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Chapter: 733

Of course, Paul Fernando didn't know that although there was nothing important in the country at this time, when he set foot on his return journey, his king, his majesty Carlos III, would die.

Now his majesty Carlos III, the king of Spain, will die on December 14, 1788!

Now, except for the Great China Empire, other countries have no such advanced means of communication. Especially for ships sailing on the sea, as long as they don't land, people on board will not know everything that happens on land. It takes at least 40 to 50 days to go back to Europe from the new world of North America

Just as count Fernando was in a hurry to go home, the bear soldiers who had been encircling Mexico City for a period of time divided their forces and defeated Veracruz, a port city about 300 kilometers southeast of Mexico City.

Veracruz was built very early, even two years later than Havana.

However, the largest port city of Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico was built on the beach at the beginning. It was not suitable to live because of the rainy and humid conditions, and was abandoned twice.

Later, Veracruz was built in 1599, and has always been the most important port between the new Spanish governor and the Spanish mainland.

Now, in the West Indies to the East, the Imperial Navy Fleet, the five regiments of the first division, and the soldiers of the third division who came after them, have already knocked down all the islands that can be knocked down.

The main reason why the imperial naval fleet attacked Havana first and tried not to destroy the upwind fleet was that the stone bear took a fancy to the warships of the upwind fleet.

There is no doubt that the steel warships of the Great China empire are invincible in the current era of naval warfare. But limited to the engine technology, the range of steel warships is not large, so it is far from enough to carry out cross ocean voyage.

Therefore, it is very necessary to obtain some windsurfing battleships that can sail across the ocean, so the stone bear early focused on the headwind fleet stationed in Havana.

Of course, although these privateers can't compare with the main ships, they are also good warships. Are class IV and class V warships warships?

In addition, there are those pirate ships across the Caribbean, in fact, the performance is also good.

As long as you take the northern half of the West Indies, with the speed of steel warships, you can easily chase and even capture the pirate ships and other countries' privateering ships.

I want the West Indies, and I want those sailboats too!

In just a few months, because most of the warships of the upwind fleet were captured, the transportation capacity of the great Chinese Empire in the Caribbean Sea increased greatly. The officers and men of the third division, who had been stationed in the southeast of the mainland and were well adapted to the tropical climate, were soon sent to islands one by one.

Supported by the steel warships of the Imperial Navy Fleet on the sea, the officers and men of the fifth division and the five regiments of the first division landed and then, with their powerful weapons, conquered an island in a short time.

Once an island is conquered, it is enough to leave two companies stationed. The remaining soldiers continue to divide their forces to attack the planned island.

After taking the island of Cuba and the island of Haiti, the whole West Indies has already been taken. Supported by the largest and second largest of the two West Indies, the Empire had basically taken control of the entire Caribbean Sea after taking over such islands as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

In fact, when Paul Fernando came to Beijing to negotiate with the stone bear, the whole new Spanish Viceroy was almost completely occupied.

Although Central America to the south of Mexico City has not yet won, once the Imperial Navy takes control of the Caribbean, the new Spanish viceroy, including the whole of Central America, will have no future.

Similarly, the capture of the West Indies also controlled the other three Spanish governors in South America, and even the Portuguese colonies in South America. Now that the Empire has created the established fact that it has won most of the West Indies, the high level of the kingdom of Spain should also know how to do it.

After all, the Empire did not swallow all the West Indies. Did it not leave the little Antilles to the kingdom of Spain? This is a great honor for the kingdom of Spain.

If the Spanish Kingdom really didn't know what to do and declared war with the Empire, then the Empire would never mind taking down the whole West Indies and taking the army all the way south from Mexico City to take down all the other three Spanish governor districts in South America.

In terms of the strength of the Empire, it will take a long time to achieve this, but it is absolutely not difficult.

And once the number of imperial naval fleets rises again, there will be no more European affairs in the whole American continent!

And the fact that seven Cherokee class steel warships of the Chinese imperial naval fleet singled out more than 120 Spanish warships in Havana soon spread to the European continent through the mouths of the French and the British.

Almost the whole of Europe was attacked by the steel warships of the Great China empire. Although the steel warships of the Great China Empire shocked Europe with two warships challenging 20 allied fleets in Boston before, it was not a real fight after all.

The imperial naval fleet attacked Havana, with seven steel warships to pick out more than 120 Spanish upwind fleets and many privateers. Among them, there was a serious naval battle of a class I windsurfing battleship. It was a serious naval battle! The most important thing is that the Imperial Navy fleet also achieved a complete victory without damage, which is really frightening.

How can you fight such a fleet, such a steel warship?

The whole of Europe was in a deep crisis because of the Havana naval battle.

The most direct performance is that the British are very happy to give up Bermuda, and the French privateers no longer dare to cross the island of Puerto Rico north.

As for the pirate ships that used to cross the Caribbean, once they are found by such a terrible steel warship, no pirate ship can ever run away. Although there is no pirate king in the Caribbean Sea now, the influence of pirates is still great. However, after more than 20 pirates were killed by the naval fleet of the Great China Empire, they all began to run away for fear of being caught by the steel warships who were fast and fierce!

The northern Caribbean, which used to be under the control of hundreds of sailing battleships, is now under the control of the great Chinese empire with only seven steel battleships. This is simply incredible.

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