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Chapter: 89

In the original history, after serving in Jamestown for a period of time, Patrick Ferguson returned to China until the situation of the 13 colonies in North America became more and more critical. At that time, Ferguson, who had been promoted to captain, came to North America again with the warships of the Royal Navy of the British Empire because he was very familiar with the situation in North America.

As a result, as soon as he arrived in North America, the war of independence began.

As a sharpshooter, Captain Ferguson was carrying an old-fashioned smoothbore, which was the kind of brown Beth rifle the British soldiers saw this time. This kind of rifle has been in service for a long time in the British army. If it is used against the Indians, it is absolutely no problem.

But at that time, those guys who were fighting alone in North America were holding the latest developed Kentucky rifles with an effective range of more than 180 meters. In contrast, the effective range of the old-fashioned front mounted smoothbore gun carried by the sharpshooter captain Ferguson is not even 90 meters. No matter how skillful his shooting skills are, Captain Ferguson can not fight with other people's new rifles with an old-fashioned rifle with an effective range of less than 90 meters.

Sure enough, in the famous battle of brandivan River, Captain Ferguson was finally injured because of the gun. His right arm was injured by a sharpshooter of the enemy. The injury was quite serious. According to the current disability level, it is enough to make captain Ferguson a disabled person.

Captain Ferguson, who was injured, was very depressed. He knew his gun was more accurate than the other side, but the gun was too suck.

So Captain Ferguson is ready to develop a new rifle with longer effective range and faster loading speed.

Of course, his idea attracted people's unanimous ridicule at that time, because before him, there were many professional gun designers who tried to design back loaded rifles, but none of them succeeded. They were either easy to burn the shooter or too much gunpowder residue after shooting, which affected the next shooting. What's more, Ferguson is a complete layman of gun making. It's damned if someone can believe that he can succeed.

However, although captain Ferguson does not know how to make guns, he is a master of guns. Sharpshooters are never blown out, they are fed out with countless bullets.

Captain Ferguson, who is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of firearms, does not care about the ridicule and distrust of others. He is indomitable in studying new rifles according to his own judgment of firearms.

Not to mention, it was captain Ferguson's indomitable spirit of research that eventually led him to develop a rear rifle within half a year after his injury.

The effective range of this rifle was more than 180 meters, which was the best at that time. The most important thing is that this kind of rifle abandoned the front, but changed to the back.

You should know that the old-fashioned front loaded smoothbore gun used in the past is slow in loading ammunition and cannot be loaded in a prone position. It is very easy to expose the target when loading ammunition on the battlefield. The problem is completely solved by using the back loading type.

The most important thing is that the loading speed of this new type of rifle is more than 6 rounds per minute, which is more than twice that of the old type of front loading rifle.

This is an excellent new rifle!

Unfortunately, this new rifle was not popularized in the British army. Even when Captain Ferguson was showing his new rifle to the top of the British army at Woolwich Arsenal, he shot a cow 91 meters away in the eye!

Even though this superb shooting technique and the excellent performance of the new gun shocked the British high level, they named the rifle "Ferguson rifle" on the spot and decided to produce 100 Ferguson rifles immediately. They also promoted Ferguson as a major and appointed him to form and command a special force using Ferguson rifles.

That still hasn't made Ferguson's rifle popular in the British army.

A new rifle involves too much interest. How can conservative weapon manufacturers let a captain with no background, oh no, it's a major to snatch the cake that originally belongs to them?

So even when major Ferguson returned to the North American continent again, continued to participate in the independent war, and died in the battle of King's hill, his Ferguson rifle was not promoted.

This has to be said to be a kind of sadness.

However, major Ferguson and his Ferguson rifle, who died at the age of only 36, still left a strong mark in history. Especially in the battle of gmanton in 1777, at that time, major Ferguson and his special forces were surrounded by the U.S. Army. However, with the excellent command and the powerful Ferguson rifle, and the Ferguson rifle can be loaded when lying down, the special forces easily broke out of the encirclement of the U.S. Army.

When major Ferguson broke through with his men, he saw a U.S. military officer on horseback turning away on the edge of the battlefield. In fact, at the first sight of the American officer, major Ferguson recognized him as George Watson.

At that time, George watsonton was only 100 meters away from major Ferguson. With major Ferguson's marksmanship and the power of his new rifle, as long as major Ferguson fired, the father of the United States would be completely destroyed, and the history of North America would be completely changed.

But major Ferguson is a real gentleman, even the enemy, he is not willing to shoot from behind.

So George watsonton got away with it!

This is the famous "unfinished shot" in history!

Patrick Ferguson in the original historical time and space is really a legendary figure, but this 20-year-old fresh meat is far less powerful than that in the original historical time and space.

So, after learning that this guy is Patrick Ferguson, a very "evil" idea came out from the bottom of bear's heart - to train him

At this time, even though Ferguson has been in the army for six years, he is still a 20-year-old. If he does not meet the stone bear, maybe he will still develop a powerful Ferguson rifle in the future, and he will still be sniped by the US sharpshooters in the battle of King's hill at a distance of 450 yards.

But now the stone bear is here, and he is lucky to meet young Patrick Ferguson. It's hard to say which direction he will develop in the future and what height he will develop to

Anyway, now stone bear is looking at the pink and tender Mr. Ferguson, and the evil thoughts in his heart are really more and more exuberant!

So much so that he squeezed out a smile that made Lieutenant Ferguson shudder, and uttered something in a more frightening tone that made Lieutenant Ferguson never even think about

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