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Chapter: 735

Just as the stormy bear soldiers attacked the new Spanish viceroy, the Great China empire was not idle. The Empire began to build ports and shipyards on the west coast, and the specific location was near San Diego.

San Diego is an important port city on the west coast of the United States, especially the famous San Diego Bay, which is an excellent natural deep-water port. The natural breakwater between Colorado Island and the southern mainland is less than one kilometer wide, which makes the whole San Diego Bay calm and calm. It is an excellent port.

Although San Francisco in the north is also great, compared with San Diego, which has better transportation, the development of San Francisco still has to wait.

The reason why San Diego built a port city and a large shipyard is very simple, that is, before the opening of the Panama Canal, it will become a base for the Empire to enter the Pacific Ocean.

Since the soul came to this time and space, the stone bear didn't want to let go of the Pacific Ocean. How important is the Pacific Ocean in the future? How determined is the stone bear to turn the Pacific Ocean into his own swimming pool.

Not to mention all kinds of feelings in the previous life, the stone bear does not want to let the disaster stricken country on the other side of the ocean happen those rotten things in the original historical time and space.

It's better to replace the European powers to protect the great country than to let the Brits and the G-8 allied forces torment the great country.

Of course, it is only the end of the 18th century, even half a century before the first Opium War. Moreover, Qianlong is still alive, and the country on the other side of the ocean is now not provoked by Europeans.

So the stone bear plans to build a smooth channel as soon as possible. Once something happens in that country, the Great China empire can quickly intervene.

In fact, it is not difficult to cross the Pacific Ocean from the east coast of Asia to North America at this time. As early as more than 3000 years ago, the people of Yin went to the East, and with the advent of the era of great navigation, crossing the Pacific Ocean was no more difficult.

Now if you want to cross the Pacific Ocean from east to west, you just need to follow the current.

For example, starting from Zhoushan or Quanzhou, after entering the East China Sea, go northward along the Pacific Kuroshio, that is, the Japanese warm current, and then go eastward along the North Pacific warm current after reaching the sea area near 43 degrees north latitude. When we are about to reach the new continent of North America, we can go down the California cold current and directly reach any port city on the west coast of North America.

In fact, this route is also the route between Luzon and North America. As early as 200 years ago, the Spaniards had figured out this route, which is the route that the Spanish yachts take from Manila to Acapulco, the port on the east coast of the new Spanish governor District, with full of spices and other goods.

This route also has a very famous name - galleon trade route, also known as Manila - Acapulco route.

However, in the era of sailing, the sailing time of this route was relatively long. It would take about six months to take this route to reach North America from Manila, because the speed of the North Pacific warm current was relatively slow.

However, if you travel from North America to Asia, you can travel much faster along the northern equatorial warm current. It only takes three months to cross the Pacific Ocean from west to East. The reason why it is so fast is that the North Equatorial warm current is an ocean current formed by the northeast trade wind, so its velocity is very fast and belongs to the wind current.

With specific information about the warm current, no one will understand it in this era. But it can't stand the stone bear. I understand. That's why the stone bear plans to build a large port and a large shipyard in San Diego.

Once it's built, the Indonesian archipelago, Southeast Asia and Australia will become the back garden of the Empire!

what? You said that Holland and Britain, which have huge interests in Southeast Asia and South Asia, are not satisfied.

It doesn't matter. If you don't accept the big deal, just fight! Just see whose fleet is more powerful!

Anyway, in Laozi's plan, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean must be Laozi's. Whoever dares to rob, I will beat ya!

In the original historical time and space, Britain began to transport colonists composed of criminals to New South Wales in Australia in early 1788. However, although Australia was discovered very early in this time and space, because the war of independence took several years longer than in the original historical time and space, Britain did not occupy Australia at this time.

In fact, it doesn't matter if it's occupied. The first colonists sent to Australia by Britain were all criminals and refugees. It's really not worth letting this kind of rubbish occupy Australia. It's a big deal to grab it.

Nowadays, whoever has a big fist is the boss.

It's like the empire is doing this right now?

The Spanish Kingdom has occupied the new Spanish Viceroy for more than 200 years, but now it has been beaten by the imperial bear army, and the whole new Spanish Viceroy is about to fall into the hands of the Empire.

What can Spain say?

The most important thing is that when it comes to this kind of thing, it doesn't matter what you say. What matters is whether you have the strength to support what you say or what you want

If you have the strength, you can say whatever you want and want. No one can stop you.

But if you don't have that strength, don't beep. It's easy to be beaten if it's too much

In this way, after the founding of the people's Republic of China, while launching an attack on the new Spanish governor area, the great Chinese empire began to build port cities and shipyards on the West and east coasts. At the same time, various administrative measures within the Empire were continuously implemented.

A newly established country has such advantages. Even if there are obvious shortcomings in all aspects, the morale of the domestic people is high.

If people all over the country think and work hard together, there is basically nothing they can't do. In addition, the powerful armed forces of the Empire protect the outside world, which is enough to make the development of the Empire improve rapidly in a leaping way.

As for the kingdom of Spain, of course, they did not want the new Spanish governor to be lost in vain, but they did not dare to really annoy the increasingly powerful Chinese Empire. Moreover, whether it was Britain or France, they all stood aside to watch the excitement at this time, which made the Spaniards angry and angry, but they could not help it.

At the beginning, the three countries formed a joint fleet to come to North America because they all knew that the United States was too weak to threaten their interests in North America.

But now, they can't afford the powerful Dahua empire. Especially now, the finance of Britain and France has become extremely tight because of the war of independence and the offensive and defensive war of the fort of gibraltarian. No one is willing to provoke a powerful empire at this time.

What's more, the Empire of great China is now targeting the Spaniards, which is none of our business in Britain and France?

Therefore, the current Spanish kingdom is really depressed

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