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Chapter: 71

In order to peel off the impurities in the salt, the salt must be crushed, the more crushed the better, so that it can be fully dissolved in water.

"Smash the big salt into small particles, and then grind the small particles into salt powder with a stone mill. The finer the salt, the better. This is the prerequisite for salt making. Now look carefully. How can I start to make salt? "

The stone bear said, and put a bag of salt into a big wooden basin. In the basin, there was clear water from the litterliver river. As soon as the salt powder was put into the water, it melted immediately.

"Be sure to stir hard so that the salt powder can dissolve more fully. Be sure to remember that."

The stone bear stirred it several times with a wooden stick, and then instructed the two people to lift the wooden basin.

On one side of the wooden basin, the clansmen had already prepared a large funnel on the wooden shelf. The funnel was also made of wood. At this time, a large bag of activated carbon wrapped in double-layer linen had been stuffed into the funnel.

"Pour it in. Be careful not to spill it. It's full of salt." Stone bear said with a smile, the two people carrying the wooden basin began to pour salt water into the funnel carefully.

Because charcoal has been made into activated carbon, it will not produce black soup when filtering. However, when the brine is poured into the funnel, the brine flowing out from below is still reddish brown.

The stone bear pointed to the wooden basin under the funnel and said, "it's not good to filter it this way. You have to filter it several times until the filtered brine has no other color."

With that, the stone bear instructed the clansmen to continue to filter the salt water that had just been filtered.

Of course, one bag of activated carbon in the funnel has been replaced. There's a lot of wood here. There's a lot of charcoal. There's no need to buckle it.

After three times of continuous filtration, all the people are not wanted by the magical change of the salt water from turbid to clear.

"This process is filtering! If you want to turn the salt extracted from this small salt mountain into non-toxic, this step is very important, so you must remember that you must not omit the steps because of the trouble. If the filtration is not good, there will still be a lot of toxic substances in the salt, people may not die after eating, but it is inevitable to get sick. So, be sure to filter it clean! Do you remember? "

The Chinese people responded with a bang.

They have witnessed the process of turning a basin of turbid salt water into clear water. Naturally, they feel magical, and they will bear in mind the instructions of the guardian.

The stone bear dipped his finger in the filtered salt water for three times, and the bitter taste in it had completely disappeared, leaving only the salty taste.

Stone bear nodded with satisfaction, salt water to this point, basically has reached the requirements of complete detoxification. The impurities such as nitrate, phosphorus and potassium contained in salt have been absorbed by activated carbon.

"The next step is the last process of salt making, which is boiling salt! Come on, you two, pour the salt water into the pot, light the fire and start boiling the salt. "

Under Shi Xiong's command, the pot of salt water was poured into the big iron pot, and a raging fire was soon burning below. The red flame licked the black bottom of the pot. Without much effort, the pot of salt water began to boil.

"We have to cook like this all the time, but we should pay attention to the control of the fire. When the salt water in the pot is less, we don't need such a big fire, otherwise the salt will be boiled out, but the pot will be burnt out by you."

The stone bear said aloud, and the crowd burst into laughter.

It took about half an hour for a pot of water to boil. After a while, the water in the pot had completely disappeared. Then the fire was completely extinguished and the pot was lifted down. At this time, the bottom of the pot is left with a thick layer of blue and white salt plate.

The stone bear pried off a piece of salt plate, broke it off and put it into his mouth to taste it. He nodded with satisfaction and said, "come and have a taste. How about the salt we boiled? I'm sure it's much better than the salt we've exchanged from the vassichuns

A group of people whooped and hugged them, and more than ten dirty hands appeared in an iron pot.

"It tastes... Good!" Li Lei is holding a small piece of salt board in his hand. He doesn't know how to break it off any more. He just sticks out his tongue and licks it. As a result, he is pulled out of the corner of his eye, but he still yells happily.

Hongyun, gaoniu, Bigfoot... Including the wolf's tail, they all pick out a piece of salt and lick it. Naturally, they don't want it. But these guys continue to lick it as if they are desperate. It seems that a small piece of salt in their hands is the best food in the world.

The status of salt in the eyes of North American Indians is too high, even higher than food!

It doesn't matter if there is no food in the field. There are animals in the wilderness and in the woods to eat. But the salt is not the same. It's the most dangerous material. Without it, people will be tired and even get sick and die. This is the experience of countless ancestors.

In the past, if you want to get salt, you can only exchange precious fur for salt with the greedy pamangi people in the East. The pamangis are so greedy that they can't get a good buffalo skin for a packet of salt.

But all the Cherokees have to bear it.

There's no way. Who can make the pamangi people know how to make salt in this area?

Now, with the method taught by the guardian, the salt in this salt mountain can be eaten. It's better to work hard than to be exploited by the pamangis!

Moreover, in terms of the size of this small salt mountain, if all the salt in this small salt mountain is refined, it will be enough for the tribe to eat for thousands of years.

The carnival began almost immediately.

Even if it is not a tribe here, even if there is a black blind man and a group of wolves "licking stones" on the other side of Xiaoyan mountain, it still can't stop the enthusiasm of the people's Carnival.

The bizarre dance started. Hongyun led a group of people to pray for the God who didn't know his name. A dozen big men excitedly carried the iron spear and iron knife that they had just made. After a while, several wolves and the black blind man who was just licking the stone head became prey. In addition, there was an unfortunate wild goat.

Dancing, praying, barbecue, anyway, at this time, the ethnic people use the greatest enthusiasm to vent their ecstasy.

Of course, a small part of the people did not participate in the carnival. They were looking solemn and helping each other to repeat the salt making steps of guarding the adults just now.

For them, it is the best way to revel that they can make this kind of exquisite salt!

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