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Chapter: 748

This is a night when the moon is not clear and the stars are not rare. There is a thin layer of cloud in the sky, which makes the half moon, which should be bright, emit hazy light. It seems that several bright stars in the sky are unwilling to give in and struggle to show themselves under the light of the moon

The wind is not too strong, but St Helena Island is located in the center of the South Pacific, there is no wind and three feet of waves, so the waves around the island are still relatively large. One by one, the waves pounded on the rock walls of St. Helena's coastline, making a huge rumble.

But fortunately, the British garrison and local residents on the island have long been used to the sound of the waves. No one thinks it's strange.

Longwood is located in the northeast of the center of the island. It is an area sandwiched between the two highest dead volcanoes on the island.

Napoleon has been living in Longwood for nearly two years since he was exiled on the island.

It is worth mentioning that in the stone bear's previous life, Longwood still retains the manor where Napoleon lived when he was imprisoned - Longwood manor.

But Napoleon at this time has completely lost the good attitude he had when he came here two years ago. A year ago, when he learned that he had been permanently exiled on this isolated island, and that the new governor had been constantly tossing him, plus the deaths of several people he trusted most, Napoleon, who felt hopeless, began to break the pot.

Today, however, Napoleon is in a good mood, because today, August 15, 1817, is his 48th birthday.

The remaining 30 or so of his entourage held a warm but not grand birthday dinner for him, and the governor seemed to feel that it was not proper for the former Emperor of the first empire of France to toss again on such a day. Therefore, governor Hudson Roy did not send anyone to watch the Longwood manor today, At the same time, some residents around the manor were not forbidden to go to congratulate Napoleon.

However, governor Hudson Roy did not relax his vigilance. After all, there are many local people who worship the former Emperor of the first French Empire.

However, according to the guard's report, although the former Emperor was in a good mood, he only celebrated with his entourage and some residents around him for more than an hour, and then went back to his room to sleep.

But the rest of the entourage and some of the local residents have not finished the dinner. They are still going on, but it doesn't matter anymore, does it?

But no one noticed that the three campfires lit on the grass of Longwood manor tonight were located in a standard equilateral triangle. The three campfires were located at the three corners of this huge equilateral triangle

The dinner lasted until after zero, and the surrounding residents gradually dispersed. Although St. Helena is located within the Tropic of cancer, it is still winter in the southern hemisphere in August. Even after zero, the island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean is cooler.

At the scene, only a few local residents were left to help the entourage clean up the dinner scene, and the British soldiers who were in charge of the guard in the distance also yawned and returned to their camp.

No British soldier would have thought that someone could escape on this island. There is no other way to build this isolated island overseas. The only way is to take a boat from the only Wharf in Jamestown, the colonial capital at the northern end of the island.

And when night falls, Jamestown's only pier will be completely closed, and the ships will be chained. On the only road leading to the wharf, there are more than 100 garrisons, and there are more than 10 dogs

No one can enter the dock without alerting the garrison, and no one can escape the surveillance of the hearing dogs.

When governor Hudson Roy first came here, the garrison kept a close watch on Napoleon for a period of time. Well, that kind of 24-hour monitoring. But with the passage of time, not only the garrison gradually relaxed, but also governor Hudson Roy.

No one would believe that his Majesty the former Emperor could escape such a Jedi

The clouds and fog in the sky began to become a bit thick. Except for a few garrisons, all the others fell asleep. Even the soldiers on guard were sleepy, and unconsciously they sat down and fell asleep.

At this time, a black spot appeared in the sky in the southeast and west of the island. Under the cover of clouds, it slowly approached the three campfires which were still emitting bright light. That direction is the direction of St. Helena airport in later generations

Longwood lies between the two mountains. There is only one way to get from Longwood to Jamestown, which is through a valley to the west of Longwood. The British garrison camp, which monitors Napoleon, is located in this valley.

As long as you get stuck in this valley, you have to climb those steep cliffs to get to Jamestown. No one will do that.

As for the north, East and south of Longwood, there are all such steep cliffs, and even the coastline to the East is useless. The coastlines there are cliffs with a height of more than 100 meters, and there are many hidden reefs around the coastline, so no ship can get close to the coastline

So when the British garrison began to fall asleep, no one noticed the black spot floating slowly from the southeast. Well, except for the "local residents" who helped clean up the dinner scene.

When the five "local residents" found the black spot, two of them immediately put down their work and ran to the valley where the British garrison camp was located. Of course, the two men are not trying to destroy the camp. They are monitoring the British camp.

The other three quickly communicated with the entourage. At first, the entourage was a little suspicious, but when they looked up and saw the closer and bigger flying object, their faces immediately showed excited look. Then these people rushed into Napoleon's room

When Napoleon, who was brought out by these attendants in his pajamas, looked at the huge airship floating in the sky, his face also showed a look of shock.

Who knows if he was shocked by the size of the airship or the way to rescue him

At this time, the people standing next to Napoleon could vaguely hear the "buzzing" sound of the airship suspended about 100 meters above the ground, but most of this sound was covered by the sound of the surrounding waves. If you were further away, you would not hear this sound.

Just when Napoleon was still in a circle, he was put into a hanging basket, and then the basket began to rise rapidly, so that Napoleon almost screamed

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