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Chapter: 74

To tell you the truth, Li Lei is not happy with the guardian's tone.

In fact, when Shi Xiong was preparing to make steel, Li Lei was very supportive of Shi Xiong, because he was dying at that time. Of course, he wanted to find a strong backing for the people.

However, when Li Lei's injury miraculously began to improve, he gradually began to have an opinion on Shi Xiong. Li Lei, whose injury improved, instinctively didn't want to disperse his power, and didn't want to see someone challenge his tribal leader's authority.

The way Shi Xiong talks and acts and his magical identity make Li Lei feel instinctive fear.

After all, this strong body is filled with a soul from more than 250 years later. The stone bear who has received the modern education of later generations is really difficult to abide by the rules of nobility and inferiority. Shi Xiong, who has received decades of education of "all men are equal", even dares to blush at the curator or deputy curator in his previous life. In this era, it is absolutely impossible for you to expect him to give up Li Lei as a grandfather.

Therefore, when Shi Xiong talks and does things, he inadvertently shows that kind of air, which makes Li Lei very upset.

But Li Lei couldn't help it. If the guardian's prestige has become very high in the tribe after refining the iron, now he has produced salt, which is enough to push the guardian's reputation to a higher level than that of the tribal leader or even kabulu.

Li Lei is very clear that if he breaks out a conflict with Da Li bear at this time, it is estimated that more than 80% of the people will stand on the side of the guardian. He, the tribal leader, is nothing in front of the guardian whose prestige has almost reached the extreme.

The highest leader of the whole gaoshu tribe, including more than a dozen surrounding small tribes, is actually kabulu sacrifice, and his own leader is just the manager of kabulu sacrifice management people.

With the guardian of the unconditional support of kabulu sacrifice, there are so many things and things beneficial to the tribe. The tribe's people naturally know which is more important.

The most important thing is that although Li Lei is very uncomfortable now, he believes in another identity of Dali Xiong, that is, the identity of the son of God. Otherwise, how can he create so many unprecedented things with the brain melon seeds that big bear used to only know how to eat, drink and sleep?

Li Lei is the leader of the tribe, but he is a devout believer. As for the unexplained phenomenon that happened to the bear, he firmly believed that it was the miracle of the gods!

Therefore, Li Lei can only bear the unconvinced in his heart and nods silently.


The trading team of vasichus came, and there were twenty people in total, driving twenty horses to pull the carriage, which was full of goods.

These twenty vasichu were all tall men, each with a long flint gun on his back and a blunderbuss and a machete in his waist. They were all armed.

The arrival of the trading team made the whole tribe boiling again. Although the killing of the pumpkin Bay tribe just happened, it was a separate tribe after all. Now the trading team of vasichu has a great relationship with itself.

Therefore, even the people who made salt at the foot of Xiaoyan mountain stopped making salt. Wu Yang all went back to the tribe and took out what he had prepared for a long time to trade with vasichu people what he liked and needed.

Looking at the smiling people, the eyebrows of the stone bear frowned slightly.

In the memory of silly head, when he lived in longmaoniu tribe, he could see vasichu's trading team two or three times a year. At that time, however, the fool didn't know anything, and he didn't like anything, so he never exchanged anything from vasichu.

Now, the people of gaoshu tribe are very happy, which is obviously the appearance of being slaughtered.

Therefore, the stone bear plans to come forward, and can't let the people be slaughtered for nothing.

Trading is a very old way of exchange. Long ago, human beings had the activity of trading. But before a long time, most of them were barter. Later, with the emergence of money, money played an irreplaceable role in the transaction.

But in any case, the transaction should be exchanged with something of similar value, that is, the so-called equality.

But now, these vasichus take advantage of the needs of the North American Indians and exchange the low value things for the high value things. This is a very unfair trade in itself, and even can be called "Exploitation".

But there was no other way to change this situation in the past. The goods brought by vasichus were not good in Europe or even in the thirteen colonies, but they were what the North American Indians needed. When there is demand, there is a market. Those vasichus seize this point, and then they can exchange a lot of precious fur, gold and gems from the Indians with less valuable things.

Who makes you like our things!

The vassichus said so with a strong sense.

Vasichu's chariot motorcade can't enter the tribe. Their camp is in a forest about 500 meters away from the tribe. Then they will send representatives to discuss with Lilei about the list of items to be traded on a large scale. Only after they have generally determined what items the tribe needs to trade, can the tribe enter vasichu's camp, Then according to their own preferences to trade, this is a private transaction.

In this era, the Cherokee people did not have any concept of privatization. Hunting, grain production, including salt production, would be handed over to the tribe, and then the tribe would distribute the products in a unified way, so as to realize the sharing of resources among the tribe.

Just like the salt made by the ethnic people in the past seven or eight days, in addition to giving 10% of the salt to the tribe, other salt they made will also be given to the tribe. But that 10% salt does not belong to the people, and that 90% salt belongs to all the people.

That's a bit of a contradiction, but that's what it is. That 10% salt is equivalent to the tax paid by the people, which is controlled by the tribe. Although they have to hand over the remaining 90% of the salt to the tribe, eventually the salt will be distributed to each tribe by the tribe, and the salt will also be distributed to the tribe, rather than being completely controlled by the tribe.

When the trading team of vasichu came, every family would take out their treasures and give them to the tribe, and the senior members of the tribe would be responsible for negotiating with the vasichu. The final goods are being distributed to the clansmen.

Of course, there are some things in the minority people's hands, which are the main items for private transactions.

In any case, this kind of trade is unfair, but it is a good thing for the backward North American Indians.

Such things as horses, ironware, cloth and seeds in the tribe were exchanged from these vasichu's hands.

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