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Chapter: 736

In fact, after the great Chinese Empire recovered Mexico City and the northern half of the West Indies, the kingdom of Spain did not want to use force to recover the territory that originally "belonged" to them. However, due to the serious internal differences, the kingdom of Spain did not choose to use force at the first time.

When Carlos IV became king and decided to declare war on the Chinese Empire, the political situation in Europe changed greatly.

In order to declare war on the great Chinese empire across the Atlantic, the kingdom of Spain must make all kinds of preparations. Whether it is the mobilization of warships or the supply of various materials, it will take time.

So when the fleet of the kingdom of Spain was ready to send troops to North America, the time had quietly come to July 1789. In the middle of this month, the great revolution broke out in the kingdom of France, the godfather of Carlos IV

There is no doubt about the significance of the French Revolution, and its historical importance is not under the independent war of the United States.

As a powerful European army, great Paris, the capital of the French Kingdom, suddenly broke out a great revolution, which for the whole of Europe is undoubtedly equivalent to the outbreak of a 10 magnitude earthquake.

In fact, there was no difference between France and Spain at that time. The seven-year war and the war of independence had already caused a heavy economic burden to this country. The financial deficit of the kingdom of France was very high, and the debt exceeded two billion francs!

In 1786, a drought broke out in France, which affected the whole country. Just before the French had recovered from the severe drought, a serious drought broke out in the spring of 1789 three years later.

The kingdom of France is now in a situation of natural and man-made disasters.

In addition, the mentally handicapped Louis XVI forced to increase taxes, which aroused the anger of the French people.

As a result, a nationwide revolution broke out without warning.

There is no need to say more about the influence of the French Revolution. Anyway, when the French Revolution broke out, Carlos IV of the Spanish Bourbon Dynasty was fooled by his courtier Godoy, and Spain brazenly joined the war against the French Revolution. Anyway, Carlos IV is also the blood of the Bourbons.

Compared with the safety of Spain itself, the new Spanish Viceroy is nothing.

Anyway, the French Revolution in July 1789 completely disrupted the political structure of Europe. Of course, now that short French giant has not begun to emerge, once that short French giant stands up, then the whole Europe will tremble for it.

But it's none of my business?

This is what Shi Xiong said when he held a high-level meeting in Beijing.

This sentence also made many high-level figures of the Empire who attended the meeting laugh.

The vast Atlantic Ocean is the best natural barrier of the great Chinese Empire. In the past, in order to build an empire, the stone bear put most of the tribe's financial, material and human resources into the military industry, which led to the abnormal development of the Empire.

Now that the Empire has been established and successfully recovered the new Spanish governor region and Panama, the expansion of the empire can be stopped temporarily. Because the stone bear knows very well that if it continues to expand like this, the Empire will definitely support it.

In terms of the current manpower and economy of the Empire, controlling such a large territory is the limit of the Empire. If we continue to expand, without the support of the corresponding economic system and sufficient human resources, there is a great possibility that the Empire will have some unpredictable disasters.

So the stone bear stopped the expansion of the Empire for the time being, and instead turned his energy to vigorously develop internal affairs and explore the Pacific Ocean.

Stone bear is very clear, from the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789 to the battle of Waterloo in 1815, more than 20 years is a very good time window for the development of the Empire. The short French giant will rise soon, and then make the whole Europe tremble. Many European countries will unite to resist the short giant, and have no time to consider other countries, including the Great China empire.

Therefore, it is the most important thing to take advantage of this period to build the economic foundation of the Empire, build the industrial system of the Empire, and vigorously increase the population of the Empire.

At the same time, while Britain is restrained by France, seize the time to seize territory in the Pacific

The development plan of the Empire in the next 20 years was determined at this high-level meeting.

Although the Great China empire was a monarchy, there was a cabinet under the stone bear. To be exact, the present regime of the Great China empire is the monarchy cabinet system.

The event is decided by Shi Xiong's decision. As a soul wearer and a traveler with a clear understanding of the future, Shi Xiong's decision on the development direction of the empire is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice. Because no one can make a better judgment than him.

As far as the prestige of stone bear is concerned, no one in the Empire will object to anything he decides.

Over the years, his Majesty the great chief, the son of the great God, has conquered all people with his correct decisions again and again. Even the millions of vasichu who are now living in the Empire have been conquered by this charming head of state.

Since it was decided that the main goal of the Empire in the next stage was to develop internal affairs, its military expansion slowed down a lot for the time being.

However, there must be necessary defences.

In September 1790, after two years of hard work, the San Diego shipyard in San Diego Bay was built. At the same time, around the San Diego shipyard, a new industrial city began to take shape.

Just as Norfolk and Norfolk shipyards are dedicated to the Atlantic, San Diego and San Diego shipyards are dedicated to the Pacific. Later, the Empire expanded to the Pacific Ocean or even the continent on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, and its base was temporarily placed in San Diego.

Of course, after the recovery of Hawaii, Southeast Asia and Australia, more port cities and shipyards will certainly be built there.

It is absolutely impossible to count on a small San Diego in such a big Pacific Ocean. But in terms of the current strength of the Empire, it can only rely on San Diego to complete the exploration of the Pacific Ocean.

On the east coast, from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in Canada in the north to the island of Puerto Rico in the east of the Caribbean in the south, the Empire was building a strong coastal defense gun system for all the important port cities.

In the current situation of being unable to intervene in the European pattern, increasing the defense work on the east coast became another important task of the Empire.

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