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Chapter: 740

In this year, the 41 year old crown prince of the Great China Empire, hekale, began to gradually take over the power from his father, Shi Xiong, and began to prepare for becoming the supreme head of a huge empire.

Because Shi Xiong has already told his eldest son that he will retire when he is 70, and then he will be in charge of this huge empire.

Stone bear doesn't want to have a life-long system. Even if his physical condition allows, he is only going to retire at the age of 70. So huckler, who had been taught by stone bear for decades, has begun to slowly change his role.

The 30-year-old barutu began to lead a group of proud soldiers in the Pacific eight years ago. Barutu's greatest achievement is that he successfully expelled the British in Australia and brought the whole of Australia into the territory of the Empire.

As a prince, barutu was also granted the governor of Australia by his father, stone bear. At present, all the imperial colonies in Australia and even the Indonesian archipelago belong to barutu.

Compared with his elder brother, hekale, barutu is more like a stone bear in both body shape and character. Moreover, this guy has no great ambition for power. He is more keen on military affairs, and is keen on attacking cities and pulling out strongholds to expand territory for the Empire.

Now, after receiving his father's radio communication, barutu set out from Darwin to go north, prepare to join him in Davao, and then accompany him to inspect the Empire's colonies in the Indonesian islands.

In July 1808, the stone bear's fleet arrived in Davao and joined barutu, who had been waiting here for a long time. After a few days of trimming, the fleet began to move south along the Indonesian islands.

In fact, by this time, the Empire had almost occupied the whole Indonesian archipelago, and the Spaniards and Dutch who had been dominating in this area had long been beaten by the Empire.

Especially now that Europe is dealing with Napoleon, their control in Southeast Asia is even weaker.

Barutu took the opportunity to sweep almost the entire Indonesian archipelago. Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Mindanao, Sulawesi, Timor, New Guinea and other large islands are now under the control of the Empire. The Empire also controls the Strait of Malacca, Sunda and other important Straits.

Now the Spaniards can only curl up in Luzon Island in the northern Philippines, and the Dutch can only barely make a foothold in Banga island in the east of Sumatra. Because they thought the Spanish and Dutch were still useful, the stone bear didn't wipe them out, otherwise the whole Southeast Asia would have fallen into the hands of the Empire.

And it's not just the Indonesian islands, the empire is now targeting the Andaman Islands west of the Strait of Malacca

Although the Empire does not want to go to war with Britain for the time being, if Britain really gets in the way, the Empire does not mind fighting with Britain again. However, it is obvious that Britain, already the leader of the first anti French Alliance and the second anti French Alliance, is deeply involved in all kinds of things and wars in Europe, and now they do not want to break up with the powerful empire on the other side of the ocean.

Now the Empire expelled the British from Australia, but at this time Australia was only a place for Britain to exile criminals, and Britain itself did not attach much importance to Australia.

They even lost Canada. In the face of the increasingly powerful empire of China, they did not want to tear their face from the Empire because of a wild land.

However, if the Empire dares to attack India, it is bound to tear its face with the British. India is now Britain's most important overseas colony. Britain does not want to lose India.

So, the stone bear just plans to occupy some islands around India first, and then slowly attack India

The two Shangjing class warships were escorted by more than ten class III sail warships... Well, actually, it was escorting. It was just a guard of honor for the imperial head of state to go out. The strength of the above Beijing class warships did not need escorting at all.

Stone bear visited several imperial strategic fortress cities in the Indonesian archipelago, then went south to Australia, then flew by airship to Sydney in the East and Melbourne in the southeast from Darwin in the north of Australia, finally flew by airship to the southwest of Australia, and circled a circle in a certain place for the imperial Ministry of mining's surveyors to survey here.

The place where the stone bear painted the circle is in kalguli, where there is a world-class gold mine

In the northwest of Australia, the stone bear drew a larger circle from the map, which is the Pilbara and Hammersley basins, and also the largest iron ore mine in Australia in the future

Having golden finger is so arrogant!

Later generations all over the world are fighting for the top of all kinds of mineral resources, but in this era, mineral resources are everywhere. Just draw a circle on the map and send someone to dig it, and you can get a steady stream of resources

After staying in Australia for three months, the fleet set out again in October and began to sail towards the Asian continent.

In fact, as early as after balutu came to Davao, he contacted the Qing Dynasty several times on behalf of the Great China empire. Perhaps because of the same yellow skin and black hair, balutu was well received in the Qing Dynasty.

By this time, the Qianlong old man was gone, and now the emperor Jiaqing was in power in the huge Qing Empire. However, at this time, the Qing Dynasty had begun to turn from prosperity to decline, and the policy of seclusion made the Qing Dynasty miss the last opportunity to rise.

When Daoguang, Jiaqing's son, came to power more than 30 years later, the Opium War would break out, and then the great country would be plunged into more than a century of decline.

For this country, the stone bear is also very contradictory.

As a Han Chinese, plus previous education, he did not like the Qing Dynasty. Shi Xiong really doesn't want to see the old lady Cixi come to power, and then toss away the last breath of vitality of this great country. Shi Xiong was willing to let the Qing Dynasty fall quickly.

But the problem is that if we don't care now, this great country is bound to sink down as it did in previous lives, which is not what stone bear wants to see.

Now the stone bear has fallen into such a contradictory situation.

If the Empire were in charge, then the Opium War and the eight Nation Alliance would not exist any more. The Empire now has more and more powerful naval power, relying on more and more powerful Southeast Asian colonies. Once the European powers attack the Qing Dynasty, the imperial fleet will definitely fight the European powers back to Africa.

But in this way, the Qing Dynasty will no longer be bullied by the European powers, but similarly, without the strong pressure of foreign enemies, who knows when this shabby Dynasty will last until it is destroyed.

But if the Empire doesn't do it, it's something that stone bear doesn't want to see to watch this great country being bullied by European powers. After all, the Qing Dynasty was bullied, and the people at the bottom suffered the most.

Stone bear really does not want to see the people of this great country humiliated like that.

Under such circumstances, the stone bear arrived in tianjinwei on the Denve

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