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Chapter: 715

In the previous life of the stone bear, the St. Andres fault, which runs through California, is one of the most active and dangerous faults on the planet. Because of this 1200 km long fault zone, the original majestic Rocky mountains began to become fragmented when they arrived in Southern California.

In this area, the continuous Rocky Mountains in the North begin to become one after another. There are many large canyons and flat deserts, which are no longer as neat as the northern Rocky Mountains.

In March 1788, the eighth division, originally stationed in Dallas, finally reached the west side of the Colorado Desert after more than two months of trekking.

It's a huge low-lying area. At this time, it was part of the Colorado Desert, but in the previous life of the stone bear, it became the end of a flood channel of the Colorado River. At the beginning of the 20th century, a terrible flood broke out on the Colorado River. The roaring flood rushed through hundreds of kilometers of desert into this low-lying area, and finally formed a salt lake with an area of nearly 10000 square kilometers, which is the famous Salton lake.

When the great southwest was pacified nearly 20 years ago, the kopachi people, who were frightened by the storm bear army, crossed the Rocky Mountain from the Grand Canyon here and finally entered the west coast.

At that time, the monitoring team of the bear army had been sending the kopachi people to the future near Yuma, and set up a permanent barracks in Yuma. Every year, there was a regiment stationed there to monitor the kopachi people in the West.

It is precisely because of the existence of that barracks that it has developed into a large gathering point near Yuma for a long time.

It used to be the territory of copacchi people. Of course, the Pueblo people and the alcite people in northern Mexico also frequented this area. In addition, there were some copacchi people who were maimed but slowly developed again.

Because of the existence of Yuma barracks, it has a strong attraction, especially with the completion of a dirt road from Dallas to the barracks.

Before the establishment of the Great China Empire, this place, which was originally just a barracks, had developed into a medium-sized gathering place with about 5000 people.

The mixed eighth division is now called the eighth division. After nearly 20 years of waiting, they finally got rid of the word "mixed" and became one of the main divisions of the fierce bear army.

Now the eighth division, led by its division commander Kanu, has come here, forming a huge military deterrent to the Apaches in the West.

Kanu is a crick man. When stone bear led the expedition to the south of Crick, Kanu was still a teenager. Later, Kanu joined the bear army and was promoted quickly with his outstanding military talent. Four years ago, the former commander of the mixed eighth division retired to the second line because of his age. Kanu, then chief of staff of the mixed eighth division, became the military commander of the unit.

However, since the establishment of the eighth division, it has not participated in many actual battles, most of which are carried out in the rear to maintain stability. Now the empire is finally going to attack the west coast. The eighth division in the South and the seventh division in the north are the deterrents.

Although it is very likely that they will not be able to carry out actual combat, this kind of long-distance training is also a very rare exercise. Therefore, all the officers and soldiers of the eighth division, except one regiment of the left behind division headquarters, began to move westward. Until they arrived near Yuma and joined the fifth regiment of the eighth division stationed here.

From here to the northwest, there are three marching routes that can reach the old home of the Apache people who occupied the magpie nest, that is, near Los Angeles. However, the task of the eighth division was mainly to deter, cooperate with the negotiators sent out by the Empire, and win the Apache without cutting the edge of blood.

In fact, the Apaches who have been forced to the West are not comfortable these years. Compared to the vast areas of Arizona and New Mexico, the narrow area of the west coast is too small.

However, there was no way for the Apaches. Even if the Yanhuang tribe had only one regiment stationed in Yuma at that time, it was not the Apaches that could offend. The Apache people are also very smart. They dare to fight with the Spanish colonists, but they absolutely dare not touch the tiger's butt of the bear army.

At that time, they witnessed with their own eyes how the Comanches, who were no weaker than their own tribe, were taken away by the fierce bear army.

In addition, although Los Angeles is smaller, it has plenty of water and grass, and its natural environment is much better than that of Arizona and New Mexico.

In addition, the Cherokee people in the West constantly bring all kinds of good things to sell, which makes the Apache people living here gradually adapt to this kind of dull days.

It was not until the spring of 1788 that the Apaches suddenly found that the nearly twenty years of peace seemed to be about to disappear.

All of a sudden, the Cherokees, who had been living in peace for many years, sent a large number of troops, and their envoys came to the Royal tent of the tribe.

"Is there going to be another war? And it's against the cheloki like wolves? How can we beat those guys? " This is a common thought in the hearts of almost all the Apache people who get the news. At that time, the Apache did not even know that the Cherokees had unified almost the whole new continent of North America, let alone that the Great China Empire had been founded.

In the eyes of these Apache people, the powerful tribe in the west is still the Cherokee

Under such circumstances, the Empire's special envoy for negotiations, eunio, with the great chief order signed by the stone bear himself, rode to the court tent of the Apache people accompanied by a company of soldiers of the fierce bear army.

Kakaramar, the chief of the Apache people, met yunio in the Royal tent.

Even the fierce Apache know that the Cherokees can't afford to offend. Even if the Cherokees send an emissary now, KaKaLa Mar doesn't want to annoy the powerful Cherokee because of this small matter.

However, kakalamar's hot face was stuck to yunio's cold ass.

KaKaLa Mar could not understand the so-called "great chief order", but this did not prevent him from understanding what was said in the order through translation.

At this time, kakalamar knew that the Cherokee, who swept the Comanches and forced their tribe to the west, and also accepted the Navajo and Pueblo, had unified the whole land, and they had also built a powerful empire that the vasichus did not dare to provoke!

Now, is this powerful tribe finally going to fight the Apache?

Why else has their powerful army reached the border? Otherwise, why does this messenger have such a performance?

But since the powerful Cherokee wanted to fight, did they still have the ability to resist?

Kakaramar immediately felt that the world had suddenly become unfriendly

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