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Chapter: 712

This group of politicians of European powers are still very accurate in their judgment.

Three days after the founding ceremony, Shi Xiong did not summon them again, but when the upsurge of the founding of the people's Republic receded a little, the chief of the great Chinese empire finally held a state banquet again in the state guesthouse to entertain the guests from Europe.

Although there are plenty of food and wine on the dinner table, and Shi Xiong and other officials are also very enthusiastic, the hearts of these politicians are obviously not on the liver today

The atmosphere was a little strange. Stone bear naturally knew why, so when the banquet was over, he held a negotiation with some of the Empire's top leaders and Salem cester.

"... you must have understood the meaning of our great China empire. Yes, we have lived here for thousands of years. This place has been our land for a long time. You have been immigrating here since you discovered this continent more than 300 years ago. I don't object to that. But if there is a situation like the United States of America, we will never allow it. "

Shi Xiong is very direct. He made his meaning clear at the beginning.

The opening meaning is very simple. This is my territory. You can immigrate, do business and trade, but you can't ignore my master and set up regime here.

They all looked at each other and found that there was a meaning in each other's eyes.

"Now that our great China Empire has been established, this continent belongs to our great China empire. Like the United States of America, I really don't want to see it again. Of course, if someone has to try to challenge the bottom line of the Empire, I and my stormy bear soldiers don't mind showing him again how the United States fell in the first place... "

If what I said before is still polite, then it is murderous.

Cyrencester knew that he had to say something, or he would be embarrassed.

"Your Majesty the great chief, we in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the kingdom of France and the kingdom of Spain have no idea of establishing power in the new continent of North America. But there is a fact that you have to admit, that is, our people have lived on the main road for hundreds of years, and they have created their own home here, so we all agree that they should be protected accordingly, so... "

Before he finished, the stone bear interrupted him abruptly. "I don't think you need to worry about this, count. Although our great China empire is a newly established country, it is definitely a country with an open mind. We will not discriminate against anyone who lives in this land. Including your immigrants, I can guarantee that they will not be treated unfairly here. But... "

The stone Bear looked at these guys with a little bad face, pulled up slightly, and then said in a deep voice: "since you live in the Empire, you must abide by the laws of the Empire! I don't care who you are or which country you are an immigrant. As long as you live in the territory of the Empire, you must abide by the laws of the Empire. The famous ancient Greek statesman Pericles once said that all people are equal before the law! I personally agree with this, and I will guarantee that I will set an example and uphold the fairness and dignity of the law. I don't know if you agree with me? "

Salencester's face became more ugly. Although they knew what belickley had said in those days, for these aristocrats, the domestic law could not control them.

But at the same time, they can't deny this sentence, otherwise their domestic laws are a joke.

Stone bear ignored them, but continued: "I, my colleagues and all the citizens in the Empire are trying to maintain the fairness of the law, but I found that in some places where the control of the empire is relatively weak, there is still a phenomenon that people are higher than the law. For example, in the former thirteen colonies, such as Canada in the north, and the areas near Florida and the Rocky Mountains, I don't like this phenomenon very much. "

As soon as these words were uttered, their faces became more ugly again.

Sure enough

What the chief said just now is that the British are the Spanish colonies. Although the chief did not directly explain the word colony, everyone could understand the meaning of his words.

Florida also has the western region. Now it is a "divided" colony of Spain. When the war of independence broke out, Spain lost Florida, but in the Treaty of Paris, Florida was returned to Spain. The vast area to the west of the Mihe River, especially near the Rocky Mountain, has always been the "private land" of the Spanish

As for Canada, after the Treaty of Paris, it returned to Britain. Although this vast area was not called "Canada" by Europeans at that time, the word "Canada" was indeed Indian, and it was not surprising that the stone bear called Canada.

Now, stone bear says that there is serious injustice in these colonies, but who doesn't understand the meaning behind the scenes? There is no other way to eliminate these non-compliance with the law, that is, the British and Spanish colonists took the initiative to withdraw from these areas.

Only the French have no idea. They have no colonies in the new world of North America.

Salencester knew that he could not let the chief go on. If he went on, many things could not be retrieved.

So he immediately said, "Your Majesty, I think you misunderstood something? Our immigrants have lived in the areas you just mentioned for hundreds of years, and there may be some bad phenomena. However, we will strongly restrain our immigrants from doing anything that violates the laws of your country in the future, and we, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the kingdom of Spain, will promise you, We will certainly... "

But unfortunately, salencester's words were interrupted again.

Stone bear suddenly stood up, strong to the extreme body to the scene of all people have brought inexplicable pressure.

"Don't say anything more, count, it's meaningless!" Stone bear waved his arm, very arrogant, "in fact, my meaning has been very clear, I hope you can understand. If you don't understand, I can make it clear. "

After that, the stone Bear looked at these people again and said calmly but firmly, "when you go back, tell your majesty that I have said that all regions of the new North American continent, including Canada and Mexico, will no longer be allowed to have colonies of any country. This is the territory of the Great China empire. It is the territory of a powerful empire. No colony is allowed here, because it will greatly insult the dignity of our empire. In order to maintain the dignity of the Empire, the Empire will not bow to anyone! Therefore, I hope that you will abolish the colonies within one year, otherwise I don't mind leading the soldiers of the fierce bear army to recover them after one year! "

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