tools in your hands to smash all these big pieces of salt. The more smashed, the better! Also, you have to remember this process, which is an indispensable process in the salt making process. " Stone bear said loudly to the working people.

Then, the sound of "Ding Ding" rang out at the scene.

As long as the salt is chiseled down, it's much easier to smash it again. Whether it's a stone hammer or a stone axe, or even a hard stone, you can smash the salt into small particles.

However, this degree of small particles is obviously not enough, so the ten pairs of stone mills brought by stone bear are useful.

The poor people didn't even know how to use the stone mill. With the demonstration of the stone bear, these people began to put the smashed salt particles into the stone mill, and then one by one they incarnated as old donkeys pulling the mill and began to push the stone mill around in circles.

There are many people and great strength. Soon, a lot of extremely fine salt powder will flow out of the discharge port of the stone mill

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