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Chapter: 743

"On December 3, 1808, his Majesty the great chief, the son of God, with his second prince, Prince Cherokee and Australian Governor barutu, commanded the Pacific fleet of the Imperial Navy to bombard Osaka Bay. The next day, two regiments of the imperial Marines landed from Osaka and attacked Kyoto, the capital of Japan

On the morning of December 6, 1808, the Davao fleet of the Pacific fleet of the Imperial Navy shelled Edo Bay. Under the shelling of the imperial fleet, several cities including Edo, Kawasaki and Yokohama suffered huge losses. Then three other regiments of the imperial Marines landed in Edo and occupied it within five days. In the process of conquering Edo, the soldiers of the imperial Marine Corps were attacked by countless Japanese samurai, but under the powerful attack of the imperial Marine Corps, Japanese samurai died and injured a lot of them. Finally, Edo, Kawasaki and Yokohama gave up their resistance, and the imperial Marine Corps successfully occupied the three cities, and captured the 11th generation of Tokugawa Shogunate general Tokugawa Jiaqi and many shogunate bureaucrats alive. The Marines then sent a regiment south to attack the Japanese capital

On December 15, 1808, with the cooperation of a regiment of the Marine Corps going south, the imperial Marine Corps captured Kyoto and captured emperor Guangge, the 119 th Japanese emperor, alive. At the same time, a large number of Japanese royal families were captured. So far, the era of imperial colonization of Japan officially began.... "

——Excerpt from the history of Empire: the great chief, the son of the founding head of state.

Although his majesty, the founder of the Empire at that time, met with the emperor of the Qing Dynasty and suddenly began to invade Japan without any sign, there were four recorders who were specially responsible for recording his Majesty's daily life with the fleet at that time. Therefore, historians of later empires also had very detailed materials about the war that took place in the East Pacific, It also enables many later imperial citizens to understand the process of Colonial Japan through the historical materials written by these historians.

Many later historians gave a nearly unified judgment on the process of the Empire's expedition against Japan, which is enough to show that the Empire really had the advantage of crushing Japan at that time.

In fact, even in the 21st century, Japan, which has been independent for more than half a century, still succumbs to the powerful influence of the Empire and is the most determined younger brother of the Empire in the East Pacific. Just like the time and space before the stone bear crossed, Japan was a dog raised by the United States.

As historians have said, it is even easier for the Empire to conquer the whole of Japan and bring Japan into the territory of the Empire colony than for the Empire to conquer Australia.

Although the Empire didn't meet any decent resistance when conquering Australia, it couldn't stand Australia. It was too big. The Imperial Army just walked around Australia for more than half a year.

Although Japan has a much larger population than Australia, once the country is scared, it will change from a wolf to a mouse.

When the imperial fleet and Marines swept the Tokugawa Shogunate and Kyoto, there was no more resistance in Japan.

When the subsequent units of the stormy bear army arrived in Japan, Japan became more obedient. Even in Japan, there are a lot of "Japanese traitors"

When the Empire occupied the whole territory of Japan, the Empire began to transport Japan from Japan to the Empire and Australia on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. At this time, the total population of Japan is more than 32 million. Shi Xiong will not let go of such a good human resource market.

After decades of development and the Empire spared no effort to encourage fertility policy, by the beginning of the 19th century, the native population of the Empire will have exceeded the 16 million mark. This is the population after the restoration of the new Spanish viceroy. That's not even half the population of Japan

As for the islands of Australia and Indonesia within the Empire, they are even more sparsely populated. The total population of all the colonies in the empire is less than 4 million, so the present Dahua empire is really vast and sparsely populated.

At present, the total area of the Empire plus the Pacific colonies and the Johannesburg colonies in the northeast of South Africa exceeds 36 million square kilometers, but the total population just exceeds 20 million

Now that the Empire has brought Japan into the colony of the Empire, there are more than 32 million people. Naturally, it is impossible for the Empire to let so many people continue to live in Japan.

With so many people living in such a small place, it is not a long-term solution to maintain the security of the Japanese colony. The safest way is to move Japan to other colonies of the Empire and its native land.

Within a few years, Japan had less than 8 million people left in its native land, and more than 24 million Japanese were transported to various colonies in the Pacific Ocean and the native land of the Empire.

At the beginning, I was extremely resistant to the forced outward migration of population by the Empire.

But when more and more people said that I went to the Empire and other colonies, they found that they had eaten better and dressed better after leaving their homeland. These people said that I gave up resistance completely.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Japan did not start the Meiji Restoration. In fact, this country is still a rather backward country. And more than 30 million people live in such a small land, most of them are not suitable for farming in the mountains. It can be imagined how hard they live.

It is a luxury for 90% of the people in this era to have enough to eat.

But in front of me constantly moving out, they found that it was really the trees moving, the dead moving and the living moving.

He said that he not only ate well and dressed well, but also that he would not be exploited by the shogunate again. Although it is very difficult to leave home, when I found that I could live a good life as long as I worked hard after I left home, they completely abandoned home.

In this way, with batch after batch of Japanese people leaving their homeland and flooding every corner of the Empire, the colony of the Empire became more and more vibrant.

In particular, the colonial policy adopted by the Empire to the colonies was quite different from that of the European powers. The Empire did not exploit the colonies by plundering, but developed together, which made the residents of the various colonies of the Empire have little resistance to the Empire.

This is also a phenomenon that stone bears have always wanted. Because as a soul wearer, the stone bear knows very well how the colonies of the later European and American countries were independent. Therefore, Shi Xiong knew that the best policy for these colonies of the Empire not to be independent was to create a fair environment and treat the colonies with a common development attitude.

Of course, other colonial policies can be implemented with the goal of common development, but the military and foreign affairs must be firmly controlled in the hands of the Empire!

This is an obscure version of carrot and stick

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