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Chapter: 88

Major hank left with the remaining 18 soldiers, and lieutenant Ferguson stayed.

Nearly ten thousand pounds of refined salt filled major Hank's twenty carriages. Fortunately, the four wheeled carriages in Europe were very popular in this era. This time, the carriages brought by vasichus were all four wheeled freight carriages with strong load-bearing capacity. Otherwise, major hank would not be able to take away the ten thousand pounds of refined salt.

Although there were less than 10000 pounds of salt, major Hank and his men didn't even bring a fifth of the value of the salt. Iron and cotton accounted for the majority of the goods, while the rest included seeds, disorderly colored glass and wine.

If the stone bear didn't come to the gaoshu tribe, these things would be enough to remove all the inventory that the gaoshu tribe has accumulated for several months. After all, these things are what the gaoshu tribe needs most at present.

It's like the kind of iron pot that major hank brought with them, which is about the same size as the six India iron pot. Let alone in Europe, even in Jamestown, an iron pot is only a few pence. But when it comes to the gaoshu tribe, you don't want to take away such an iron pot without ten complete beaver skins or two buffalo skins.

But unfortunately, the stone bear is here now. Although he doesn't know much about European prices, he knows something about them in general. He knew a lot about the prices of the most important materials, such as salt, iron, horses and grain.

So, major hank, they can't get stone bears. When major Hank and lieutenant Ferguson saw that almost every family in the tribe had iron weapons, and almost every soldier had an iron weapon, they knew that the iron weapons they had brought had completely become rubbish.

In addition, the refined salt from the stone bear really attracted them, so these goods were almost half exchanged and half delivered.

Major hank had to free up all the carriages to take away the precious refined salt.

These goods are not worth ten pounds in Jamestown. It's a big profit to return so much refined salt.

Of course, these goods are only the deposit for the 10000 pounds of salt. If major hank wants to continue trading, and if he wants to completely control the salt sales channel, Shi Xiong is not afraid that he will not come.

Before major hank left, the stone bear gave him a piece of animal skin with several items listed on it. The horse was the first. The things listed on this skin are the real things exchanged by this batch of salt and the next batch of salt.

Those people don't know what's fishy about it. Seeing that the guardian just bought so many things with the salt produced in the past seven or eight days, all these people are as happy as the Green Valley Festival.

Even Li Lei didn't make a sound any more after he was shocked and couldn't speak for a long time.

What else? Let him Lilei trade with those vasichu, kill him, Lilei can't do this.

But the guardian only took a while to leave all the things that vasichu brought. The tribe didn't even pay for a piece of fur.

This is the gap!

Although salt is more precious, since the guardian taught the tribe how to make salt, the salt made by the tribe in one day can be piled up in a wooden house. The precious salt in the eyes of the tribe has become the least valuable thing in the tribe.

Why do you keep this? It is easy to be affected by damp and agglomerate, so people can't eat more. Making so much salt is used to exchange things. Not only with the vasichus, but also with the Cherokee tribes and even the royal court.

The most important thing is that with the technology of salt making, we will never have to look at the stinky faces of pamangi people in the East again!

The tribe's people happily in the pile of goods to find their favorite things, stone bear in his cabin and lieutenant Ferguson chatted.

In fact, when I first heard the name of Patrick Ferguson, the stone bear almost jumped up.

Without him, if this guy's name is really in front of him, then in terms of his age, this guy may be the guy who invented "Ferguson rifle" for the British army in history.

Speaking of Patrick Ferguson in history, he is a legendary figure.

This guy was born in an ordinary family in England, with parents above and a sister below. His family was not rich, so as early as he was 14 years old, he became an ordinary soldier in the Royal Army of the British Empire.

After joining the army, he followed the Royal Army of the British Empire to serve in Flanders across the channel.

Flanders was probably located in the western part of later Belgium and extended to the northern part of France. There are many rich port cities, such as Bruges and Ghent.

This country was originally a count territory, where people speak a "Dutch" dialect called "Flemish". Flanders kingdom was brilliant in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, mainly because the powerful Duchy of Burgundy set its court here. Later, because the Duke of Burgundy was so arrogant that he was defeated by the big men, Flanders began to go downhill.

Ferguson stayed here for more than a year and then joined the army in Germany. After staying in Germany for two years, the 17-year-old Ferguson followed the British Royal Navy warships to serve in the West Indies on the edge of the Caribbean, where they would fight the French.

Until last year, after the French failed to end the second Anglo French war, Lieutenant Ferguson was sent to Jamestown.

When talking to major Hank and lieutenant Ferguson for the first time, major hank had already told stone bear that this year is the second year after the end of the second Anglo French war, that is, 1764, which is similar to what stone bear had guessed.

It is for this reason that Shi Xiong affirmed that the 20-year-old Second Lieutenant with excellent shooting skills is the famous Patrick Ferguson in history.

In this era, there is no such term as "sniper", but those soldiers or officers with excellent shooting skills in the army are called "sharpshooters". And Patrick Ferguson is the most famous sharpshooter in Jamestown.

In fact, the reason why Patrick Ferguson is famous is not only because he developed the world's first breech fast firing rifle, but also because of his famous "open shot" during the war of independence

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