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Chapter: 741

Originally, Shi Xiong had great confidence in this meeting, but his ideal was full and his reality was hard to understand.

Shi Xiong hit a big nail in Peiping!

No wonder the most appropriate evaluation of Jiaqing in history is mediocrity. After meeting the emperor Jiaqing, Shi Xiong finally understood why later historians would make such comments on the emperor.

In fact, strictly speaking, Shi Xiong thinks the character of emperor jiaqingdi is good, at least he is a forthright person. When they met, they had a good conversation. However, once it comes to some matters at the national level, Emperor Jiaqing's conservatism will be displayed immediately.

In fact, Shi Xiong was a little puzzled at the beginning. It is said that the emperor Jiaqing had made some achievements after he ascended the throne. At the very least, he got rid of He Lin, and even put forward the banner of "salt and reform" to straighten out the internal affairs and discipline. Judging from these measures, Emperor Jiaqing was also an ambitious emperor. At least he was good at the beginning of his reign.

But the problem is that the Qing Dynasty began to decline from the Jiaqing Dynasty, and finally broke out the Opium War when his son Daoguang emperor was in power, which completely pulled a great country into hell.

However, when the stone bear returned to Danfo and thought about it for half a night, he realized that he took it for granted.

As a museum employee and a senior associate researcher, Shi Xiong was familiar with emperor Jiaqing.

In fact, Emperor jiaqingdi didn't like foreigners, especially Britain. In the later period of Emperor Qianlong's reign, the British East India Company began to grow opium in India and Myanmar. Most of the Opium flowed into China and made a lot of profits for the British East India Company.

But the harmfulness of opium is well known to all, so when Emperor Jiaqing ascended the throne, he not only advocated the prohibition of opium, but also maintained a high degree of vigilance against the harassment activities of the British Invaders in the coastal areas. In particular, Emperor Jiaqing wisely refused the insidious demands of Britain to help the Qing Dynasty suppress the uprising army and help the Portuguese in Macao resist France.

Emperor Jiaqing was conservative in nature. He was always wary of foreigners, otherwise he would not adhere to the policy of "shutting down the country".

And now the stone bear came out, and the Great China Empire came from the other side of the Pacific. Although all the people in the Great China empire are yellow skin, black hair and black eyes, which are almost the same as those in China, there is a saying that people in power have always regarded it as the most reasonable thing in China - they are not of our own race, and their hearts must be different!

Even if they look very similar, they are still outsiders. Even if Shi Xiong told emperor Jiaqing about the "Eastward migration of Yin people" when they met, Emperor Jiaqing was still very wary of Shi Xiong

So when we met, Emperor Jiaqing politely refused to help the Qing Dynasty resist foreign enemies.

On the whole, the meeting was a failure. If there's anything to gain, it's that Shi Xiong and his second son balutu ate a rich Manchu and Han banquet in the Forbidden City, which is a small dream of Shi Xiong's two lives

Since there is no discussion, Shi Xiong will no longer consider the Qing Dynasty.

Stone bear is very clear in this time and space to change the history of the United States, that is because they travel through a good era. But now, if we want to change the history of the Qing Dynasty, it is not enough.

Although the Qing Dynasty began to decline rapidly, it was still a big country. And the stone bear doesn't want to change the country in the way of war.

As long as there is a war, there are bound to be dead people.

Although the stone bear is merciless in killing the Europeans, you have to make him aim his butcher's knife at China. If it is not in a state of extreme emergency, the stone bear will never be able to do such a thing.

Fight and fight, persuade and persuade not to move, stone bear finally can only reluctantly give up the previous idea.

"Alas... When my father and mother get married, let's take care of ourselves! Since I can't manage it, I don't care! " After thinking about some things, Shi Xiong embraces his head with both hands and comes to a comfortable Ge You paralysis, so he decides not to think about it any more.

The huge fleet, headed by two huge steel warships, just left the port of Tianjin. When Shi Xiong's vision was transferred to the outside through the porthole, he suddenly found a sailing boat with the flag of "RI Zhang".

"Damn, how can I forget this rotten country?" The stone bear sat up abruptly.

The so-called Rizhang flag is the sun flag of the little devils of later generations, but it is somewhat different, but it does not prevent the stone bear from recognizing which country this flag represents at a glance.

As a museum worker, Shi Xiong was well aware that his motherland had suffered as many humiliations and disasters from the 19th century to the 20th century. If it was the Englishman who uncovered the Qing Dynasty's fig leaf, then the eight countries' allied forces directly put the Qing Dynasty into hell, and the little devil was the devil in hell.

Most of the damage of European powers to China was property. After all, Europeans invaded China for the sake of wealth. But the little devil is different!

This vicious country wanted to swallow up the whole of China, and since the end of the Sino Japanese naval war, this vicious country began to invade China in all aspects. During the half century from the end of the 19th century to the unconditional surrender of the little devils, the little devils caused more damage to China than other foreign enemies combined.

Although Shi Xiong's previous life is not an out and out indignant youth, he really doesn't like Japan at all.

How many times have I said this when I was drinking with my friends in my previous life - if I had passed through the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, I would have dropped the little devils

I will kill the little devil

Laozi must bombard Tokyo Bay and flatten Honshu Island

Anyway, in the previous life, there was a lot of boasting about all kinds of spiral cowhide aimed at little devils, but it was always boasting and YY.

Now, when the stone bear suddenly saw the little devil's national flag which was similar to some indescribable female products, the spiral cowhide that had long been blurred in his memory finally reappeared.

"Second, do you want another fight?" Stone bear asked his second son with a smile.

"Well..." balutu was staring on the sofa, suddenly heard this, and immediately hit a spirit" Dad, what's the good news? " As soon as barutu heard this, he was excited and sat up.

"You call in all the high-level officers, and I have a goal again. I promise I can make you fight happily..."

"OK..." before the voice fell, barutu had already gone out

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