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Chapter: 73

"How can we produce so much salt these days?" Li Lei looked at the dozens of bags of salt stored in the tribal warehouse, and his chin shell almost fell down.

"This is only one tenth of the salt produced by our people in the past seven or eight days! According to the rules established with the clansmen before, the salt here was handed in by the clansmen. " Stone bear light said, "more salt is now put in the clansman's home."

"How can there be so much salt?" With a strong thirst for knowledge, Li Lei asks Shi Xiong. He has been busy saving the pumpkin Bay tribe these days, so he doesn't pay much attention to the salt refining of the tribe.

Just seven days ago, that is, the day after stone bear taught the gaoshu tribe the production line method, there was a strong smoke in the northwest. It was definitely the smoke that a certain Cherokee tribe was attacked again. So at that time, Li Lei sent Bigfoot and Gao Niu to organize more than 50 soldiers in the tribe to rush towards that direction.

As like as two peas of tribes, the stone bears had known that the pumpkin tribes had been attacked by the people of the western region of the pumpkin tribes in the West and the attack of the pumpkin Bay was almost the same as that of the original hairy cattle tribe after six days of fighting.

A group of more than 100 chekasa soldiers did not know where to break through the central defense line, bypassed the big Nancha, and appeared in the pumpkin Bay tribe. Then these chekasa soldiers decisively slaughtered this small tribe with a population of only 70 or 80 people.

When the lonely looking Bigfoot and Gao Niu return to the tribe with the soldiers in the tribe, the people in the tribe know that the pumpkin Bay tribe has been destroyed.

At first, more than 20 people escaped from the longmaoniu tribe, but the whole pumpkin Bay tribe was exterminated, and no one escaped.

Pumpkin Bay tribe was also a small tribe separated from gaoshu tribe in those years. They separated even later than longmaoniu tribe. Now some people in the tribe even have a very direct blood relationship with people in pumpkin Bay tribe.

For example, the father of the current leader of pumpkin Bay tribe is Lilei and Dajiao, and Hongyun's uncle. The current leader of pumpkin Bay is close to Lilei in terms of blood relationship!

It's just that the pumpkin Bay tribe is on the North Bank of the bend, not the south. If the pumpkin Bay tribe is located on the South Bank of the great bend, then with the great bend blocking, those chekasa people will not cross the great bend to attack the pumpkin Bay tribe.

It's a pity that when the pumpkin Bay tribe separated, no one would have thought that the damned chekasa had learned to make a detour and sneak attack

Bigfoot took the soldiers and the soldiers of other tribes who met on the road to pursue those damned chekasa people. However, they went late and wandered in the mountains for three or four days. In the end, they couldn't find the chekasa people. They were worried about the safety of the tribe. Finally, Bigfoot LED the soldiers back to the tribe.

What we brought back together was the news that pumpkin Bay was exterminated.

For this reason, the prosperous salt production work was suspended for one day, and many people need to pay homage to their dead relatives.

Stone bear is also very sad. At the last funeral of kabulu's sacrifice, the stone bear and black pumpkin, the leader of pumpkin Bay tribe, had a pleasant exchange. He wanted to have more exchanges with black pumpkin, who is good at planting all kinds of crops. As a result, there was no time for half a month, and heaven and man were separated forever.

Black pumpkin is the name of the leader of pumpkin Bay tribe. His name is black pumpkin. His father and ancestors used to call it black pumpkin. It can be seen from the name that their family are very good at growing pumpkins.

In fact, the name of pumpkin Bay tribe also comes from the biggest advantage of black pumpkin family - planting pumpkin.

After the pumpkin Bay tribe moved to the North Bank of big bend, there was a wide bend in the Tennessee River to the south, so the tribe was named pumpkin Bay.

Although Shi Xiong has never been to pumpkin Bay tribe, he has heard of that place, which is a good place for pumpkin production.

It's a pity that pumpkins still exist, but the people who are good at growing pumpkins will never be seen

This is a very sad thing, but in this era and special helpless.

From the standpoint of the Cherokees, the destruction of the pumpkin Bay tribe is extremely tragic and sad. However, from the point of view of the enemy chekasa, this is a complete victory.

Position determines thinking. This is still common in this era.

Li Lei, who has been busy with the affairs of pumpkin Bay tribe these days, naturally doesn't know what happened in the tribe these days. Although he has not been able to lead the soldiers to pursue the enemy, he can lead some of the people to pumpkin Bay tribe to deal with the follow-up matters, so Li Lei has been on the other side of pumpkin Bay tribe these days - the straight-line distance between the two tribes is only more than 30 Li.

Now that Lilei has freed up his energy and time, he finds that there is so much snow-white and delicate salt in the tribe's storeroom, which naturally makes Lilei a little overjoyed, and also dilutes the sadness brought about by the extermination of the pumpkin Bay tribe.

To be honest, Shi Xiong's perception of Li Lei is not very good. This guy is different from Gao Niu's straightforward temperament. Li Lei seems a little overcast.

For example, he has been saying that he wants to support himself unconditionally, but in fact, there are many dirty things that should have happened under his sign. Like the wolf tail thing.

Stone bear can also understand this. After all, Li Lei is the leader of gaoshu tribe. He and Gao Niu are both foreigners, and he is favored by kabulu sacrifice, which will inevitably cause Li Lei's fear.

Even if you change yourself into Li Lei, I'm afraid you will have this attitude.

But fortunately, this guy is still very tactful and doesn't do some brain damage. Otherwise, Shi Xiong really doesn't mind taking a chance to kill this guy secretly.

It's easy to say anything else, but if anyone dares to become a stumbling block on his way forward, the stone bear will never mind breaking that stumbling block directly.

Since Li Lei doesn't plan to tear his face, Shi Xiong is happy to maintain the current situation.

So for this problem of Li Lei, Shi Xiong told him in the shortest words about the salt production of the tribal people in recent days.

"Chief, the salt stored in the warehouse is paid by the people. Now there are 72 bags, and in the hands of the people, the amount of salt is nine times that! With the salt, we can trade with the vasichus when they come to the tribe. Chief, please remember that salt is very precious to us, but it's no worse than yellow iron and precious stones for those vasichus. So we must not make a losing deal. "

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