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Chapter: 711

Dahua Empire State Hotel.

More than a dozen senior members of the United Fleet, led by cyrencester, abbasnott, Perez and Sebastian, gathered in count cyrencester's room.

In addition to the high-ranking generals of the fleet, they were the representatives of their respective countries originally used for negotiation. Their kings and emperors were able to send them here for a reason. Ordinary people can't play such a role.

Although they attended the founding ceremony of the Great China Empire and enjoyed a shocking military parade, when the shock passed, they were left with endless worries.

"The rise of the Dahua empire is irresistible. The Atlantic Ocean has become a natural barrier between us and Dahua, and our army cannot interfere in Dahua." As commander-in-chief of the joint fleet, abbasnott first worried about the combat effectiveness shown by the stormy bear army at the parade and in previous battles.

As a senior general, he is well qualified to say that.

Count Gabriel Jorge was the chief negotiator sent by the French emperor Louis XVI. He was also a close friend of Louis XVI.

Hearing what abbasnott said, Zorge said: "this sudden rise of the great Chinese Empire will become our common enemy in the future. This country is too strong. If we can't contain it, our interests in North America and even the Caribbean will be devastated. Paul, don't you worry that your kingdom of Spain has the most interests in North America and the Caribbean? "

Count Paul Fernando, Spain's chief negotiator, snorted coldly, as if not satisfied with Jorge's statement.

The count of Paul Fernando is an old acquaintance of the stone bear. To be exact, his son feliza Fernando is an old acquaintance of the stone bear. The count of Paul Fernando is the current leader of the Fernando family and the number one arms supplier in the kingdom of Spain.

Fernando is too lazy to answer Jorge's provocative words. France lost all its colonies in North America after the seven-year war, and even a few islands in the Caribbean were almost lost. Therefore, it is absurd to say that "our interests will be dealt a devastating blow".

You French Kingdom has a fart interest in North America. Don't you blush when you say that?

All those present know the relationship between the Fernando family and the Great China empire. In the past ten years, the goods from the Great China empire are very popular in Europe. However, throughout Europe, only three people can get the goods from Great China. The British Baron William hank is naturally the most powerful, followed by the Fernando family in the kingdom of Spain, and finally sent to the Auston family in England.

But everyone can see that with the rise of the Great China Empire, the Spanish, who are the biggest beneficiaries in North America, will suffer the most. And although the three countries form a joint fleet, they are not monolithic. There must be intrigues.

Count Paul Fernando is highly valued by King Carlos III of Spain at present, and his family has a lot of relations with the great Chinese Empire. Therefore, when he went to North America this time, Carlos III handed over the post of chief negotiator to count Fernando.

Now, it is obvious that Jorge's words are provoking the relationship between the Fernando family and the Great China empire.

Fernando shrugged his shoulders. "Sir Jorge, how to deal with the relationship with the Great China empire is a matter for our respected king to decide. And as far as I know, our respected king does not seem to have any intention of hating the Great China empire. Although your majesty does not know that the Yanhuang tribe has become the Great China Empire, it will not hinder our friendship with the Great China empire. Therefore, some words that should not be said need not be said, and it is useless to say them. "

Jorge grinned, but did not retort. The atmosphere in the room suddenly became a little unfriendly.

Salencester gently touched the table with his finger. After attracting everyone's attention, he said, "don't forget what we're here for, Mr. Jorge and Mr. Fernando. Although the plan we made before our departure was to regulate the Yanhuang tribe... Oh no, now it should be the relationship between the Great China Empire and the United States of America, it seems that our task is no longer possible. The United States of America is gone, so we'd better focus on the Great China empire. "

"As you can see, the rise of the Great China empire is irresistible. And obviously, from the current attitude of the great Chinese Empire, the whole of North America, even China and the United States, and even the Caribbean, are very likely to be the plans of his Majesty the powerful chief. We can't manage North America, but we can't lose the Caribbean and China and the United States. Mr. Fernando, your kingdom of Spain currently has the most interests in North America, China, the United States and the Caribbean. If your Majesty the great chief really wants to take back these places, how can you resist? Or give your territory to the chief for nothing Although Shi Xiong is a great chief, after the founding of the Great China Empire, he is the head of the Empire to the letter. He is on the same level as their king and Emperor. Naturally, the title "Your Majesty" should be added after the great chief.

Compared with the words of Jorge just now, the words of serencest are obviously better. Moreover, serencest is not trying to provoke. What he said is the fact that the kingdom of Spain is about to face.

So Fernando thought about it seriously and said, "Sir, I don't have the right to decide how to deal with this matter. It involves too many aspects and the interests are too great. Only his majesty can make the final decision on this matter. I will tell his Majesty the truth about what happened here. "

After a long time of consideration, he said, "this is the case now. Although his Majesty the great chief has not come to us to discuss some issues in depth, I believe we can't wait long. Based on my contacts with his Majesty the chief these days, I know that he is a very overbearing person. I believe that once the overlord chief makes some requests, we can't refuse them. And if we can't refuse, it means that our respective countries' interests in North America and even the Caribbean will be greatly lost. The only way to refuse is war. But can we afford a big transatlantic war? "

French admiral Sebastian shook his head bitterly and said, "we are not the opponents of the great Chinese Empire. Although I do not want to admit this, it is an indisputable fact. Once there is a real war, the probability of our victory... Well, at best, I'm afraid it's less than 10%... "

The room fell into silence again.

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