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Chapter: 716

When the apachi people fled to the west of the mountains, kakaramar was still a young man who had just passed the rite of passage. He witnessed with his own eyes that his father, the last Apache chief, ordered the killing of the fleeing new komanche chief

"Does that guy's name seem to be dekia or something?" At this time, the new komanchi chief, who was defeated and gave up his people's escape 20 years ago, appeared in KaKaLa Mar's mind. Unfortunately, in order not to offend the powerful Cherokee, my father killed the self styled chieftain and sent his head to the Cherokee, which prevented the Cherokee from attacking the tribe.

"Chief kakamar? Chief kakaramar... "Seeing that chief kopachi, who looked uneasy at the beginning, seemed to be distracted, yunio said twice with dissatisfaction.

KaKaLa Mar was pulled out of his memory. He said with an embarrassed smile, "I'm sorry, I just thought of something before."

"I don't know what your highness thinks of his Highness the great chief's order?" Yunio ignored kakalamar's apology and went straight to the subject again.

Seeing what was placed in front of him, KaKaLa Mar couldn't help but draw his eyes several times, and then fell into meditation again.

The Apaches are brave and good at fighting, and the Apaches are also proud. Otherwise, the tribe would not have given up the invitation of the Cherokees and fled West to the west of the mountains. But now, the more powerful Cherokees are coming again, and compared with the attitude of 20 years ago, the Cherokee attitude is extremely tough this time.

To accept this warrant is not in line with the idea of the tribe. You can't accept it. The Cherokees can call at any time.

No matter how conceited kakaramar is, he knows that the tribe is definitely not the opponent of the Cherokee. Those who have returned from the East over the years will bring the situation of the Cherokee army stationed in the East. From time to time, the Cherokee people would engage in a kind of "exercise". The guns and guns would crackle for a while. In the words of the people, they could often flatten a small hill

Although these years, the tribe will fight with those vasichu from time to time, but those vasichu are bandits and thieves, and they are not the regular army of vasichu. And even the regular army of vasichu will be honest when they see the Cherokee garrison, which shows how powerful the Cherokee army stationed in the East is.

To expect people to fight the Cherokees with bows and spears is to die.

If you don't fight, you will either belong to the Great China empire or continue to flee with your people.

But the question is, where can you run again? To the west is the endless sea. Do you really want to live on those islands in the ocean? But how many people can those islands support?

The islands that kakalamar thinks about are the Santa Barbara islands, which are separated from Los Angeles in the Pacific Ocean by 40-50 kilometers to more than 100 kilometers. They are composed of eight islands and are famous tourist attractions in later generations.

But the problem is that the archipelago is not big enough to support a large number of Apache people.

Seeing that the wandering tribal chief was silent again, yunio tapped the table with dissatisfaction.

Kakalamar took a deep breath and asked with a embarrassed face: "Dear emissary, can your Majesty the great chief allow our tribe to continue to live here? Our tribe just wants to have a place to live. Our people just want to live here. We.... "

KaKaLa Mar's words have not finished, was very impolite yunio interrupted.

"My Lord, please don't say any more useless words. As far as I know, I'm afraid that's just the idea of you and a small group of people in your tribe? Most of your tribe are not against joining the Empire, are they

Yunio coldly looked at the embarrassed kopachi chief and continued to say: "chief, please find out the situation your tribe is facing. I came here today with peace, but as you probably already know, not far from my rear, the imperial bear army

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