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Chapter: 742

Originally, the unsuccessful meeting with emperor Jiaqing made the bottom of Shi Xiong's heart hold a stream of evil fire and have no place to vent. Now the little devil's boat appears in front of Shi Xiong, and the evil fire that can't tell the truth has finally found a place to vent.

Today's little devils are not Japan's one hundred years later. Meiji restoration will take half a century to realize. Therefore, Japan is far from being Asia's first power in a century.

Now Japan is a small country that depends on pirates to plunder everywhere.

Being weak means being bullied!

Isn't this the best target for Shi Xiong to vent his anger?

At present, the Empire controls the Strait of Malacca and Sunda, and has established several fortress cities in the West and northwest of Australia, which can be said to keep the whole western Pacific under control. It is very difficult for European powers to enter the Pacific Ocean.

Moreover, the Empire has extended its hand to the Indian Ocean, which makes the increasingly powerful Britain dare not venture into the Pacific Ocean.

Although Britain won the battle of Trafalgar three years ago and successfully became the grip of the Atlantic Ocean, the short giant of France undoubtedly worried Britain even more. So now Britain is busy fighting against Napoleon. Most of their forces are concentrated in Europe.

The most important thing is that even if Britain frees up its hand, the empire is now fearless.

So the unfortunate little devil became a poor victim.

Although the meeting with emperor Jiaqing was not successful, the imperial fleet was well supplied before leaving tianjinwei. Well, of course, it refers to the supply of food, fresh water, ammunition and so on. There is no shortage of fleet.

Moreover, during this visit to the Qing Empire, in order to show the strength of the Empire, Shi Xiong used two Shangjing class warships and twelve class III windsurfing battleships, as well as more than ten transport ships. On the transport ships, there were five regiments with a total of 6000 stormbear soldiers, soldiers of the Imperial Marine Corps.

Now all these displays were in vain. In a rage, Shi Xiong took these troops and went straight to Japan.

After leaving the Bohai Strait, the fleet headed all the way to the southeast, crossed Jeju Island, then bypassed Kyushu Island, then went all the way north along Shikoku island and Honshu Island, and finally entered Osaka Bay.

In fact, as early as after the fleet crossed Jeju Island, Japanese pirates and some fishing boats discovered this huge fleet. These ships are curious about why this powerful fleet is coming here, so they are closing in one after another, trying to find out the purpose of this fleet.

As a result, these ships became the best training target ships of Shangjing and Denver. Originally, these two empire's most powerful warships were worried that they had no real combat to train. These small sailboards, which were constantly coming, became the victims of the 76mm auxiliary guns on the Shangjing and Denver.

what? You said use the main gun!

Are you kidding? As for the shabby boats of the little devils, one boat is less valuable than a shell of the 152mm main gun! It's a waste to hit such a rotten ship with a 152 mm main gun.

After walking all the way and fighting all the way, the fleet broke into Osaka Bay in such a hard time.

At this time, the capital of Japan was not in the position of later Tokyo, but in Kyoto. It was named Ping'an Jing, and it was not near the sea. It was located in the Kyoto basin in the Midwest of Honshu Island, very close to Pipa Lake, the largest lake in Japan.

At this time, Tokyo was not called Tokyo, but Edo. After the Meiji Restoration in 1869, the little devils would move the capital to Edo and change its name to Tokyo.

Although the 152mm main guns of the Sheung Kyo and Denver can reach a maximum range of more than 18 kilometers and an effective range of more than 15 kilometers, they can not reach Kyoto from Osaka Bay. At this time, the distance between Ping An Jing and the coastline of Osaka Bay was more than 50 kilometers, and even the Shangjing class warships could not directly bombard Kyoto.

But it doesn't matter. Can't we reach Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe? Both of these cities are on the coast of Osaka Bay.

So after entering Osaka Bay, the fleet started shelling more than ten kilometers away from Osaka.

At this distance, Shangjing and Denver used 152 mm main guns, while the other 12 class III sail battleships used 122 mm guns to fire.

After the 152mm gun became the main gun of Shangjing class, the newly built three-stage sail battleship began to carry 122mm guns.

The three-stage sail battleship built by the Empire now does not install dozens of old guns. Instead, after strengthening the keel and upper deck, it carries six 122mm guns, six 105mm guns and eight 76mm guns. There are only 20 guns on one ship, all of which are installed on the upper deck. There are also 76 mortars in various quantities.

Now the firepower of the Empire's sail battleship is a little worse than that of the original Carlos class battleship, and it is undoubtedly the best to assist the Shangjing class battleship.

When these guns with a range of more than 10 kilometers and firing powerful flowering bullets began to bombard Kobe and Osaka, the whole Osaka Bay was boiling.

At this time, I knew that a powerful enemy was coming

Facing the huge city, the fleet of the Imperial Navy didn't need to aim accurately at it at all. It just needed to smash the shells.

Of course, with the help of the gun aiming system, the 152 mm main gun is mainly used to "roll call" those threatening shore defense guns.

A few hours later, apart from the warships of the imperial fleet, there was no Japanese warship floating on the sea in the huge Osaka Bay.

In fact, there are no warships in Japan in this era. The first sailing warship of Japan, the shengpingmaru, was built in 1854. With the help of the Dutch, the shengpingmaru with three masted sails, built entirely on the drawings of the Dutch, is just a 31 meter long, 7.3 meter wide, single deck, with five guns on each side of the deck, with a displacement of only 370 tons

At best, this kind of ship is a little bigger than the French River armed transport ship captured by stone bear 40 years ago. Even now in the early 19th century, this kind of ship is not even a special class five ship in the imperial fleet

In fact, Japan's Tokugawa Shogunate was very keen on shipbuilding and trading with the West in the early 17th century. But later, I didn't know why, saying that under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate, I began to shut down the country. Even in June 1635, the Tokugawa Shogunate issued a law banning the construction of large ocean going vessels. This made Japan's ability to build a 500 ton Spanish galleon very quickly lost.

So at this time, there were no warships in Japan at all. At the beginning of the 19th century, the largest ship used by Japan is still a Zhu Yin ship imitated from the Daming kingdom

Osaka Bay has been hit by a rare crash, Kobe and Osaka are also everywhere.

The transport ships behind the fleet soon laid down two regiments of Marines in Osaka. The Marines will carry "primitive" grenades, 55 mortars and rifles to Kyoto, more than 50 kilometers away.

As for the fleet, it turned away from Osaka Bay and went north. There is also a Edo Bay (Tokyo Bay) in the north, where there is currently the largest city in Japan, Edo

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