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Chapter: 701

Stone bear knows that his arrival has really changed a lot of history in this time and space. For example, the disappearance of the United States of America, for example, the survival of my little brother.

In the original historical time and space, Ferguson became a major by virtue of the Ferguson rifle developed by him. The senior management of the British army in North America authorized him to set up a special operation team to use Ferguson's rifle specially to shoot and kill senior officers of the army on the battlefield.

It was during this period that Ferguson made the "unsettled shot" praised by later generations. Of course, he was finally killed by the Kentucky rifle of the Continental Army in the battle of Mount king.

But in this time and space, this guy has been following the stone bear in the gaoshu tribe for several years, and has developed the Ferguson rifle early. Moreover, because of the influence of stone bear, Ferguson's rifles have a good market in the British army in North America and even in the whole British army, and Ferguson has not been ordered to set up the special operations team, so he naturally did not make the "open shot".

However, he was injured in the battlefield, but he was immediately transferred to Canada by the British forces in North America, and was stationed in Canada until the end of the war of independence.

But anyway, Ferguson didn't die in this time and space. On the contrary, he was promoted. He is now a British Army colonel, the same level as that of Colonel Jones in Jamestown.

The stone bear is very happy to see his old brother live well in the world. In order to express his happiness, at the dinner that night, stone bear threw Ferguson down

Well, it's not only captain Ferguson who is being swept down at the same time, but also admiral abbasnott and two deputy commanders in chief of the United Fleet are being swept down by the stone bear.

The great chief, whose real name is the great bear, was stunned by the amount of wine he drank, but the count of serencester, who had not drunk but had been watching the battle with a smile.

Have you ever seen a person who drinks 12 bowls in a row without saying a word?

Well, the great chief sitting on the throne next to him is such a fierce Lord.

If count cyrencester knew all the famous Internet sayings of later generations, he would surely give stone bear such a judgment in his heart - people don't speak much cruel words, society I bear brother

Although, in addition to the delicious drinks, the meals cooked by the cooks of Yanhuang tribe were also eaten by the high-ranking members of the United Fleet, especially the British, who almost swallowed their tongues.

Where have they had such a delicious meal? On the contrary, the United Kingdom of Great Britain will never have such delicious food.

Well, the premise is that there must be good food in Britain... There will be no good food in Britain more than 200 years later. British cuisine is recognized as dark cuisine all over the world

The people of Yanhuang tribe are not only Guangshi bear, the chief of Yanhuang tribe, who can drink, but also have the best drinking capacity.

As a result, the final result of the dinner was that all but a few of the high-ranking members of the United Fleet who did not drink were brought down.

I'm kidding. Not to mention the stone bear, his hard bones, bone spears and even the rabbit's mouth are all strong generals in wine. It's easy and pleasant to deal with two or three generals of the United Fleet by one person.

In fact, the reason for this phenomenon is very simple, that is, the British whisky production is very small at this time, and the quality is not very good.

In 1707, after the parliament of England and Scotland merged, England enacted the Scotch Whisky tax. The absurdity of the new regulations has led to chaos in the wine making industry. Many winemakers have moved their wine making workshops to the mountains and underground. By this time, there are only eight legal distilleries in Britain, while there are more than 400 illegal distilleries large and small.

However, because these illegal distilleries can not obtain a large number of brewing materials, they can only produce whisky by cutting corners. The reputation of Scotch whisky is not only deteriorating, but also the production is very small.

Except for those gifted guys, most people's drinking capacity is made from alcohol. Britain is short of alcohol, and the amount of alcohol these senior officials can imagine.

As for the yellow and yellow tribes, there are plenty of Baijiu in height. This group of guys has nothing to drink. After twenty years of drinking, you are an alcoholic allergy, and you can cure your disease and train your liquor.

In a word, although most of the high-level members of the United Fleet sleep until noon the next day, and they all cover their heads and hum when they get up, no one can deny that the dinner party specially held by the stone bear is really great.

The food here may not be as exquisite as that of the British court or even the aristocracy's family, but the taste is good, the quantity is sufficient, the big bowl drinks, the big mouthful eats the meat, such a forthright banquet, let this group of high-level people who are used to eating with masks open their eyes.

The banquet should be so bold and unconstrained!

Especially after knowing that the mission of this trip to North America was a complete failure, the high-level of the combined fleet immediately decided to make friends with the emerging Yanhuang tribe, and the dinner brought the Yanhuang tribe closer to the European powers.

After another night's rest, they arrived at a temporary base on the West Bank of the Hudson River in the early morning of the next day under the guidance of Yanhuang tribe's special personnel, where 12 modified Kirov class airships were moored.

Before the battle of Boston, the high-level of these combined fleets had seen the Kirov class airships flying in the sky. But at that time, the airships were flying at an altitude of more than 800 meters. Although the airships at that time looked very shocking, they were not as shocking as watching these people from a close distance.

A total of 12 airships were moored on the ground. When they got close to each other, the top management of the United Fleet realized that this kind of thing that could fly in the sky was really big. Considering the height of the cabin, the height of an airship was close to 18.9 meters, which would be as high as six stories for later generations.

Plus the length of more than 90 meters, it is equivalent to the volume of two four unit six story buildings put together

They had never seen anything so huge except the first class windsurfing battleships.

At this time, after two days of emergency modification, the original combat cabin of the airship has been replaced by a manned cabin. Because of the short flight distance, there is not much coal in the cabin. But now we need to make long-distance flight, so we need to load more coal for the small steam engine to run for a long time.

So the modified cabin can only take 20 people

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