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Chapter: 706

As a matter of fact, the reason why the powerful chief invited himself to Beijing, whether it was cyrencester or Abas Norte, was not clear.

At the dinner in New York, they also asked the chief why he invited these people to Beijing, but the chief just said nothing with a smile. Out of respect for the chief or the idea of getting married with Yanhuang tribe, salense agreed to the invitation of the stone bear.

Anyway, the mission of this trip to North America has completely failed, so we should find another way out. The European powers will not give up the interests of the North American continent. They are not willing to give up any interests.

Although it is far from the case of overcapacity caused by the outbreak of the industrial revolution, looking for new markets is an instinct for capital. Faced with a new and huge North American market, the instinct of capital can not be let go.

So when they came, they not only enjoyed a free flight, but also got VIP treatment in Beijing.

Although it is not clear what the purpose of the invitation is, it does not prevent these people from enjoying this paradise like life here.

There are no tasks, no shadow of war, just wonderful flavored cigarettes, delicious drinks and delicious food, and beautiful Indian paper. Who would not have thought of such a day

Just as the top management of the United Fleet enjoyed the VIP treatment, a series of meetings held in giant bear palace gradually came to an end.

On this day, all the high-level members of the Yanhuang tribe gathered together in the political Hall of the giant bear palace, with more than 200 people.

Among these people, there are not only powerful tribal prime ministers like Jorah krulu, but also military giants like bighorn sheep and hard bone, as well as city managers and commander-in-chief of the garrison forces who have come from such big cities as the four capital cities and other big cities. Of course, the more prominent tribal high priest, the great prophet Hongyun, and some important sacrifices of the tribe also came.

Because today, the implementation plan of the nation building procedure, which has been discussed for half a year, will be finally implemented.

"My people, my compatriots, more than 20 years ago, we were scattered. Even if we had the bravest soldiers, we could not resist the invasion of vasichu. In these two or three hundred years, vasichu plundered too much of the resources and wealth that originally belonged to us from this vast and rich continent. In those places farther south, tens of millions of our southern compatriots were killed by the Spanish and Portuguese. Therefore, we can't allow this situation to continue, because once we can't unite together, then our land will be completely occupied by those vasichus, and our descendants are most likely to be killed by these vasichus, and our descendants will never get the protection of the sun god again... "

The powerful voice of the stone bear reverberated in the hall, and everyone's eyes were fixed on the great chief.

"So we can't go on like this. It's like chopsticks. We can easily break a chopstick, but when a chopstick comes together, no one can break it. "

"You all know that I have been instructed by the supreme Sun God, so under the guidance of the supreme Sun God, I come here, I lead the high tree tribe and the Cherokee tribe, and I bring all our compatriots together. It is true that in this process, we have some unbearable pains and some deaths that should not have happened, but it turns out that the pains and deaths we experienced at the beginning are worth it! Look now, look at the Yanhuang tribe under our unification, and look at the living conditions of all our people. Do you think such unification is worth it? "

"Value!" All the people responded with a roar, and the huge voice reverberated in the huge hall. Almost all the people's answers were hoarse and excited!

"You..." the stone bear pointed out his right index finger to all the people below, "you used to belong to different tribes, including Shawnee, chipewa, Su and Kiowa... But now, we all belong to one tribe, that is Yanhuang! And in three days, we will belong to the same country, the Great China empire

"At that time, our Dahua empire will be the only master of this continent, and you, as well as our people, will be the only ruler of this land. We will use a great and powerful empire to announce to the world that here, the North American continent, is the land of our great Chinese Empire! "

There was another round of applause and roaring. Even old people like Jorah krulu, who were nearly 60 years old, were flushed with excitement, and high priest kabulu Hongyun was even more excited

The stone bear smiles and makes a gesture of pressing his hands down. The voice in the hall disappears immediately.

"Jorak Lulu, is it OK to prepare the national flag, national emblem, national anthem and flag raising ceremony?"

"It's all set."

"Well, big horned sheep, is it OK to prepare for the military parade?"

"Chief, you can rest assured that all the soldiers participating in the parade have been training for this day for a full year!"

"Good!" Stone bear nodded, and then continued to ask, "is there no problem with the ordinary people's parade?"


"How is the performance team preparing for the ceremony?"


"Are the representative teams of cities and gathering points OK?"


"What about security work?"

"Don't worry, chief, all the soldiers in charge of security will use all they have to ensure the safety of the ceremony!"


As the stone bear asked one by one, the following personnel in charge of preparation gave the perfect answer.

Finally, the stone Bear looked at the red cloud and said with a smile, "high priest, on that day, you need to lead our tribe's priests to worship heaven and earth and gods, and pray for our empire. Is that ok?"

Hongyun, who is already in his forties, smiles, "don't worry, my chief. This is what I and many sacrificial rites should do."

Shi Xiong nodded with satisfaction, then looked at the green Skylark and his three children who had been sitting beside the throne. Then he looked away, looked at the upper class of more than 200 tribes below, took a deep breath, and said in a loud voice:

"Now I announce that the founding ceremony of the Great China empire will officially begin at 10 a.m. on October 10, three days later."

As soon as these words were uttered, the whole hall of political discussion was filled with uproar, and all the people were overjoyed. Even the green Skylark could not help but stand up, hugged the stone bear's waist, and buried his head in his husband's chest

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