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Chapter: 704

Cement has a long history. As early as in ancient Rome, people used a mixture of lime and volcanic ash as cement.

However, the principle of how to make real hydraulic cement has only been put forward for more than 30 years, and the first natural cement in the world, that is, the cement named Roman cement, will not be fired until 1796 more than 10 years later.

As for the epoch-making method of Portland cement in the history of cement, it was not invented until 1824.

Therefore, even though it was 1787, cement did not become popular in Europe, let alone cement road.

However, in Yanhuang tribe, thanks to the welfare of stone bear, the soul wearer, cement has been used in the people's livelihood for a long time. The newly built houses in Shangjing, including other cities of the tribe, are all made of reinforced concrete. As for the main roads, most of them are also made of reinforced concrete. Only some of the later roads are paved with asphalt.

If steel is the skeleton of the industrial revolution, then cement is the flesh and blood of the industrial revolution.

It is because Shangjing began to use cement at the beginning of construction that the city will be particularly clean.

After all, no matter the main roads or small roads in the city have been hardened with cement, so the neatness of the city is an inevitable result.

Shangjing airport is in the suburb far away from the urban area, and this cement road from Shangjing airport to Shangjing urban area is actually equivalent to the airport expressway of later generations, which is completely paved with cement.

Such a smooth and smooth road surface, these bumpkins in Europe are really never seen.

In the eyes of Shangjing people, even these vasichu are all aristocrats and senior officials of European countries, but they are really local bumpkins. You can see all the way for a long time. What is this?

After the construction of Shangjing airport and the opening of airship manned transportation business, the "public transportation system" between the airport and the urban area has also been opened. This kind of four wheeled carriage pulled by two horses is the bus of this era.

Well, the buses in the urban area are bigger. They are driven by three or four horses. A four wheeled carriage can take more than 20 people at most. And this kind of carriage between the city and the airport belongs to that kind of luxury carriage. A carriage can take up to four people.

Of course, the super luxury carriage pulled by eight horses outside the airport at this time is naturally the special car of stone bear.

In the whole tribe, apart from the stone bear couple, only red cloud, the high priest of kabulu, is qualified to take the eight horse carriage. Even Jorah krulu and the leaders of the red city alliance and the white city alliance can only take the six horse carriage. Well, there's another kind of giant carriage that uses more pack horses. It's a truck specially used to pull goods

Now Yanhuang Institute of science and technology is studying trains, trains powered by steam engines. The relevant test tracks are being laid in an open space in the southern suburb of Shangjing, waiting for the front of the car to be built.

Naturally, the carriages used to receive the high-level members of the United Fleet were all luxury two horse four wheeled carriages. The stone bear took captain Ferguson, Earl cyrencester and Admiral abbasnott to his special car, and the others took other carriages.

For Ferguson's treatment, those officers who are much higher than him are only envious.

There's no way. Although the rank of the British Army colonel is the lowest among all the people, he can't stand the personal relationship with the chief. Good. It is said that when the Colonel Ferguson knew the great chief, Prime Minister Jorah krulu didn't even know him.

If people have this kind of treatment, others can only look at it with envy.

The road surface is smooth, and the site of the carriage is equipped with springs for shock absorption, so even if the carriage is moving at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, the people on the carriage can't feel the turbulence. On the contrary, because of the shock absorption system, people sitting in a car are more like sitting on a boat, with some soft hair

In this regard, whether it is cyrencester or abbasnott are tut tut surprised.

They are also powerful aristocrats in England, but they have to admit that their own carriages, not to mention their own carriages, are far less comfortable than those of the Yanhuang tribe.

Half an hour later, a fleet of more than ten luxury carriages began to enter the urban area of Shangjing.

When people looked down at the city from the sky before, they thought the city was beautiful and orderly. When they really entered the city, they realized that the city was far more than beautiful and orderly. The cleanliness of the city was incredible.

The spacious and clean trunk road can't even see any garbage, and on both sides of the road, green wooden boxes can be seen not far away.

"Dear chief, what are these green wooden boxes for?" "Said cyrencester curiously.

"Oh, you said these dustbins. These boxes are specially used to hold garbage. If citizens have garbage, they will put it into these bins. Also, do you see people in orange and red waistcoats with brooms? They are responsible for cleaning public places for a living. The garbage they clean and gather will also be poured into these dustbins. Then in the early morning and evening of every day, there will be a special garbage truck to clean up the garbage in these bins. It's a good way to keep the city clean. "

Stone bear's words made the two earls look at each other. Just through such a small dustbin, they realized that this tribe, which should have been poor and backward in their mind, had such an advanced urban management system.

In contrast, in London today, apart from a few important places that can be kept clean, more than 90% of the roads in London are full of feces, urine and rubbish

It's said that people should die and goods should be thrown away. But if we compare cities, London is a damned and stinking garbage dump! No contrast, no harm!

It was not only the two earls who had such an idea, but also the French and Spanish officials who were sitting in other carriages were ashamed to find a way to get in.

Is this still the impression of the original backward and ignorant Indian tribe?

It's also the capital. Why is it that other people's city looks so good while their own capital is full of feces and garbage?

In contrast, other people are more advanced and Civilized Tribes, OK? Our country seems to be backward and stupid, OK?

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