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Chapter: 92

"That's where you get the refined salt you make?" Asked Lieutenant Ferguson, looking constipated at the little salt mountain in front of him.

It was a fine and warm day, so the stone bear took Lieutenant Ferguson to little salt mountain. Since this guy is curious about salt making, Shi Xiong doesn't mind showing him how those exquisite table salt are made.

When he saw the hot and bustling scene at the foot of the little salt mountain, Lieutenant Ferguson was shocked. He even dipped his hand in the rock salt that had just been chiseled down and licked it. As a result, his bitter face changed dramatically.

But before his face returned to normal, he saw the refined salt just boiled over there, so his face became so wonderful.

For this kind of poisonous rock salt, Lieutenant Ferguson has seen it, but he can't figure out why it can finally become that kind of exquisite and maddening salt.

"Want to learn? If you want to learn, I will teach you! Then you can make salt according to my method after you come back to England. I promise you will become the richest man in England in three years

It's not that the stone bear is boasting about salt, especially the refined salt which is very good in appearance. If it can be made in the UK, then the profit can make any noble crazy. Even if Ferguson finds a powerful aristocrat to do this kind of business, he can definitely become a rich man in a famous town within three years.

Ferguson rolled his eyes and said, "you are not my brother. You are four years younger than me."

Stone bear shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "the one who reaches is elder brother!"

Second lieutenant Ferguson turned a white eye again and directly cut off the topic: "I still don't learn this thing. It's useless for me to learn it. I'm not interested in that. "

"Really not?" Stone bear tilted his head and looked at Lieutenant Ferguson, who was half shorter than himself. "It doesn't matter. You don't have to worry about money and other expenses. You just need to call me brother or boss, and I'll make sure you learn how to make salt."

Lieutenant Ferguson simply turned around and left. He really doesn't understand why the big man always wants to call himself his brother or boss. Is it better if he is older than him? If he calls his brother, he has to call his brother!

The stone bear laughs, but he doesn't think it's disobedient. He says in a loud voice: "the road of training will be built slowly. I'll go up and down to seek it! Ha ha ha... "

No matter whether it's lieutenant Ferguson or those people, they don't know what language this big guy said these words in - how can they understand this old saying in Chinese?

Stone bear has to admit that Ferguson is really a man with a lot of ideas. In the face of salt making, which can produce such huge benefits, this guy refused to bow his head.

Didn't he really know that he could learn a salt making method that could easily bring him tens of thousands of pounds a year by calling the unimportant "brother" or "boss"?

"This guy must know, and he must have wavered, but he was able to control his inner desire afterwards. Look! It's worthy of being the person that my senior officials like. " At this moment, stone bear really admired the young lieutenant Ferguson.

They rode to the tribe together. On the way, the stone bear asked, "Patrick, is the rifle barrel you are using made in that way?"

Second lieutenant Ferguson nodded, but his interest improved significantly.

As long as it's about firearms, he's very interested.

"What do you think of the power of the rifles you are using? Well, I mean range, penetration. "

"Now the penetration of the standard rifle we use is fairly good. After all, the caliber of the rifle we use is up to. 75 inches and the projectile weight is enough, so the lethality is still very good. It's just that the effective range is shorter... "Lieutenant Ferguson was a little embarrassed.

"Have you ever thought about adding rifling to the barrel? This will increase the effective range

"Rifling is a good thing, and it has been around for a long time. But the processing technology of rifling is too difficult. It can only be made by hand. The output is too low, and it is not suitable for large-scale equipment."

After a pause, he continued: "I once suggested that my officer build a small number of rifles for the use of skilled soldiers, but the officer refused."

"Can you pull the rifling?" Asked the stone bear.

Lieutenant Ferguson nodded. "It's not easy to pull rifling, but I'll do it. Now in the colonies, many immigrants from the old world would pull rifling with simple wooden machinery, especially those immigrants from Germany. Many of the "Jagger" guns they used were rifled. Now some hunters in Pennsylvania have also made their own long guns in this way, and it is said that the effective range is very good. "

The stone bear nodded silently. This kind of "Jagger" gun, referred to by Lieutenant Ferguson, was brought from German immigrants for hunting and self-defense. Most of the hunters in Pennsylvania used this technology to make guns, so the rifles made with this technology are called Pennsylvanian rifles. Later, this kind of long gun was spread to Kentucky, where the hunters improved the gun. The caliber of the gun was reduced to. 50 caliber, the barrel was lengthened, and the butt of the gun was added. The bullet was also wrapped in leather or cotton cloth soaked with grease to facilitate the loading of the muzzle. Therefore, this kind of rifle became a famous Kentucky rifle.

Stone bear is also very clear that in the original historical time and space, the second lieutenant Ferguson around him was injured by this kind of rifle with an effective range of 180 meters at the beginning. After learning from the bitter experience, he developed the Ferguson rifle. But the fate of reincarnation, Lieutenant Ferguson did not escape and Kentucky rifle duel fate, because he was finally killed by this Kentucky rifle

"Come on, I'll teach you to make a rifle that can be reared. If this kind of gun is equipped with rifled barrel, not only the loading speed will be much faster, but also the effective range will be more than twice that of the standard rifle you are using now! " Stone bear light of say, quite some pretend to force of suspect.

"Really? Do you really have a way to make this rifle? " Ferguson is excited.

"Of course, as long as you call me brother or boss, I'll give you what to do immediately."

Lieutenant Ferguson immediately fell into a tangle

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