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Chapter: 3013


   Chapter 3013 Transformation

   Hearing that Angel said that he wanted to buy witch soup, Lucia's expression was stunned for a while, but she soon burst into a smile.

   Others buy witch soup, and she doesn't feel anything. But Angel is an assistant at Ashriere College, and he is also a revolutionary warlock who learns potions from the potion master. The other party can see her potions. This is her affirmation!

   Moreover, Angel also specifically said that he bought "Lucia" witch soup.

  This made Lucia feel very at ease.

   However, Lucia still pretended not to care, and said lightly: "Oh? Which do you want to buy?"

  Angol did not answer immediately, but first asked about the prices of different witch soups.

   Among them, the highest price is Xiaocao No. 2 Decoction, which costs 399 magic crystals for a bowl. But thinking that this decoction increases the value of mental power, the price is very cheap.

   In addition, the witch soup in the flower series is also relatively expensive, the most expensive of which is the mushroom witch soup, which is priced at 299 magic crystals.

  The Witch Soup with Mushrooms has obvious flaws. The reason why the price is so high is because it is exclusively for witches.

   This highly targeted witch soup is often at a premium.

  Fortunately, Angel is not interested in the most expensive witch soup in the flower series. What he wants to buy is—

   "Five bowls of Lucia Flower Heart Witch Soup, ten bowls of Lucia Grass No. 1 Witch Soup."

  Flower Heart Witch Soup, the effect is to open up the blockage and rebuild the energy circulation in the body. This decoction Angel is not needed, but it can be taken to the Wilderness of Dreams and handed over to the hunters of the evil hunter group. Because the demon hunter relies on the power of evil demons, once the internal energy is blocked, it is easy to lose control. With Huaxin Witch Soup, it can reduce the degree of loss of control.

   Of course, Angel can also control the power tree to save people who are out of control, but this is not a long-term solution, and Angel can’t keep an eye on them all the time, so prepare some Witch Soup to be prepared.

   As for Xiaocao No. 1 Witch Soup, this kind of decoction that forcibly restores energy, Angel probably won't use it. But he intends to prepare a bowl for Ermi. Ermi's energy system comes from the awakened demon. This energy system is undoubtedly powerful, but no matter how strong it is, it will be suppressed by the will of the other world.

   Just like Angel going to the abyss, although he can also recover his magic power by meditation, the recovery speed is extremely slow. This is the suppression of the will of another world.

  Er fans also have this situation, in the wizarding world, his recovery ability will be reduced.

  If you really run out of ammunition and food, there is at least a chance to fight the last battle with Xiaocao No. 1 Witch Soup.

   Of course, not all the ten bowls of Xiaocao No. 1 witch soup are for Earl's fans, and Angel also intends to save some for the boy in the pot.

  The effect of Xiaocao No. 1 Witch Soup is to squeeze the potential to restore energy, but if the method is clever, it can also become a cluster of fire.

  The boy in the pot is from the cold world. Because he has been soaked in the sea of ​​empty mirrors for too long, he has become a hollow man.

   In this case, it is very difficult for him to re-cultivate mind power... After all, he has forgotten how to practice.

   And Xiaocao No. 1 Witch Soup, at this time, can become the fire that ignites the path of cultivation.

   It will forcibly squeeze the potential of the young man in the pot, allowing the mind power to refill the young man's body.

   At this time, of course, it is not enough for the young man to re-enter the cultivation path. Xiaocao No. 1 just returned the power of thought. The key to his re-emergence is Lucia's Witch Soup.

   Cooperating with "Flower Heart Witch Soup", it is enough for the body of the young man in the pot to build the cycle of mind power, and this is the key for him to find the practice again!

   It can be said that the blessing of these two witch soups to the boy in the pot can be called tailor-made.

  If Angel hadn't encountered these two witch soups, even if he knew how to restore the young man in the pot, he wouldn't bother to look for it.

   But since I have encountered it, and the price is reasonable, and it is not only useful for teenagers, it is natural to buy some reserves.

"Xiaocao No. 1 witch soup is a bowl of 149 magic crystals, and Huaxin witch soup is a bowl of 199 magic crystals. The total is 2485 magic crystals. I can decide to give you a fraction and count you 2000 magic crystals." Lucia Quickly gave a price.

  Angol: "...This is a fraction of a percent?" Isn't this directly the price of a bowl of Xiaocao No. 1 witch soup?

   Lucia raised her head and said arrogantly: "I am the boss of Lucia's workshop. I said it was a fraction or a fraction."

   After a pause, Lucia suddenly changed the conversation: "If you feel that you have wiped too much and you are uneasy, why don't you find a time, let's exchange alchemy experience, and come to pay these odds?"

   Looking at the "scheming" in Lucia's eyes, Angel can confirm that this sentence is her real intention.

   Well, alchemy exchange... If it was another alchemist, Angel wouldn't be very interested, but Lucia can exchange it.

   Although Lucia's behavior is a bit off-line, but on a technical level, it is still very desirable. The flower series and the grass series can make Angel's eyes shine, which can be seen.

   Therefore, Angel didn't care about Lucia's scheming, nodded and said, "Yes."

   With Angel's answer, Lucia's eyes lit up.

Although she didn't think she would be weaker than the teaching assistant at Ashriere College, the academic alchemists have always had no dead ends in terms of knowledge. For her kind of problem, she can only figure out any problem by herself. For the wild school, help Definitely going to be huge.

   Lucia took the disposable space soft bag handed by Angel with a smile. After confirming the number of magic crystals in it, she quickly took out fifteen bowls of witch soup.

  After the money and goods were received, Lucia immediately began to inquire when Angel was free.

   When she learned that Angel was free now, Lucia immediately decided to find a quiet place to have a good conversation with Angel!

  The workshop was full of talkative people, and the new medicine was still being refined in the boiler at this time, so it was uncomfortable to communicate. Lucia thought about it and decided to go to the reception room of the hotel with Angel.

  There is a field of anti-prophecy and anti-snooping, and there is also a laboratory dedicated to the refining of medicines, which can be said to be the best place for communication.

   As for the new medicine in the workshop boiler, Lucia directly handed it over to the alchemy puppet. Anyway, she can remotely control the puppet after the time comes.

After    made a decision, Lucia and Angel left the workshop.

On the way to the travel hotel, Lucia said to Angel: "You said just now that Red Sword Dox will also come to Fanxing Street, so the platinum card and flash diamond card will be given to you, which will save you from running more. One trip."

   "Not only Dox, but also several apprentices." Angel was going to say that besides the apprentice, there was also a senior. But after thinking about it, forget it. You don't need to tell him about Earl Black's situation. Everyone knows the situation of Noah's family. As long as people come, Lucia will naturally know.

  Lucia: "If you are an apprentice, go to the mission hall at the end of the block and find the guild master there to apply for ordinary membership directly."

   In fact, Angel can also go to the mission hall to apply for membership, but there are only ordinary members... Bru asked Angel to come to Lucia, which means that Angel is a member worthy of a higher level.

   Of course, it wasn't that Bru's eyesight was good enough to see Angel's identity. But Angel did not hide his breath. For official wizards, the Didia family will open the door of convenience.

   This is not just the Didia family. The formal wizards are treated more than apprentices. This is a rule that will naturally be followed without convention.

  Lucia: "By the way, Wizard Jon should know how to activate the membership card, right?"

  Angol nodded, the way to activate the membership card is to enter his pheromone into it. To put it bluntly, this is to add an identification code to the faction discrimination field.

   "It's good if you know it, and it saves me a lot of time." When Lucia said this, she seemed to think of something and said, "Speaking of which, you have seen the Sharon witch, right?"

  Angol nodded. At noon, Witch Sharon pointed out that Bru approached them to collect pheromones and deliberately made them suspicious of each other.

  According to Bru's statement, this Sharon witch did this not against Angel, but purely for fun.

   This witch is a typical entertainer.

"When Witch Sharon was applying for membership, she learned that she was going to inject pheromones into her membership card, and she immediately started to find fault, saying that we were targeting her. I told her for a long time, and it was both truthful and reasonable. , I wasted most of my time, and she reluctantly believed it... I was so mad at me, I knew that I would not let Bru go to pick her up. "

   "So, it's better to be someone who knows how to do it. Unfortunately, those who know how to do it are all wizards from big organizations, and this type of wizard knows the chaos in the Guman Kingdom and rarely comes here."

   Speaking of this, Lucia glanced at Angel, and although she didn't ask, she already understood the meaning.

  Angol: "Although the Guman Kingdom is in chaos, it has not yet reached the time when it must be avoided. If you want to come, it will come naturally."

   Lucia naturally didn't fully believe Angel's words, but she couldn't really investigate Angel's intentions. After all, it was a matter of privacy. She hinted a little that Angel's willingness to give an ambiguous answer was already goodwill.

   Soon, they walked out of the workshop.

   The moment he left the workshop, even Angel didn't notice when he heard a clear male voice:

   "Finally I can exchange it back!"

  Angol looked back and saw that "Girl Lucia" had become "Young Lucia".

   It's not the kind of half change, but a complete recovery of the man's body, the height has also been stretched to nearly two meters, the long white hair has also become short hair, and the soft face is a bit more angular.

  Although his eyes are still a bit divisive, the whole person looks no longer feminine.

   Lucia saw that Angel was looking at him, his eyes flashed, and he quickly said: "I came back after leaving the workshop, don't report me. Besides, you signed a verbal contract."

  Angol: "Since you have signed a verbal contract, what are you afraid of?"

   Lucia said in a low voice, "You are the teaching assistant of Ashriere College, you, you are a big man, a big man has to keep his word."

   Lucia stammered when she spoke.

  Anger felt amused and shook his head: "I didn't say I wanted to report you. I'm just a little curious, you don't seem to care about changing from male to female?"

  Angol also knew that some male wizards would turn into witches to participate in tea parties. As far as he knew, Ness had done this, and Ness had also said that Sanders had... ahem.

   Anyway, this kind of thing is not uncommon. After all, the tea party is a grand event, and it is normal to want to participate.

   But most male wizards have some obsessions, or some shame, even if they transform, they will try to make themselves completely unlike themselves.

   There are even some people who specially find people to customize their skins, voices, dresses, etiquette, so that people must not recognize themselves.

   As for transforming in front of people, it is even more impossible.

   But Lucia seems to have no such troubles at all, not only transforming in front of Angel, but also the instant transformation from the workshop to the bustling street.

   Now it is a night market, people come and go, so he completed the whole process of turning a woman into a man.

   No grudges at all.

   Moreover, when Lucia became Lucia, there was no major change at all, except that the outline of the face was slightly softer, which was almost the same.

   As if for fear that others might not know, Lucia and Lucia are the same person.

   This is not the same as the "witch" that Angel knew.

   "Why should you care?" Lucia looked at Angel suspiciously: "I don't look ugly when I become a witch."

   Angel could clearly perceive that Lucia's emotions were really doubtful.

   He couldn't understand why Angel asked that because his female appearance was ugly?

  Angol was stunned for a moment, then smiled in a low voice: "No, your witch doesn't look ugly."

   Lucia raised her head: "That's fine, I wish everyone knew what Lucia looked like."

  Angol can see that Lucia really thinks so... Also, he casually asked an apprentice in Lucia's workshop before, and the apprentice obviously knew about Lucia's situation.

   Even apprentices who pass by at random know Lucia, so it can be seen that what Lucia said is really what she thought.

   It’s good to not care about other people’s opinions like this, and to go your own way… a bit like Nausicaa.

   However, Nausicaa is much more mature than Lucia.

   Just when Angel was thinking to himself, a sudden noise came from the entrance of the block.

   Lucia glanced at it, didn't care, and continued to take Angel to the travel hotel.

   However, not long after they stepped into the travel inn, they saw Bru flying over with an anxious face.

   In Lucia's puzzled eyes, Bru quickly said: "Oops, Bilon Tree Court was attacked!"

  Lucia: "The Bilon Tree Court was attacked, what does it have to do with the glory of our stars?"

  Bru glanced at Angel and hesitated.

   Lucia waved his hand: "It's okay, just say it."

  Bru sighed and said softly, "The person who launched the attack came out of Fanxing Street..."

   Lucia's pupils shrank, and she subconsciously cursed out a dirty word.

   "What's going on?" Lucia just finished asking, and seemed to think of something, and said, "Forget it, we said on the way, let's go to the Bilon Tree Court to see."

   After Lucia finished speaking, he looked at Angel with apologetic eyes.

   Before he could speak, Angel waved his hand: "It doesn't matter, this matter is more important. There is always time for communication."

   Lucia quickly thanked him, and then, without waiting for Bru to react, he pulled it and ran towards the entrance of Fanxing Street quickly...

   (end of this chapter)

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