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Chapter: 720

It is estimated that there is a great possibility that this mountain fire in June 1788 will be recorded by historians. Perhaps many years later, there will be relevant literary works or film and television works

But anyway, although the mountain fire caused a lot of casualties of the chenuks, it also saved the tribe. At the same time, it also saved a potential new star of imperial diplomacy, eunio.

Many years later, when the great chief, the son of God, entered his twilight years, the imperial envoy who was detained by the chenuks at that time finally became the second leader of the empire after the great chief. The Prime Minister of the Empire, who has both skill and courage, has also become a legendary prime minister in the history of the Empire.

Of course, this is all later, the most direct result of this mountain fire is that the chenuks obediently merged into the Great China empire.

In the second year after the founding of the Empire, these three tribes, which were isolated to the west of the Rocky Mountains, finally became part of the Empire.

At this point, the Great China empire finally controlled more than 90% of the territory of the whole new North American continent. From the border between the United States and Mexico in Shihuang's previous life to the north, almost all of the North American continent, including the United States and Canada, had fallen into the hands of the Empire.

The reason for "almost" is that in the far north of the mainland, such as Alaska, Yukon, northwest and Nunavut, the real influence of the Empire did not develop in the past.

But those places are all barren, and there are few resources available except Tundra and permafrost. Well, although there are precious mineral resources under the ground in these areas, in terms of the current population size of the Empire, the mineral resources there are not available to the Empire at all.

What's more, the natural conditions there are extremely difficult. Even in the previous life of the stone bear, a large area there is no man's land.

Now it belongs to the Inuit, and the stone bear doesn't want to conquer it now.

But in the territory of the Empire, it already belongs to the Empire.

If there is a need in the future, one division will be enough to sweep the area.

In the north, the bear is not in a hurry. He has now begun to focus on Mexico and the areas south of Mexico, as well as the Caribbean islands.

Central America and Panama, as well as the West Indies, that is, the future Caribbean, were all under the control of the Empire.

Needless to say, the silver here is in the hands of the Empire. As for Panama, the stone bear still wants to dig out the Panama canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean more than a century in advance.

In the stone bear's previous life, everyone knows the importance of the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal. Now the stone bear can't reach the Suez Canal in the Middle East, but Panama is under his nose. If he doesn't control the canal, he will be sorry for the sky, the earth, and the air he breathes all day

Therefore, even if South America does not want Panama, it must be controlled by the Empire.

As for the West Indies, strategic significance is equally important. The West Indies are a barrier to the entire American continent. It was from the West Indies that the Spaniards began to nibble at the American continent bit by bit, and finally formed a powerful Spanish Empire.

Although the West Indies are just a chain of islands, they are the gateway of the whole American continent. Whoever can control this place can control the whole American continent.

Of course, in terms of the current military strength of the Empire, even if it was pushed southward by land, it could win South America. However, the stone bear knows very well that winning South America is not a good choice. Later generations of Latin American countries have been struggling all day, but the stone bear has a deep understanding.

So, even if we don't win South America, we can control the South American countries behind the scenes. Especially when South America starts to fight alone, it can influence or even control these Latin American countries behind the scenes with geopolitics.

Is it difficult to support a pro China puppet government?

If you encounter disobedience or backwardness, cultivate another one

Politics has never been the best choice to take everything into one's own hands.

If the Empire did, it would offend the whole of Europe first. Because Europeans absolutely don't want a big empire on the other side of the Atlantic.

Another is that the population of the empire is not enough to control such a large territory. The other most important reason is that, as mentioned above, Latin American people should not provoke them if they have nothing to do. Even if the Empire controls South America now, these countries will be really noisy in the future. Unfortunately, the empire is still

Instead of wasting energy, financial resources and human resources on a group of unfamiliar white eyed wolves, hiding behind the silent control, Duoxiang!

If we want to firmly control South America, the West Indies must be taken down!

In the plan of the stone bear, South America may not want it, but the West Indies, especially Cuba, Hispaniola, namely Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, must be controlled by the Empire. As for the little Antilles Islands in the south, only a few of them need to be controlled strategically, and the whole Caribbean will be within the reach of the Empire.

As long as you control the West Indies, Central America and North America will be stable.

And if you control the West Indies, the stone bear will get more black pterygium. This is also the human resource that stone bear urgently wants.

But the problem is, if we want to achieve this goal, the Empire has a great chance to fight against the kingdom of Spain!

No way. More than 99% of the areas planned by the stone bear belong to Spain.

In the whole West Indies, except for a few islands controlled by Britain and France, most of the other islands are Spanish colonies.

The west coast of the North American continent to the north of Mexico, even to Alaska, belongs to the nominal colony of Spain.

And compared with North America, the west coast is only a nominal colony of Spain. Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean are real colonies of Spain. The new Spanish Viceroy established here by the kingdom of Spain is in charge of this area, while Panama in the South now belongs to the New Granada viceroy of Spain.

If the stone bear wants to win Mexico, Panama and the West Indies, it will completely move the cake of the kingdom of Spain.

Although Spain is at the end of the day, the camel is bigger than the horse. If Spain does not want to give up the territory, there will be a fierce war between the Empire and Spain.

But stone bear doesn't care. Just fight! Now Spain is not the Spain of the 16th century. They can't even beat Britain. How can they fight against the Empire?

What's more, with regard to Spain's current state, they can afford to play and can't afford to play!

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