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Chapter: 3006

Moss baby

   Chapter 3006 Moss Baby

   "The first generation of dream plant goblins?" Greya's eyes lit up: "Dream plant goblins are still different generations?"

  Greia turned her head to look at Baby Roshan, as if she wanted to ask him, but Baby Roshan also showed a look of doubt, as if she didn't know what the first-generation Dream Plant Fairy was.

   With no choice, Greia could only look at Angel again.

  Angol: "Your focus is wrong. The important thing is not the generation, but why he is here? Did you kidnap him?"

   As soon as he finished speaking, Baby Roshan shook his head at Angel, looking anxious and talking non-stop.

   Although Angel couldn't understand what he was babbling, he could see that Baby Roshan denied Angel's guess. In other words, Greya didn't abduct him.

   In this regard, Angel is skeptical.

   From the point of view of Baby Roshan, maybe Greya did not kidnap him, but the concept of "abduction" can be redefined.

   Maybe Greya used her words to fool Baby Roshan out, but in Baby Roshan's eyes he came out on his own initiative. The same result can be explained in different expressions, and even the black can be said to be white, which can make the victim take the initiative to become a fan.

   In addition, this Roshan baby doesn't look very smart at first glance, maybe what he sees is just the truth after painting.

   Therefore, Angel still focused his eyes on Greya. He wanted to get the answer from Greya more than Roshan baby.

   "I didn't kidnap him. He ran out on his own. I met me on the way, and I took him along." Greya shrugged.

The Roshan baby next to    also nodded hurriedly, as if what Gloria said was the truth.

   However, Angel is still suspicious, because there are too many questionable points in Greya's words.

  Angol glanced at Greya, but instead of speaking, he stretched out his finger out of thin air.

In the eyes of Baby Roshan, a circle of ripples suddenly appeared in the space ahead. When the ripples subsided, although Greya and Angel seemed to be still in place, their eyes were no longer as agile as before, as if they had lost their minds. like a soul.

Baby Roshan wanted to get closer, but when he just raised his foot, Angel, whose eyes had lost his agility, suddenly glowed with fresh brilliance, Angel turned to look at Baby Roshan, and said softly: "I Talk to Greya alone, you don't have to worry."

After   , Angel's eyes lost their luster again.

  Baby Roshan tilted his head to think for a moment when he saw this scene, and seemed to understand something. He sat down and looked at the figures not far away stupidly, waiting for the moment when they became alive again.

   On the other hand, in Greya's eyes, although she seems to be still in place at this time, the invisible sense of distance is full, as if she is already in a different space from Baby Roshan.

   No, not as if.

  Greia carefully sensed the surrounding space, even though the position has not changed, it is like a quiet, even a little dead mirror space.

   It was obvious that Baby Roshan was less than twenty meters away from him, but in Greya's perception, it was like a whole world away.

   "This is..." Greia looked at Angel suspiciously.

   "Illusion." Angel said lightly: "I think it's better to tell you directly, his words don't have much reference."

"Illusion? Tsk tsk, your illusion looks more real than before. You shouldn't have followed the path of real illusion like Su Mi Shi did?" Greya didn't doubt Angel's words, because the lineage of Illusion Island All illusions are like this, weird and real, not like "false" illusions at all.

  Angol: "...No."

   "No? Then aren't you about the same level as Sanders in illusion? If that's the case, then you don't have much to learn in Magic Island. Why don't you leave Magic Island and come to the candy store?"

   In the face of Greya's blatant provocation, Angel didn't care, and even said solemnly: "If my gourmet technique can reach my illusion level, then I can go to the candy store."

  Greia's mood to ridicule was momentarily silent because of Angel's words.

   What about the gourmet department's 'skills'? Angel can't even learn the most common level 0 tricks in the Gastronomy Department... No, I learned it, but nine and a half of the ten magic breads made are smelly of stinky socks. Who dares to eat them?

  Angel saw that Greya was silent, and his eyes were slightly dimmed... Although he was indeed joking, if Greya really made a deal, he might have a little bit of a heartbeat.

   But Gloria wouldn't even say the words to lie to him, which made Angel feel a little uncomfortable.

   "Cough, let's get back to the point." Angel: "You said just now that this Roshan baby is going to leave by himself, are you sure you didn't do something out of it?"

Greya: "What can I do? If he wants to leave, I'll take him out... Also, he's not called Baby Roshan, he calls himself Ying Moss, but everyone I hear from the Goblin Guard calls him Baby Moss. "

  moss baby? Angel previously guessed that the Goblin Guard might have come to catch Baby Roshan, but the other party could use this nickname to call Baby Roshan, and it didn't seem like there was any deep hatred.

   So, what happened?

  Angol: "Tell me, you still have him, what's going on?"

Greya shrugged: "As I said just now, this guy did leave by himself. He said he was going to see the human site, so I brought him here. However, he is very fragrant and delicious, so I'm in a partnership with him now."

   Angel didn't react when he heard the front, but the last sentence Greia said made him stunned.

  Moss baby is very fragrant and delicious? !

   Are you feeding it as food?

Greya: "Don't look at me like that. I'm not a dark gourmet, and I don't use baby moss as a living ingredient. What I say delicious is that the crops produced by him are delicious. Well, just now If you don't believe the mushroom he gave you, try it."

  Angol looked at the "mushroom meat" in his hand, and frowned: "Let's not talk about the taste, is this the meat on his body?"

Greya shook her head: "This metaphor is inappropriate, it's not so much meat, it's more a growth. Or, you can understand it as nails, dead skin, body hair, dander... all these things are good for his body when they are separated from the body. If the damage is accumulated, it will be a burden."

  Angol: "..." The more you listen, the more impossible it is to eat!

  Greia: "Also, he eats it himself. If you don't believe it, look back."

  Angol followed Greya's line of sight and looked at Baby Moss in the "outside". He was sitting on the ground at this time, staring at the direction they were in, and while watching, he broke off mushrooms or some plants that looked like moss from his body, put them in his mouth, and chewed slowly.

  As Baby Moss swallowed, the "vegetative growths" that were broken off on his body slowly grew out at a speed visible to the naked eye.

   Seeing this scene, Angel fell silent.

  What Greya said should be right, the growths on his body are indeed edible... Could this be the reason why Greya cooperated with him?

   Angel continued to ask.

  Greia didn't tease anymore this time, and told the whole story.

   The main axis of the matter is indeed in line with what Gloria said.

  —Baby Moss ran out by himself and wanted to go to the human realm, and met Greya halfway through, so Greya brought him here.

   However, Greya is not the kind of person who is willing to be a nanny. The main reason why she is willing to leave with Baby Moss is that she sees a bright spot in Baby Moss.

   And this shining point is the growths on Baby Moss!

  At that time, after leaving the mother tree, Baby Moss walked alone in the direction of the human territory. When he was hungry, he would break off the moss on his body to eat, and met Greya on the way. Greya went to the mother tree just to see the food culture of the dream plant goblin.

When she saw Baby Moss eating the self-produced moss, Greia's "food radar" immediately sounded. She did not have the restraint of eating food like Angel, as long as she was sure that she had the potential to become a food, even if No matter how dark it was, she dared to open her mouth.

   So Greya cheekily leaned forward, wanting to rub a little to taste.

  Baby Moss wanted to go to the human territory, and when she saw Greya, she also wanted to ask something about humans from Greya, so she agreed to give some of the vegetation to Greya.

When    first tried the growths, Greia didn't think it was delicious, so she could just eat it.

   belongs to normal cuisine.

   But as Greya learned about these growths on Baby Moss, she discovered something that shocked her.

  The growths on the moss baby are not only self-produced and sold, but also can change the shape and taste with the food the moss baby eats.

   For example, at the beginning, the moss produced on the baby moss was pale yellow moss with almost no smell. The reason for this is because in the beginning, Baby Moss had no concept of food, and he only ate the moss on his body when he was hungry, and the birth of these moss actually came from...photosynthesis.

   This monotonous day lasted until last month.

   On that day, many species appeared inexplicably on the earth, and at that time, many dream plant fairies were alarmed.

   But for moss babies who like to eat and sleep, they don't pay much attention to this.

   Until one night, a group of fireflies and honey butterflies broke into Moss baby's house.

After baby   moss accidentally swallowed this group of fireflies, he was surprised to find that he seemed to be able to control some of the vegetations on his body.

   The next day, the growths on his body changed from the unchanging pale yellow moss to the milky white glowing moss.

  The taste has not changed, but the taste is a little more honey.

  Baby Moss tasted the "sweetness" for the first time, like a bear who stole honey.

   For several days, he turned the growth into this glowing moss.

   But if you keep eating this flavor, you will still get tired, so Baby Moss started his own "remodeling plan".

   He began to eat some species that he had not seen before, and as these species transformed the moss baby, the vegetation he could produce became more and more abundant.

   Not every one is suitable for Moss baby's taste, but with a lot of combinations, there will always be a taste that satisfies him.

   But as time passed, Moss Baby found that there were fewer and fewer species around... Later, I learned that it was the ban issued by Sister Vine that blocked some species that might cause harm to the mother tree.

   Later, Moss Baby learned from some dream plant goblins who went to sow far away that there are more species in the human world, and there are wonderful food on the human side.

   Moss baby, who has already turned on the greedy mode, is fascinated by it.

  Although Sister Vine has banned the non-seeded dream plant goblin from going to the human world, baby Moss can't help it.

   In the middle of the night where no one found, Moss baby set off.

  According to normal circumstances, baby moss must not be able to escape. After all, there are forests near the mother tree, and the forest is the eyes of the dream plant fairy.

   This is indeed the case. It didn’t take long for Moss baby to be found by the fairy guards.

   But Moss baby's character is very stubborn, if it fails once, it will be two or three times.

   But every time the baby moss was unsuccessful, and therefore, the fairy guards also began to be more relaxed than waiting.

  Unexpectedly, Baby Moss escaped and met Greya again.

  Greia also discovered the peculiar talent in Baby Moss, which made Greia feel like she saw a dreamy flash.

   So, Greya decided immediately to return with Baby Moss!

  Under the carelessness of the fairy guards, with the help of Greya, Baby Moss left the forest smoothly.

   However, there are also plants outside the forest, and plants can also become the eyes of the fairy guards to track the baby moss. With no other way, Greya began to burrow with Moss baby, through the underground road, constantly away from the fairy guards.

  Although I also met the fairy guards on the way, they all escaped smoothly under the protection and deception of Greya.

   Until today, when they were about to arrive in the new city, they met Angel.


   "That's the way it is." Greya glanced at Moss baby outside: "He is a treasure."

   "The first time I ate the moss he produced, the taste was very ordinary. But in just a few days, the mushrooms he produced already amazed me." Greya's eyes flashed brightly.

   Of course, the biggest contributor here is Greya. After all, Greya has the power of "Rhythmic Membrane", which can provide the best quality species to Baby Moss at any time, so that the vegetation it produces can get the greatest variation.

   "I have a hunch that it won't be long before he will bring me a huge surprise!"

  Angol: No matter how delicious it is, it's also a vegetation!

  Although his heart was a little awkward, looking at Greya's longing look, Angel couldn't help but ask: "Is this an extraordinary ingredient?"

  Greia shook her head: "Not yet, but this is the ultimate delicacy."

   "It doesn't matter if it's not an extraordinary ingredient?"

  Greia: "Food wizards are looking for delicious food, and it doesn't matter whether it is an extraordinary ingredient. Just like, your enlightenment mentor Jon, the food also uses ordinary ingredients, but the taste is amazing."

   "However, this does not mean that baby moss cannot produce extraordinary vegetation. When the taste reaches the extreme, it can naturally affect the material world, and even affect the spiritual side of a higher level. This is not a kind of extraordinary food."

   (end of this chapter)

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