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Chapter: 98

There are no large East-West mountains in North America. All the large mountains in the whole continent are almost north-south. Therefore, the cold air mass originating from the northernmost tip of North America will go all the way south smoothly. Moreover, because there are no mountains in the middle, the cold air will even reach the Gulf of Mexico!

Therefore, even if the location of Dawu Mountain is already in the southeast of the North American continent, a sudden cold wave still makes snowflakes here.

Shi Xiong lived in the hilly area in the hinterland of North China Plain in his previous life. In the north is the Yellow River, and in the south is the head of the famous five mountains.

It is said that in this latitude, it snows heavily every winter. However, with the continuous warming of the global climate, there are only a few snowflakes in the whole North China Plain every year. In some years, there is no snowflake in winter.

But after stone bear came to gaoshu tribe in 1764, he saw the biggest snow in his life.

Stone bear has never seen such a big snowflake in his past and present life. It's not enough to use goose hair and heavy snow to describe this kind of snowflake. This kind of snowflake is as big as a child's palm. It's just a piece of snow!

The roaring north wind mixed with countless snow flakes falling from the sky, just a short meal of effort, the whole world in addition to white can no longer see other colors.

More than 40 bison captured and domesticated in the tribe also stayed in the cowshed honestly. Thanks to the common use of cow nose ring, the task of taming bison became more and more easy.

In fact, it's not that bison can't be tamed. On the contrary, bison is very tamable.

The reason why we didn't hear about the North American Indians taming bison in the original historical time and space is that these North American Indians didn't have to tame bison. Before the Europeans came to the North American continent, most of the North American Indians did not engage in farming, and a few of the Indian tribes engaged in farming only adopted the most rugged farming method. Moreover, without iron farming tools, they did not need large livestock.

So before the Europeans came to the American continent, there was really no one in North America to tame bison, because there was no need.

When the Europeans arrived in North America, they brought domesticated cattle, which spread wildly on the continent. With tame cattle to raise, who has nothing to do with catching bison and then domesticating it?

As a result, the bison species became a thoroughly pathetic species, and eventually was almost extinct by those European colonists

But now, gaoshu tribe, which is preparing to dig deep and accumulate food, has a high demand for large animals. With more and more domesticated bison, the tribe also realizes the correctness of the saying that "it's much safer to raise bison and kill meat than to go out and kill bison".

Although the tribe has not been willing to kill a tame bison, no one is a fool. Anyone can see that with more and more tame bison, there will be more and more surplus bison killed to eat meat.

It's much safer to kill a tame bison than to go out and hunt it in the wild

Although it's dangerous to catch bison, who cares about that at this time?

It's quite spectacular for more than 40 domesticated bison to stay in the cowshed. However, these tamed ox demons are no longer arrogant and fierce at this time.

It's hard to stay in the cowshed, but it's better than not finding any grass after the heavy snow. At least those two legged monsters here have prepared a lot of wild grass. No matter how heavy the snow is, it won't affect these cattle demons to eat.

As soon as he went out, the stone bear, who was shocked by the heavy snow, was as excited as a child. In his hand, he played the guitar and took the microphone. He shook his body, opened his mouth, howled and sang a song "let me spread a little wild on the snow". Then, under the eyes of a group of people, he was watching, With a wave of his big hand, he said in a loud voice, "let's go and make steel together."

No matter how heavy the snow is, it can't resist the enthusiasm of the people, so the earth blast furnace standing in the open space in the center of the tribe is burning again.

The hot air made it impossible for snowflakes to fall in the area tens of meters above the blast furnace, and the big snowflakes could not resist the heat from the blast furnace.

At last, there are sheds on the square pond where the molten iron is stored, but in fact, even without those sheds, the heat emitted by the molten iron is enough to keep the snowflakes from falling.

In such cold weather, the people who are responsible for mixing molten iron are even working barehanded. It's too hot by fangtang!

In order to increase the contact area between molten iron and oxygen, the stone bear commanded the people to build another square pond long before the second furnace was opened. With two ponds for molten iron, the depth of molten iron is reduced by half, and it is much easier to stir.

This time, the stone bear must let the clan fully stir the molten iron, so as to make the decarbonization of molten iron more thorough.

Of course, the thin iron plates made by the blacksmiths are also bound with some pig iron sheets early, and then put into the pond together as decarbonizing agent.

In this steelmaking, the stone bear has to operate according to the real steel pouring method.

The yellow and white molten iron is stirred by many clansmen in the two ponds. Although it is very difficult to stir up the sticky molten iron, it can't stand the enthusiasm of the clansmen. These extremely heavy molten iron are almost stirred up in front of a group of clansmen working in the relay

And the cooked iron plates that had been put into the pond were about to melt. The melting point of cooked iron is much lower than that of pig iron. Once the cooked iron melts, the carbon content in molten iron will be further reduced.

The wood planer with two clansmen nervously records the weight and proportion of all the materials added in this steelmaking, which is of great value for the next steelmaking.

If the steelmaking is successful this time, the materials can be put in according to this proportion in the next steelmaking. If it is not successful, we should improve on the basis of these data, and sooner or later we can produce qualified steel.

Although the temperature of hot metal flowing out of the blast furnace is extremely high, the law of natural cooling can not be upheld.

So, when the hot metal is almost stirred, the wood planer gives an order, and the people who have been prepared for a long time take the big iron spoon or the clay spoon made of kaolin to ladle the thick hot metal into the mold that has been heated for a long time.

At this stage, everyone is happy, because they all know that at this stage, regardless of the quality of steel, a large number of iron will be added to the tribe

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