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Chapter: 703

The cabin of the airship is quite comfortable. For example, the seats are very wide and can be turned into a bed.

This kind of sofa chair is thanks to the old wood's eldest son, the cross saw.

Old wood, who was in the gaoshu tribe at that time, has passed away. His eldest son, crosssaw, replaced old wood and became the head of a new generation of carpenters. After Shi Xiong told the general structure of this kind of sofa chair to the cross saw, the cross saw took a group of people to build this kind of sofa chair.

Even if the speed of the airship can reach 15 kilometers per hour, and it can fly from New York to Beijing nonstop, the straight-line distance from New York to Beijing is more than 1400 kilometers, so even if you fly by airship without landing, it will take more than four days.

Therefore, rest and eating are essential things on the airship.

Airship cabin not only has this kind of sofa chair which can be used as a bed, but also has a special small kitchen.

After all, Kirov class airships do not serve in the air force all day. In the spirit of economy, airships are used for civilian use in peacetime. From Shangjing to Xidu, Beidu and some other important cities, airships were opened.

Therefore, long-distance passenger flight in Yanhuang tribe has been a very common thing.

But where have these bumpkins from Europe ever been? One by one, like Grandma Liu, who had entered the Grand View Garden, they watched the scenery greedily through the glass window. Flying to the sky is a very important thing for them.

Even abbasnott, who has severe acrophobia, after more than a day's adaptation, is no longer so afraid of heights. He also begins to enjoy the scenery outside in front of the glass window like his colleagues

All in all, the four-day trip was very good. During this period, these guys from Europe did not try to inquire about the airship. However, all the people in Yanhuang tribe were forbidden by the stone bear to say anything about the airship.

Let you sit in the airship, this is a very face giving thing for you, and also to let you personally experience the strength of Yanhuang tribe, but if you don't honestly want to explore the secrets of the airship, I'm sorry, I really can't tell you this.

Now, although the French have measured the balloon, it is not even as good as the old-fashioned balloon used by Yanhuang tribe. Moreover, today's hot-air balloons can only float with the wind. They can't fly against the wind like airships, and they can also turn in the air

Airship is the air force of this era. Shi Xiong is still counting on this thing to frighten European powers, so it is absolutely impossible to disclose the technology of building airship.

The cabins are closed, and no one can get out. They can barely see the bottom of the airship and the other cabin behind it through the glass window. They don't know what the inside of the airship looks like, whether it is filled with hot air or other things.

After a few days of testing, these people are completely dead

Four days later, a broad river appeared in the sight of these people, and a huge city on the West Bank of the river also made these people look silly.

In this era, there is no lack of big cities in Europe. Whether it is Paris or London, or Madrid or Rome, they are all world-class cities.

It's like London has a population of more than one million, and it's a world-class metropolis.

But everyone knows what London looks like. It's messy and the layout of the city is unreasonable.

Even Paris, the most beautiful city in Europe, is not so beautiful in this era.

But the city appeared in their sight, even if they looked down from a very high altitude, people could feel the beauty and order of the city.

The city is not as big as London and Paris, but the neat planning makes the city full of vigor and vitality.

Looking down from the sky, the whole city is like an open folding fan. The whole city starts from the huge building and square at the fan pin, radiating outward. The nine main roads are like nine straight fan bones, which bring order to the city.

Even at the edge of the city, the buildings are still very orderly. They don't even find the buildings built in disorder. The whole city is like a picture painted on this huge folding fan.

Standing next to the stone bear, after appreciating the city greedily, Celeste said in an envious tone: "Dear chief, your city really shocked me. Seeing such a city, I have an idea that I want to settle here forever... "

The others nodded.

Although there are many beautiful small towns in Europe, cities with such scale, beauty, order and excellent scenery are rarely seen in Europe.

The famous cities in Europe in this era are not the same as they were more than 200 years later. In Europe in this era, even in the Vatican, most of the areas are dirty and messy. Whether it's London or Paris, it's common to defecate everywhere

Such a clean and tidy big city is hard to find in Europe.

"Welcome to Shangjing, the capital of Yanhuang tribe," said Shi Xiong with a broad smile. "I think that after we land in a moment, this city will surely bring you a wonderful journey."

People know that this beautiful city is actually the capital of Yanhuang tribe.

"Everybody, Shangjing is a young city. It has been less than 20 years since the establishment of this city. But with their enthusiasm and hard work, the people of our tribe built this city into what it is now. Now, the population of Beijing has exceeded 300000, including not only our people, but also white people from Europe and black people from Africa. "

With the introduction of jorak Lulu, people in Europe are constantly surprised. If what the Prime Minister of Yanhuang Tribe said is true, then this city can really be called "paradise".

With people's expectation and urgency, twelve airships landed at Shangjing airport, which is located on the edge of the city.

This is the place where airships take off, land and maintain. Its position is about equal to the capital airport of later generations.

After getting off the airship, people saw a long carriage with two horses waiting by the side of the road. What surprised these people most was the straight and flat concrete road

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