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Chapter: 3007

meaning of leaves

   Chapter 3007 The meaning of leaves

Angela could understand   Greia's words, but he still felt a little skeptical about what it said.

   Because in Angel's view, isn't Moss Baby an intermediate processor of "what you eat to produce"? Is his role really that big?

   Can't there be other ways of processing food?

  Cooking, cooking, not just processing ingredients. Pots, pans and pans can all become props for food processing, don’t you have to use Moss baby?

Facing Angel's doubts, Greya shook her head and said, "It's different. Although Baby Moss can be understood as an intermediate link in food processing, his processing method is very special. He can purify and evolve ingredients. , qualitative change, mutation, quantitative change…"

   Among them, purification and quantity change are not too fresh. And to evolve ingredients, Greya can do it too.

   But qualitative change and mutation, this is a field that Greia has not been involved in, and it is a talent that belongs to Baby Moss.

   For example, Greya can grow a tree with butter bread, which comes from Greya's "creation" talent.

   And after the moss baby eats the butter bread, he can also produce the butter bread moss, mushrooms, and butter bread tree species... And this is not creation, but a special kind of qualitative change and mutation.

  Moss Baby is a third party for food processing, but he is also a supplier of raw material output.

   It can be said that what Greya saw in Baby Moss is a huge treasure, a flash that is enough to subvert the concept of food.

  The only thing that makes Greya feel a pity is that Baby Moss is a dream plant fairy born in the wilderness of dreams. It is an existence between fantasy and reality and cannot come to reality.

  Otherwise, with the power of Moss baby, it is estimated that he can revitalize the candy house in the shortest possible time.

  Angol still didn't see the true value of Moss baby, but since Greia admired Moss baby so much, he also agreed with Greya's concept. So, he no longer questioned.

   However, Angel was still a little worried about the future of Baby Moss.

"The mother tree naturally repells humans, and the dream-planting goblin associated with the mother tree is also imprinted with disgust for humans in the depths of his heart. Although there is no conflict between the two parties, if you bring the baby moss into the human world, it is very likely that The dream plant goblin's disgust towards humans has increased." Angel: "This is definitely not a good thing at the joint where the tea party is about to start."

  If it happens to be a tea party, the dream plant goblin attacks the new city, even if it doesn't work, it will sweep the face of the barbaric cave.

  Angol doesn't matter, but the witches in the Savage Cave...especially the witches who are mainly Lianna, will probably be angry. At that time, if Greya is picked up as the instigator, it will definitely not end well.

   "The mother tree repells humans? The dream plant goblin is also disgusted by humans?" Greia looked at Angel suspiciously: "Why haven't I heard of it?"

  Angol was silent for a moment, but he still replied: "The mother tree actually originated from a power called "tree civilization". "

   In other words, the circle born by the mother tree is a derivation of the tree civilization, which is a special civilization.

   And the circle that human beings are in is human civilization.

When    civilizations meet, they are either enemies or coexist, and there are very few cases of co-prosperity.

   Being an enemy is because of exclusion; coexistence is probably also because aggression is impossible, and coexistence is a last resort. This is also a kind of exclusion, otherwise it is co-prosperity.

   Therefore, in the basic tropism of most civilizations, there are genes that reject different civilizations. The more highly autonomous civilizations, the stronger the rejection of alien civilizations.

   Tree civilization, because it is the designated civilization written in the power of the wilderness of dreams. Elsewhere, not to mention, in the Wilderness of Dreams, it happens to be a highly autonomous civilization.

   Therefore, the mother tree's rejection of human beings is not aimed at a certain human being, but at an alien race.

  The mother tree naturally repels humans, and similarly, it also naturally repels evil spirits. As long as there are aliens in the wilderness of dreams, it basically does not exclude them.

  Dream Planting Fairy, as an extension of the mother tree civilization, naturally inherited this.

Greia didn't expect that there was such a secret here: "But I learned from Baby Moss that the dream plant fairies don't seem to be so repulsive to humans? Although those powerful dream plant fairies are unwilling to come to the human world. , but there are quite a few dream-planting fairies in the human world, and there are also dream-planting fairies that develop together with human beings."

  Angol: "That's because before the mother tree fell asleep, she gave an order to the dream plant goblin, asking them to restrain themselves, not to disturb humans, and to coexist as much as possible."

  Greia was confused. One second ago, Angel also said that the mother tree repelled humans. The next second, why did the mother tree issue an order to let the dream plant goblin and humans live in harmony?

  Angol sighed: "Because the order was not issued by the mother tree, but by me imitating the tone of the mother tree..."

  Greia: "..."

  Greia thought about it from Angel's point of view, and found that it was reasonable to do so. The contribution of tree civilization to the wilderness of dreams is definitely positive. Just look at the green fields and fertile soil, and look at the network of mother trees that connect far and wide. It is impossible for Angel to let the tree civilization suffer a devastating blow, and As a human being, Angel couldn't see the human and the dream plant goblin die.

   Therefore, he chose to pretend to be a mother tree to issue orders and maintain balance, which is normal.

"Although the order of the mother tree has restrained the Mengzhi Fairy a lot, it is not a mandatory order after all, and it may be effective for a while, but if something happens that the Mengzhi Fairy cannot restrain, they can't really follow it completely. Command. After all, the mother tree's command has no effect on its own, it depends on self-consciousness; the most important thing is that the mother tree has fallen asleep."

Angel said at this time, looking at Greya: "I don't know how much impact you will have on taking baby moss away, but if you don't handle it well, it is likely to intensify the conflict between humans and the dream plant goblin. "

  Greia also understood the key at this time. After thinking for a while, she said, "How about you send another order?"

  Angol: "The dream plant goblins can perceive the state of the mother tree. They know very well whether the mother tree is sleeping. Now, there is no condition for issuing an order."

   Moreover, even if there are conditions, it is difficult for Angel to do it. After all, the order has no compulsory effect, and can only rely on words to persuade the dream plant fairy. And how to persuade? He can't always say, encourage the dream plant goblin to contact human beings? Those ignorant second- and third-generation dream plant goblins can try to get in touch with humans, but the first generation of dream plant goblins are the most disgusting to humans. They are not only intelligent but also discerning.

  The things of pickling among humans, and not too many ambitious people, let them come into contact with humans will only accelerate their disgust with humans.

The most important thing is that the number of this generation of dream plant goblins has reached 100,000, and each of them is very strong. Even if there is Sanders' 'energy level limit', they cannot break through the shackles of apprentices, but It is also a disaster for so many dream plant goblins to face Xincheng.

   Therefore, it is impossible for Angel to issue an order.

   "Then what should I do?" Greia frowned and looked at Angel.

  Angol shrugged: "I don't know. However, if Baby Moss goes to the human world just for food, you can actually satisfy him, there's no need to let him enter the human world."

   "As for the goblin guards who track him down, my suggestion is to have a good talk with them. It's better to reach a cooperation than to hide from XZ."

  Greia: "How can we reach a cooperation with them?"

   "Think of a way." Angel said angrily: "This is something you made yourself, you'd better solve it yourself. Besides, it's not difficult, you didn't see it clearly, just because you were in the game."

   "You're not alone, you really can't think of it, wouldn't you ask for help outside the venue?"

   Angel actually has a recommended candidate in his heart... that is Jon.

  Although Jon is not necessarily smarter than the dryad, the iron-clad mother-in-law, etc., but Greya asks him for help, at least she will not owe the Savage Cave.

   However, Angel didn't say it. Anyway, Greia figured it out by herself, so she'll solve it herself.

  Moss baby is easy to solve here, but the difficult ones are the follow-up fairy guards.

  Greia pondered for a moment and nodded to Angel: "I understand, I will find a way to solve this matter."


   After talking about Baby Moss, Angel finally talked about his intentions.

  Greia didn't expect that Angel had come here to find herself, just to ask about the situation in the world of Cold.

   However, after hearing Angel say that "the ability of figurative class may inspire me to alchemy", Gloria immediately realized. After all, she is a rare wizard who knows that Angel has the ability of "mysterious figurative object", and she also broke through the upper limit of the creation technique by relying on the mysterious figurative object.

   Therefore, Greya knew very well how powerful Angel's "mysterious figurative objects" were.

  Greia doesn’t think that the figurative ability of the cold world is stronger than that of Angel’s mysterious figurative objects, but if it’s just by analogy, then it’s possible.

   After all, this is related to Angel's most important alchemy ability, and Greia also showed a solemn expression, seriously recalling what she saw and heard in the cold world.


  Angol didn't stay on Greya's side, but left an illusion book for her. When she was almost finished, she could use the illusion book to record what she saw and heard.

   After saying goodbye to Greya and the baby Moss who was reluctant to part with him, Angel went offline.

When    opened his eyes, Angel was still in the buffer space.

   Not far away, Laplace was still sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed, not offline.

  Angol didn't pay attention to Laplace before going offline, but from her frown in reality, she probably hasn't caught a fish yet.

  Angol doesn't know why Laplace suddenly became addicted to fishing...

   He still remembers Laplace's body, which seems to be a bit similar to a whale? Could it be a change of position, from the angle of a fish to that of a fisherman, to experience a different feeling?

  Angol shook his head and temporarily put aside the problem of deviation.

  Like this kind of thing, often a thousand years at a glance. Maybe fishing is the fateful hobby that Laplace will encounter.

   Came to the sofa opposite Laplace, Angel sank heavily, and the soft nightmare sofa made his slightly stiff body gradually stretch.

   With the relaxation of his body, Angel's thoughts began to drift slowly——

   "Can't baby moss really come to reality? Although the wilderness of dreams is good, there will be more things in reality..."

   This was the last sentence Greia asked before Angel went offline.

   At that time, Angel did not answer, but in Angel's thoughts, it was impossible to come to reality. After all, the focus of the wilderness of dreams is "dream", and the dream itself is illusory, how can it come to reality?

   But at this moment, Angel thinks about this issue again, and thinks that the previous guess will be too arbitrary?

   Indeed, no matter whether the wilderness of dreams or the crystal field of dreams, the focus is on "dream". However, it is not a simple dream.

   What's more, even the dream world creatures that are really constructed from the energy of dreams have the opportunity to come to reality from the dream world. ——Although the probability is very small, and it must be operated by a top dream wizard, there is always a chance.

  Thinking about it this way, it doesn’t seem impossible.

  Angol had a faint hunch, maybe there was a similar power in the main body of the nightmare realm.

However, this kind of power directly bordering on reality is definitely one of the most core powers, and it is definitely not something he can afford now... and it is also very dangerous. After all, the laws of reality are more solid, and it may become an anti-invasion if it fails to come. the Leading Party.

   So, don't think about it for a short time.

Although    can’t bear it, it doesn’t prevent Angel from guessing.

   If the existence in the wilderness of dreams really comes to reality, is this a kind of... miracle?


   Lastly, he glanced at Laplace and saw that she showed no signs of waking up. Angel returned to reality through the mirror of the unbreakable mirror.

   After returning to the quiet room of the Starlight Hotel, Angel immediately sensed the faint natural aura outside the door.

  Angol walked to the desk, and then instructed Shuling to bring in the natural scent at the door.

   After a while, with a melodious wind, a leaf was swept in.

  Anger took a look and knew that the leaf was just a deliberately condensed "shape", and its essence was a mass of "intent".

   In simple words, this leaf is a magic fly. The appearance is not the point, the point is the information inside.

   Judging from the natural scent emanating from the leaves, it should be a message from Bru.

  It is not difficult to untie this leaf and take out the "meaning" from it.

   Just inject elemental force directly into it.

   Angel subconsciously wanted to ask Shuling to inject wind elements into it, but after thinking about it, Angel gave up again.

   instead shouted in a low voice: "Er Mi."

  As the voice fell, the shadow under Angel's feet began to transpiration. After a while, a shadow with a blue lamp on his head appeared in front of Angel.

   Although Angel called Ermi, his last gaze did not fall on Ermi, but at the blue lantern flower above his head... a cane wrapped in vines beside him.

   (end of this chapter)

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