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Chapter: 9

Seeing leader Li Lei, Shi Xiong really understood what the adjective "pale complexion" meant.

Leader Lilei used to be a very strong Cherokee man. For Indians, the leader of a tribe is not only the manager of the whole tribe, but also the most excellent and powerful soldier of the tribe. Therefore, a strong physique is an essential prerequisite for becoming the leader of an Indian tribe.

Li Lei's skeleton is very big, so if he has more meat, he must be a very strong man.

However, half leaning on a pair of sliding rods, Li Lei looks like a late lion king who has been driven away from the lions.

It may be a bit inappropriate to use skin and bone to describe Lilei, but it is absolutely not too much to use bamboo to describe it. There is little meat on Li Lei's body and face. His loose skin makes him look like an old man in his sixties and seventies. But Shi Xiong knows that Li Lei is only in his thirties this year, and his age is even smaller than Gao Niu.

The most important thing is that his face, waxy white and pale, reminds Yang Jing of many zombies in Hong Kong and Taiwan zombie movies

"Cough..." before he spoke, Li Lei made a series of choking sounds, and his face was red.

"My good brother, what's the matter with you?" Although Gao Niu learned that Li Lei was injured in big foot's mouth, he didn't expect that Li Lei's injury was so serious.

Shi Xiong, who knows some medical knowledge, knows more or less that Li Lei has already hurt the root. The slap of that adult black bear should have caused irreparable damage to Lilei's internal organs. Apart from other things, at least the lung injury of LiLei is not light.

And look at Li Lei's face and his emaciation, his liver and even spleen may have suffered irreversible trauma.

Li Lei, who stopped coughing, shook his head with a bitter smile and said to Gao Niu in a low voice, "my good brother, I'm really glad to see you again, but you can see my appearance. I'm afraid I don't have much time."

After a pause, Li Lei props up and looks at the 20 or so people behind Gao Niu. Especially when his eyes fall on the stone bear, Li Lei's eyes also flash a look of surprise. It seems that he is surprised that the stone bear's physique is so strong.

Gao Niu quickly held Li Lei, with a sad look on his face, and said, "my good brother, we have no longmaoniu tribe. There are only a few people left in the tribe of more than 100 people, and others have been killed by the damned chekasa people. I want to take revenge, but we can't do it at all, so I have to take them to you. "

Li Lei nodded slightly, "my good brother, whether it's gaoshu tribe or changmaoniu tribe, it used to be a family. You come here to go home. Don't have so much inferiority. We are all children of the sun god. We are bathed in the sun god's light together. We have always been a family, but we live in different houses temporarily. "

With that, Li Lei raised his voice slightly and said to the remnant of stone bear: "I, Li Lei, the leader of gaoshu tribe, welcome you home on behalf of the whole gaoshu tribe!"

All the people, including Gao Niu, lowered their heads slightly and stroked their chests with their hands crossed.

It is a saluting gesture of the East Cherokee people to cross their hands and touch their chest. If the bow is added, it means complete submission.

The changmaoniu tribe itself is separated from the gaoshu tribe. The two tribes are closely related by blood. In terms of Chinese kinship, the two tribes are actually relatives without five clothes. In China, they are all regarded as a "courtyard".

Now, the longmaoniu tribe has been maimed. The remaining people of the longmaoniu tribe come to the gaoshu tribe. The leader of the family declares to accept them on behalf of the whole tribe. The stone bear, including the leader of gaoniu, must show their submission and thanks.

In fact, the Cherokee people belong to the Iroquois North American Indians at the junction of the United States and Canada. They are distant relatives of the Iroquois. Long ago, the Cherokee people lived in the Great Lakes of North America. But later, because of offending the powerful Iroquois and Delaware, they were united and expelled from the Great Lakes.

In desperation, the Cherokees had to stay far away from their ancestral lands and all the way south, and finally settled down in the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Tennessee, South Carolina, and western North Carolina.

Each tribe of the Cherokee people was very large. The Five Lakes region, which was vast and rich in resources, had enough resources to support the Cherokee people to build large tribes. At that time, it was very common for a tribe to have a population of more than 1000 people.

But when they moved to the Appalachian Mountains, although the products here were also very rich, they were mountainous areas after all. The area suitable for living was far less than the flat five lakes area, so they could not support a tribe with a large population. So there are a lot of Cherokee tribes, but the population of each tribe is relatively small.

Except for a few major tribes with a population of more than 1000 people, most of the other tribes are small ones with only about 100 people.

As long as the population of a tribe reaches the upper limit, it will separate out and find a new residence to form a new tribe.

That's how the longmaoniu tribe was separated from the gaoshu tribe. It's just that the separation time between the two tribes was not long, not even 50 years. In addition, the distance between the two tribes was not too far, so there was still a close relationship between the two tribes.

However, the separated tribes are separated tribes after all. Under the constraints of the jungle law of natural selection, if the longmaoniu tribe is exterminated, other tribes will rarely take care of it. It's like this time the remnants of longmaoniu tribe came to gaoshu tribe. If gaoshu tribe doesn't accept it, longmaoniu tribe can't say anything else.

It's my duty to accept you, but it's my duty not to accept you.

After all, the resources of gaoshu tribe are also limited. As a leader, what Lilei should first consider is the needs of his tribe.

Although there are not many more than 20 people, they are a great burden for the gaoshu tribe.

Li Lei is able to accept Gao Niu as the leader of gaoshu tribe, which is a great feeling.

So, Gao Niu, they have to show their submission and gratitude. Otherwise, let alone Lilei, the rest of gaoshu tribe will not like it.

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