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Chapter: 700

The whole ceremony didn't last long, less than an hour.

But what happened in this short period of time has become an eternity in this time and space.

The United States Army surrendered unconditionally, and the United States was dissolved less than half a year after it was recognized by the European powers!

These two events seem to be two major events now, and in the future generations of this time and space, historians will certainly publicize these two events as extremely great events. Just like the founding of China and the United States in the original historical time and space

Although the disintegration of the United States and the withdrawal of European powers from the new world of North America were all made by stone bear, at today's ceremony, stone bear, as the leading role, did not take the stage. He just watched all this coldly as a spectator.

Even the stone bear is a little confused about whether the situation makes the hero or the hero makes the situation.

But there is no doubt that without him, this time and space would be the same as the development in the original historical time and space.

But it is because of his appearance that great changes have taken place. In this time and space, there is also a great hero, the great chief, the son of God!

Although the stone bear did not participate in the ceremony, although he was far away from watching the ceremony, he was still the most attractive person.

In the eyes of reluctant Americans, this tall and strong man is a real devil.

In the eyes of European powers, this man is a mystery.

In the eyes of Yanhuang tribe, this big man, who was once called silly head, is the absolute patron saint of the tribe!

When the ceremony ended, the high-level members of Yanhuang tribe were cheering, while the witnesses of European powers were smiling and clapping. As for the Americans, they left the meeting in dismay.

As for their future, the stone bear has also been arranged.

Although the stone bear promised their life and property safety before, the stone bear did not promise in any way to ensure their personal and property safety.

Recently, the tribe found another silver gold mine in the mountains to the west of xidougeng, which is not small in scale. However, the mine is located in the deep mountains and forests, which is very remote. Therefore, Shi Xiong plans to take the characters like Jefferson and Adams there to "provide for the aged".

These people do not look down today, who knows when they will look up again.

None of these lawyers is good. They are not only eloquent, but also deceiving people. They are good at fighting against the leaders of the Bureau.

If these people continue to live in the original city, who knows when they will start to fool the colonists again, and then have another independent war.

It is the so-called "cutting grass without removing roots" that makes spring breeze grow again.

So, for the sake of the future of the tribe, it's better for these guys who are good at deceiving people to live far away from the crowd

As for Watson ton, stone bear didn't intend to touch him. After all, in the original historical time and space, Zhonghua shengdun was not a greedy man for power, and in this time and space, Shi Xiong did not see how ambitious he was.

In two different time and space, Watson ton can become the commander in chief of the army. In fact, they are all put on a hard shelf. Stone bear knows this very well.

Anyway, for this man, Shi Xiong has no malice, so Shi Xiong doesn't intend to mess with him.

Of course, Watson ton is also the only high-level member of the United States that stone bear has let go of. The premise is that this father of America, who was originally in the history of China and America, will not do anything after he returns to Vernon villa, otherwise stone bear will still do it!

After the ceremony, everyone left the fort. This fortress will not be demolished as it was in the original historical time and space, but will always be preserved, because this fortress is an important place to witness the rise of Yanhuang tribe and the fall of the United States of America, which is very commemorative.

It's just like the famous Vernon villa in meilijian in the original historical time and space.

In the original historical time and space, watsonton, 20, inherited Mount Vernon from his brother after he was infected with smallpox and recovered. The villa is located on the North Bank of the Potomac River, about 20 kilometers south of Watson Town, where Watson town was killed by Bloodletting and buried.

Later, the villa became the place where successive presidents of the United States released Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Well, it's worth mentioning that in the National Treasure 2 starred by Nicholas Cage, the place where the hero kidnaps the president of the United States is in Mount Vernon.

In the stone bear's previous life, the villa, which covers an area of only 650 square meters, has a total value of 150 million US dollars!

In this time and space, Mount Vernon is not destined to be as famous as the stone bear's previous life, but the New York fortress, which was demolished in the original historical time and space, will not be demolished in this time and space.

The status of the two is reversed.

After the ceremony, the representatives of the three European countries, led by count cyrencester, did not leave because the stone bear invited them to visit Beijing by Kirov class airship.

They didn't mean to resist such an invitation and the temptation of taking an airship, so the warships of the United fleet will continue to dock in New York harbor, and a group of people, including Earl of Celeste and Admiral abbasnott, will take an airship to Beijing in three days.

In the evening of that day, stone bear specially held a large banquet to entertain salense and his party. At the party, stone bear met an unexpected person, that is Patrick Ferguson.

"Hey, pat, what are you doing here? I'm so happy to see you again when the sun god is on the earth The stone bear gave a bear hug to the surprise guy in front of him and said in his ear with a smile.

"Boss, I'm glad to see you again. I'm really glad." Ferguson also laughed, hugged and slapped the bear on the back.

They were so enthusiastic that almost everyone at the party was surprised. Except for a few people, such as rabbit mouth and hard bone, others don't know the relationship between Ferguson and stone bear.

In particular, the senior management of the United Fleet was even more surprised by the closeness between the British officer and the stone bear. They never thought that this man had such a good relationship with the chief.

Stone bear let go of Ferguson, looked at the British officer who had been with him for several years, but found that this guy had become a British army captain, but his leg seemed to have a problem.

Feeling the stone bear's eyes, Ferguson explained with a smile: "boss, I was injured in a battle in the late period of the independence war. I got a bullet in my left leg and hurt my hamstring, so I was transferred to Canada. I went back to China twice, but spent most of my time in Quebec, Canada. When the United Fleet came to North America, it used to supply Quebec, so I came here with the fleet. But you didn't show much after you got here, so I didn't see you

Said, Ferguson's face showed excited look, "boss, I have seen the two battles in Boston, how can the tribal weapons be so powerful?"

The stone bear laughed again. "Pat, there are so many things in it. Well, two days later, you can follow me to Beijing. Now Shangjing is the capital of Yanhuang tribe, and gaoshu tribe is a ancestral place of the tribe. "

Ferguson nodded excitedly.

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