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Chapter: 713

Compared with the previous enthusiasm and harmony, the result of this fair is undoubtedly very bad.

They didn't expect that the great chief, who seemed to have a very harmonious attitude before, would become so unreasonable, or even almost tear his face.

But none of them could.

The power of the great Chinese Empire has been fully demonstrated through the battle of Boston and the grand parade. What scares senior generals like abasnott the most is that the power shown by the Great China empire is only a small aspect. The most terrifying aspect of the Empire lies in its leading technology, which can not be remedied by anything else.

As senior generals, whether they are Abbas Nutt, Perez or Sebastian, they all know very well what the basis of military industry is, which is technology and materials, not brave soldiers and changeable tactics.

The simplest truth is that only when the technology arrives can we develop better materials and build artillery with larger caliber and longer range.

Just like the gambling fight before the battle of Boston, 20 sail battleships were beaten like Sun Tzu in front of the two steel battleships of the Great China empire. Why are the warships of the Great China empire so powerful? It's very simple, because they have new guns with stronger firepower, faster firing speed, longer range and higher accuracy.

They also saw that kind of artillery at the parade, which is really different from any artillery now. However, their guns are so powerful that they can defeat the fleet with thousands of backward guns only with dozens of such guns.

It is true that we will be beaten if we fall behind!

Moreover, the advanced technology of artillery was not the only one displayed by the Great China empire. The kind of airship that can attack in the air, and the kind of terrible missile that can burn on the sea

These weapons alone are enough to frighten them. Who knows if there are more powerful weapons hidden in the armory of the Great China Empire?

Therefore, the technology of others has been ahead of that of Europe for many years. If you want to beat them by fighting, you are just talking in a dream.

These Indians are not like the aborigines who used to carry bows and arrows, spears and stone axes hundreds of years ago. They now have much more powerful weapons than the armies of European countries. With the natural barrier of the Atlantic Ocean, to defeat such an army across the ocean, abbasnott felt that he might as well force himself to death

Under such circumstances, the chief of the family is angry. Who dares to say no?

Obviously, this big chief with amazing size and character has given an ultimatum. Canada and Mexico are no longer your colonies. We can still be good friends if we withdraw honestly. But if you don't withdraw and insist on keeping those colonies, I'm sorry. Let's fight each other!

Especially when the next day after the meeting, they received a map which is said to be handed over to them by his Majesty the great chief himself, their original depressed mood became even more depressed.

It's a map of America, including South America and North America. It's a familiar map.

It's just a big half circle in red on this map. It starts from the Arctic Ocean in the north and ends at the northern part of the governor's District of New Granada in Spain in the south, that is, the junction of Panama and Colombia. It is not marked in the West. But on the Atlantic Ocean in the East, this red semicircle marks the whole Caribbean Islands in two. All the islands from Puerto Rico to the north, including Bermuda, are included in this semicircle, Beyond the semicircle, only the small islands in the south of the Caribbean islands are left

This powerful map once again makes these people extremely depressed.

Obviously, the powerful chief of the Great China Empire not only wanted land on land, but also some important islands.

But no one thinks it's wrong.

The gambling fight in Boston Bay made them see the power of the fleet of the Great China empire. With such powerful warships, it's not surprising that they have the right to control the sea.

Who has the final say in the years? Or Britain will not beat Spain and France, and then become the most powerful country in Europe. He is just an island country. Why can he become the first in Europe? Isn't it because other people's fleet is powerful?

Now they have a fleet stronger than the Royal Navy Fleet. What can they say?

If Britain and Spain are helpless with this map, then France can enjoy it.

If we really re divide the sites according to this map, the biggest damage will undoubtedly be Spain, because Spain will not only lose west of the Miho River, Florida, Mexico and Panama, but also lose most of its colonial islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Britain's losses are also great, not to mention Canada. Several islands in the Caribbean islands also have British shares, and Britain will lose Bermuda, which has a very important strategic position.

In contrast, France has no colonies on the North American continent. In this semicircle circle, the only French colony is in the west of Hispaniola, while Guadeloupe, the most important colonial island in the Caribbean, is under the red line

So, of course, the French are happy. If the chief really insists on taking back these places, France will suffer the least, only in the west of Hispaniola

"What do you think we should do, count Fernando?" For such a map, salencester also felt toothache.

Count Fernando's smiling expression has disappeared, and now he has the same expression of toothache and constipation on his face. "Count cyrencester, to be honest, eh... I don't know what to do..."

Two people big eye to small eye, the expression on the face let a person see, can't help but produce some sympathy.

As for the count of Gabriel Jorge, he seemed to have nothing to do with his cigarette.

"Paul, you are very familiar with your Majesty the great chief. In your opinion, there is no room for moderation in this matter?" Cyrencester is still determined.

"I think we'd better go back to our native land and report this to our king! This kind of thing is not what we can decide. What we can do now is to report it to the higher authorities as soon as possible! As far as I know of his Majesty the great chief, he is a man of no choice. We'd better not turn a deaf ear to his words, otherwise we will implicate our respective countries.... "

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