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Chapter: 80

Li Lei walks out of the house in a mess, forgetting that this wooden house is his home.

This kind of gaffe, let red cloud a worried face said: "big bear, is the leader's practice makes you feel very uncomfortable?"

Stone bear looks at this 20-year-old woman. Even though she is a noble kabulu sacrifice, even though she is the mother of two children, she is still only 20 years old. In future generations, such a big girl is still studying in University.

He shook his head slightly and said, "leader Li Lei has some problems with his vision and mind, but it's not his fault. His insight limits his vision and mind."

"Can you not do it to him? After all... "Hong Yun hesitated for a moment," after all, he is my uncle cha Qinna. "

Stone Bear looked at her, smile, very sincerely said: "red cloud, you should know what is the ambition in my heart. Although I was born and raised in longmaoniu tribe, I am now a member of gaoshu tribe. And whether it's the long hair cattle tribe or the tall tree tribe, aren't they all family? We are all descendants of the kabulus. "

With that, the stone bear pushed open the door of the wooden house, bent slightly and said, "let's go, let's talk as we go. There are some things I need to talk about carefully with you

Hongyun obediently follows Shi Xiong out of the wooden house where Li Lei lives. Two people walk towards the wooden house where Hongyun lives. The distance between them is not far, just tens of meters.

After entering the house, the stone bear closed the door, looked at the red cloud sitting on the stone bench, and continued to say sincerely: "since the ancestor of kabulu's sacrifice left the Cherokee court with his people more than 200 years ago, don't we, as descendants, want to return to the court again?"

Hongyun's eyes nodded, which was obviously associated with something wonderful, "who doesn't want to return to the royal court with glory? Unfortunately, we can't. One is that we can't violate the order of our ancestors not to return to the royal court. The other is that although the kabulu sacrifice looks very glorious now, it's actually... Alas... "Hongyun's eyes are clear again, with a long sigh.

Stone bear said: "so my goal is not to let our kabulu sacrifice family return to the royal court, my goal is to let the gaoshu tribe where our kabulu sacrifice is located become the Royal Court of the Cherokee people! Moreover, I will lead our gaoshu tribe to conquer the Great Lakes region, and I will make us Cherokees the rulers of the Great Lakes. Not only that, in the west of this continent, there is a vast land, I will lead our people to conquer the chekasa people, and then cross the river to continue to conquer the land there! I want our gaoshu tribe to become the center of this continent. Even those vasichus must live honestly under our rule! This is my goal

Listen to the stone bear say so, the double cheek of red cloud begins some flush. Of course, she knows that once the words of the guardian can be realized, her kabulu sacrifice will really become the supreme high priest. At that time, the glory of kabulu sacrifice will not only be limited to the Cherokee, but will shine on this vast land!

"However, to achieve that goal, we still have a lot of basic and preparatory work to do. We need enough food to support more soldiers, so I began to guide our people to adopt new farming methods, because this will enable us to get more food; Our soldiers need more advanced weapons, so I began to guide our people to make steel, because this will enable us to have weapons made of steel, even muskets and artillery; We need more salt, so that we can attract more people to join us. A strong tribe needs many people, so I began to guide our people to make salt. In the future, I will guide our people to do more things, and I will teach them more skills, so as to make our gaoshu tribe more powerful. " Stone bear stood in front of the red cloud, raised his hands and said with a look of excitement.

Then he looked cold and said, "all this is what the supreme sun god instructed me to do. This is the will of the supreme Sun God. However, to do all this, it will inevitably touch the power controlled by leader Li Lei. I can understand the opposition of leader Li Lei. However, this can not be a reason to hinder me, because between the supreme Sun God and the tribal leader, we will not hesitate to obey the will of the supreme Sun God, and I strongly believe that there is no selfishness in doing so. All I do is for the tribe! "

Stone Bear looked into Hongyun's eyes: "so, my kabulu sacrifice, please persuade leader Lilei not to hinder him any more. If he is still stubborn, I will invite him down from the position of tribal leader. And this, I need your full support. "

Red cloud's face darkened, but then he nodded his head firmly and said, "big bear, I know what you mean. I've seen what you've done these days. I believe what you've done is the will of the supreme Sun God, so I'll give you my full support without reservation. I will persuade leader Li Lei. If he really doesn't listen to the persuasion, there is no need for such a tribal leader to continue to be a leader. "

Red cloud's words make the stone bear warm.

"But dashing bear, I still want to beg you. In case leader Li Lei really doesn't listen to the advice, I hope you won't hurt his life. After all, he had been fatally injured some time ago. Now that he can get better, it's the blessing of gods and ancestors. "

The stone bear said, "I can promise you that. As long as Li Lei and his people do not endanger my life, I will not take the initiative to hurt his life. I can spare wolf's tail. Why can't I spare leader Li Lei? In fact, in my eyes, no matter leader Li Lei or anyone else, there is only one identity, that is my people. I will not kill my people unless I have to. After all, my duty is to strengthen our tribe, to protect our people, not to kill our people. "

Hongyun nodded with satisfaction.

"Well, leader Li Lei, you should try your best to persuade me. Now I'm going to the camp of vasichu. I'll discuss the list of goods with them again. This time, I'll make those vasichu leave everything they can. I'm confident that I can do that. "

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