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Chapter: 3009

Lucia s Workshop

   Chapter 3009 Lucia Workshop

   Angel looked at the boiler-shaped illusion and had a guess in his heart.

   "This looks like... witch soup?"

The image of    boiler is very common, but the boiler that emits pale pink smoke basically only refers to one thing in the wizarding world: witch soup.

   This is not a rule, but a conventional concept.

   This concept comes from a witch named Windsor, she is a very famous master of pharmacy, and has invented countless witch soups that are still famous today. At the time, the most common logo used by the Witches of Windsor was a boiler with pink smoke.

   At that time, the wizarding world already had a normal perception: a boiler with pink smoke represented witch soup.

   With the passing of the witches of Windsor, this tradition has not disappeared, and it has been circulated in the wizarding world. Until today, as long as you see the mark of pink smoke coming out of the boiler, it basically does not run, it is witch soup.

   "It seems that this is a shop that sells witch soup." Angel thought to himself: "So, Master Bru, is here to buy witch soup?"

   Angel didn't think much, and walked directly into the store.

   The process of entering the store was very smooth, which made Angel a little surprised... Because most of the wizarding world involves technical stores, and there are more or less barriers to entry. Depending on the level of the store itself and the strength of the people who come, the threshold varies.

  There are also shops without thresholds, but no thresholds often mean that "restrictions" will be reflected elsewhere, for example, the price of goods will be more expensive.

   Just when Angel was thinking so, a figure stopped him from moving forward.

  Bru? When Angel saw the other's face, he subconsciously thought of Bru. But soon, he realized that something was wrong. Although the person in front of him looked exactly the same as Bru, his body was at least twenty times larger, and he was completely the height of a normal person. There is no natural aura around her body, and no butterfly wings behind her, she looks like an ordinary girl in a long skirt.

   At this moment, the girl who looked almost the same as Bru said, "My name is Bru No. 2, and I am the receptionist of this store."

   The voice of the girl in the long skirt is also very similar to that of Bru, but her eyes are not as smart.

   "Bru No. 2?" Angel seemed to have thought of something. Looking at the other party's neck, he could vaguely see a streamer flashing under his lustrous white skin.

   Seeing that stream of light, Angel realized enlightenment in his heart. Sure enough, this is an alchemy puppet.

   Generally speaking, the energy source of an alchemy puppet is near the navel, which is the best dividing point from the top of the head to the sole of the foot, and also the best point for energy operation.

  Also because the energy of the alchemy golem is in the navel, when the alchemy golem makes a sound, the energy will flow to the head through the internal pipe. At this time, by observing the neck, you can easily confirm the identity of the puppet.

  Confirmed the identity of the other party, and then looked at the completely intercepted posture of Bruno No. 2, Angel said: "Are you a receptionist or a qualification inspector?"

   Angel's words seemed to trigger a certain voice control feedback from Bru No. 2.

   "Guest, to enter Lucia's workshop, you need to sign a simple contract."

   really came... Hearing the words of Bru No. 2, Angel immediately understood that the threshold was not absent, but only triggered after entering the store.

   "What contract?" Angel asked, with a hint of doubt in his tone... Contracts are easy to fake.

   "Guests, please rest assured, it is not a paper contract, nor does it need to be bound by the power of the contract. It is an oral contract that obeys the heart."

  Abide by the verbal contract of the mind. To put it bluntly, it is an oral agreement that has no binding force and depends on your own heart. Even if you take the initiative to violate the verbal contract, there will be nothing... As for the "inner demon", there is no. At most, some people with a heavy sense of contract will feel uncomfortable for a while.

   This is also in line with the tonality of the store.

   After all, an ordinary shop that you have never heard of makes you sign a contract that is extremely binding and bound by the power of the contract, so it is strange to think about it.

   "What verbal contract?" Angel asked.

  Blu No. 2 immediately said: "The owner does not want the information in the store to be leaked, so I hope the guests can keep silent after leaving the store."

  Angol understood as soon as he heard it, it was a very ordinary oral contract.

   He didn't hesitate, and said lightly, "After I leave here, on the premise of not violating personal morality, I won't reveal the people and things I see in the store to a second person."

   This is a contract, no need to swear, no need to sign a contract, just follow your heart and say what you say is an oral contract.

After Bruno No. 2 heard Angel's words, his eyes instantly changed from the calm and indifferent before, to respectful and polite, and his tone became warm: "Dear guest, forgive me for my poor reception before, welcome to Lulu. Thea Workshop!"

  Angol looked at Bru No. 2, whose face had changed greatly, and said silently in his heart: This is true... I was a guest before, and now I add the preface of "respect", which is exactly the same as Bru of the Travel Inn.

   "I don't know what the respected guests need?" Bruno No. 2 has naturally moved out of the way and no longer prevents Angel from entering the store.

  Angel walked in and asked, "Why are you called Bruno No. 2?"

  Bru No. 2 was stunned for a moment, and seemed to be a little surprised by Angel's question. Haven't ordinary guests already started asking about witch soup? Why did you ask her?

After being stuck for a long time, No. 2 Bru said, "This is the name given to No. 2 by the master."

   "What's your relationship with Bru?" Angel continued to ask.

  Blu No. 2 hesitated for a while before saying, "I am a receptionist made by the master based on Blu."

  Angol: "Why did your master take Bru as the prototype? Does the owner of this shop have anything to do with Bru?"

  Blu No. 2 stayed in place, mosquito coils had begun to appear in his eyes, and he didn't seem to know how to answer.

After a long while, Bru No. 2 finally spoke, but instead of answering Angel's question, he said in a warm tone: "Dear guest, welcome to Lucia's workshop! I don't know what the respected guest has. Need? Need Bru Two to make some recommendations for you?"

  Angol: ...It seems that the IQ of No. 2 Bru is not very high.

   In other words, the owner of Bru No. 2 did not engrave these questions into the thinking template of Bru No. 2.

  Angol did not continue to embarrass Bruno No. 2, but said the meaning: "I was introduced by Bru."

  Blu No.2 was sluggish for two seconds before saying, "Is that so? Then I wonder what the respected guests need?"

  Angol: "..." Are you in a loop?

  Angol thought for a while, and instead of talking to Bruno No. 2 immediately, he turned to look at the store.

  Since Bru clearly stated that its owner is in this shop, I think I should be able to see it here.

   The outer hall of Lucia's Workshop is not very big, except for a decorative boiler in the middle, there are glass cabinets.

  There are all kinds of witch soup in the cupboard, but the witch soup is wrapped in a special black cloth, so you can't see the inner appearance, let alone smell it.

   Looking at the bowls of solid goods wrapped in black cloth, if it is not said that the cupboard contains witch soup, it is estimated that some people will misunderstand that it is a bowl of ashes.

  Angol had no need for witch soup, so instead of looking at the witch soup in the cupboard, he looked at the customers in the store.

   There were six customers in the store, except one was at the counter, talking with another "Bru I don't know how many", the others were all gathered around a golden cabinet, tsk tsk.

   What puzzled Angel was that none of the six guests was the master of Bru.

  Angol still remembered that the master of Bru was a young wizard with white hair and green eyes. Not to mention there were no teenagers among these guests, not even a formal wizard.

  Angol looked back at the dumbfounded Bruno No. 2, and finally shook his head and walked to the counter.

   He didn't go to ask the "Bru I don't know how many" number in the counter, but looked at a little old man in a classic robe who was checking out beside the counter.

   This is the only guest who is alone, and his strength is about the pinnacle of a third-level apprentice.

   In terms of emotional perception, this guest is obviously more calm than other guests, so it is estimated that he is a regular customer. Since he is a regular customer, maybe he knows the owner of Bru?

The arrival of   Angol made the little old man a little nervous.

  Angol didn't hide the aura of an official wizard, even if he didn't use coercion, it made the little old man feel a little nervous.

   His emotional color was even dyed in purple-black representing fear.

   Angel stopped about three meters away from him. Although Angel hadn't spoken yet, the little old man had obviously noticed that Angel's goal was himself.

   He suppressed the fear in his heart and said in a respectful tone: "Respected lord, I wonder what I can do for your lord?"

  Angol said in the gentlest possible tone: "You seem familiar with this place, are you a member of Starlight?"

  Anger pointed out the reason why he found him in the first sentence, and directly asked the question in the second sentence. This is actually a reassurance for the little old man: I am not here to find fault with you.

  The little old man also heard Angel's intentions, and after a sigh of relief, he replied: "I am a member of Starlight, but only an ordinary member."

  Ordinary members are members who have not consumed 999 magic crystals.

  Angol: "Since you are a member, you should know Bru?"

   The little old man glanced at Bru No. 2 behind Anger, then looked at Anger again, and thought, "If your lord is referring to the nature elf Bru, I have seen it before."

  Angol: "That's it, it tells me its owner is here, but I don't seem to see its owner here."

  Angol meant that he didn't see the boy with white hair and green eyes.

   And what the little old man understands is: the natural elves are elemental elves, and those who can become their masters are basically formal wizards. And the guests in this shop are all apprentices, so they can't be the master of Bru.

   Although the ideas are different, the final direction is similar.

  Little old man: "The master of Bru, due to some factors, I can't reveal his identity. However, adults can go and meet the master of this workshop."

   The little old man said while making hints with rich expressions.

  Angol was not stupid, he immediately understood what the little old man meant.

   When he mentioned that he "couldn't reveal his identity due to some factors", he kept glancing at Bru No. 2 and poking his finger at his heart.

   This is to tell Angel clearly that the so-called "force majeure factor" is the threshold of this store. That is, the verbal contract mentioned by Bru No. 2 when Angel came in.

   The second sentence of the little old man asked Angel to meet the owner of this workshop. When he said this, he still did not put down his finger that poked his heart, which was actually a hint.

   indicates that his second sentence is still related to the "oral contract".

  The master of Bru, the master of the it related to the verbal contract?

   There was a conjecture vaguely floating in Angel's mind, but he felt that this conjecture was a bit absurd.

  ——The master of the workshop should be the master of Bru?

   It shouldn't be.

  Angol did not ask this sentence, but nodded slightly to the little old man to express his gratitude.

   The little old man waved his hand and stepped back. After making sure that Angel didn't pay attention to himself, he rushed out of the store.

   Angel didn't care too much about the cautious attitude of the little old man. There is a difference between apprentices and ordinary people; from wizards to apprentices, the gap is even bigger, comparable to the moat.

   In addition, many wizards have naughty personalities, the cautiousness of the little old man is normal among apprentices.

  Angol ignored the little old man who left, but turned around and said to Bruno No. 2: "Take me to the master of the workshop."

  Blu No.2 paused for a second: "Please wait a moment, I need to contact the owner to make a decision."

   For the next period of time, Bru No. 2 seemed to be down, standing dumbfounded.

   It wasn't until half a minute later that Bru No. 2 woke up. However, at this time, Bru No. 2's eyes were not as dull as before, but a little more agile.

  Bru No.2 looked at Angel up and down as if seeing Angel for the first time.

   After a while, Bru No. 2 said lightly, "Are you introduced by Bru?"

   As soon as he heard Bru No. 2 speak, Angel guessed that the alchemy puppet in front of him should have changed the "inner core".

   "You are the master of Bru?" Angel asked rhetorically.

  Bru No. 2 nodded: "Yes... I probably know what you are looking for from me, come on, I will wait for you at the back of the workshop."

After   , Bru No. 2 lowered her head, and two seconds later, when she raised her head again, the agility in her eyes disappeared, and she returned to the normal state of an alchemy puppet.

   "Dear guest, the host has enabled the guest to go to the workshop laboratory, please come with me."

  Bru No. 2 bowed to Angel, then took the gesture of leading the way.

  Angol did not refuse either, and followed Bru No. 2 to the side of the workshop hall.

   After a curtain, they came to a wooden corridor.

   walked forward for about twenty meters, and after passing a corner, Angel saw a laboratory with an open door.

   "This is the master's laboratory." Bru No. 2 stopped at the entrance of the laboratory and did not seem to intend to enter.

  Angol looked at the laboratory, especially after sensing the surrounding magic pattern circuit, and after confirming that there were no dangerous traps, he stepped into the laboratory.

   As soon as he entered this pure white laboratory, Angel immediately smelled a strong herbal smell.

   Following the source of the herbal smell, Angel looked over.

  I saw that on one side of the laboratory, there was a large boiler with a transpiration of a colorful mist, and all the herbal smells came from the boiler.

   However, Angel cares more about the person standing by the boiler than this witch soup making boiler.

   It was a girl in a large wizard robe, with long pure white hair and green eyes...

  Anthracene, no.

   is a boy.

   (end of this chapter)

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