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Chapter: 737

The European beating stone bear is the most clear. Europeans can abandon everything for the sake of interests, even if they have no time to care about other places, but it does not mean that they will give up coveting the American continent. So it's also a deterrent for Europeans to build their own nests stronger first.

Of course, to build a huge coastal defense gun system, it is necessary to use a lot of raw materials such as steel and cement, as well as land transportation and shipping. So this huge project is also an excellent way to stimulate domestic demand.

Another important project to boost domestic demand is the railway.

With the efforts of many scientists of Yanhuang Academy of science and technology, the Empire has successfully developed the first generation of steam engine locomotives. Although the horsepower is not very high, the trains can be promoted in the Empire.

In this era, once the railway starts to be popularized in China, it is undoubtedly of great significance.

It takes a lot of labor to build a railway. Once the railway is completed, the domestic transportation capacity will be greatly improved.

In fact, the improvement of the national strength of the United States began with the vigorous construction of railways.

So the empire is now preparing to build a railway from Shangjing to the four capital.

In addition, the Empire's Dahua bank has been established for several years, and the currency issue is also very smooth. Especially after the recovery of Mexico, a large amount of silver and gold from San Luis Potosi and gold from the rocky mountains made a great contribution to the gold and silver reserves of UOB.

With a large amount of gold and silver as reserves, the gold, silver and copper coins issued by the Empire had a high reputation and value. Stone bear has not issued banknotes for the time being because it is not the right time to issue banknotes. It is not too late to issue paper money until the economic foundation of the empire is strengthened and developed in the Pacific.

The current financial system adopted by the empire is the gold standard. That is to say, the exchange ratio between silver and gold should be stipulated, with gold as reserve and silver and brass as currency in circulation. Although there are gold coins in the market, there are few gold coins in circulation. Even in circulation, most of them are large denomination gold coins, mostly used for large transactions.

In addition, stone bear also began to mine silver and gold deposits in Canada. The soul of the stone bear comes from the future. It is very clear that Canada is also rich in gold reserves. Therefore, temporarily opening up gold mining in Canada can not only make the Empire have more gold reserves, but also attract more European gold miners to America.

Compared with the silver and gold mines in the Rocky Mountains, the gold mining conditions in Canada are undoubtedly more difficult. After all, most of the silver and gold deposits in Canada are north of the Great Lakes. Poor mining conditions actually have one advantage, that is, they can make those gold miners stay in America longer

In addition, since the Empire has recovered Havana, the Royal astrillo shipyard of the former Spanish Kingdom, which was originally set up in the Gulf of Havana, can not be abandoned. And Cuba produces cedar, which is a better shipbuilding material than European oak.

At present, before the steel warship has made a breakthrough in technology, if we want to cross the ocean, we have to use sail warships.

At the time of recovering Havana, none of the engineers and shipbuilders in astrillo's Shipyard could escape, and the stone bear didn't intend to let them go back home. Let's build a ship for me in Havana!

Stone bear thinks that at least in 15 or 6 years, steel warships will not be able to complete the voyage across the ocean, but now many ownerless overseas places have a strong attraction, attracting stone bear can't wait to conquer.

For example, in the northeast of South Africa, near Johannesburg, for example, in Australia, for example, in the iron corner of Brazil

Some of these places have become colonies of other countries, but some are still ownerless. But for the stone bear, no matter whether he has a master or no master, as long as I like it and don't say anything, it's just robbing.

For example, although South Africa is now occupied by the Netherlands, if the stone bear really wants to grab it, the Netherlands is not a country. What's more, stone bear doesn't want to rob Cape Town. What stone bear wants to rob is only the northeast of South Africa. Of course, it's not difficult to rob Maputo, which belongs to Portugal, to build a port

At the thought of the RAND gold mine near Johannesburg with a recoverable reserves of more than 50000 tons, the stone bear felt that his mouth would be filled with some liquid

Australia is also rich in gold reserves. Now Australia is still a land of no owners. Just grab it.

As for the tiesijiao area in Brazil, the high-grade iron ore with reserves exceeding 100 billion tons is also exciting

Why are Europeans keen on seizing colonies? Very simply, one is human resources, the other is the mineral resources of the colonies.

Now the Great China Empire has the strength to open up colonies overseas. If we don't take advantage of this time, will we have to wait until the 20th century?

Therefore, the use of large sailboats to open up colonies is also an important work for the Empire.

In terms of the strength of the fierce bear army, one battalion is enough to seize a colony of several hundred thousand square kilometers.

Or that sentence? If you don't agree, you'll be convinced!

Under such a guiding ideology, the Empire began to vigorously develop its internal affairs, build a coastal defense artillery system on the east coast, and send a small group of troops to open up colonies.

In this era, looking at the colonies all over the world, except for North Africa, West Africa, India and South America, most of the other colonies were concentrated near the coastline. Even in the colonies of South America, most of the colonists lived near the coastline.

Africa can be said to be the earliest colony opened by Europeans, but after hundreds of years of development, most of the colonists in Africa also live near the coastline. Some colonies deep into the interior only belong to a certain European country in name, but the actual control power of those European countries is very weak.

Under such circumstances, the first colonial team sent by the Empire was aimed at South Africa.

In September 1792, a sub fleet of seven galleons of the Empire's West Indies fleet successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean, went south along the west coast of Africa, bypassed the Cape of good hope, and landed in Maputo.

Maputo at this time was just the territory of a local Aboriginal Tribe, and it had not become a city at all. The imperial fleet soon conquered the black tribe. After a little rest, some people stayed and began to build a port with the help of Maputo Bay, while others gathered local guides and began to conquer the barren land about 400 kilometers west.

The prosperous Johannesburg of later generations is still a barren area. The soldiers of the Great China Empire don't know why they want to go across the ocean to build a base in such a ghost place where birds don't shit and chickens don't lay eggs. However, it is said that the order was given by the great chief himself, so no one will oppose this seemingly "labor and money" plan.

At this time, although the Netherlands occupied South Africa, most of the places occupied by the Netherlands were coastal areas, especially near Cape Town. For example, there is no trace of the Dutch in this barren area more than 1000 kilometers away from Cape Town

So this large area was declared a colony by the great Chinese Empire.

Well, if anyone dares to look for trouble, the heavily armed bear soldiers will beat the shit out of ya!

The first colony of the Empire on the African continent was thus established.

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