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Chapter: 3014

blue orangutan

   Chapter 3014 Blue Gorilla

  After Lucia left, Angel stood in place and thought for a while, then turned around and walked towards the entrance of Fanxing Street.

   He was going to visit the tree garden of Bilon.

   Angel was a little curious about the attack on the Bilon Tree Court. However, this curiosity is not enough to make him take the initiative to blend in.

  The reason why he went to the Tree Court of Bilon was mainly to find Kael.

  Kael has not returned to Fanxing District, and he is only an apprentice, and he is slightly affected by the changes in Bilon Tree Court, and there may be accidents.

   However, if Kael has already reunited with Dox and the others, there is no need to worry too much. Moreover, Angel believes that with Kael's cautious style, there is a high probability that there will be no problems.

   But he is not a prophecy wizard after all. Just in case, Angel still intends to go and see for himself.

   As he walked towards the entrance, Angel was also secretly pricking up his ears, listening to the conversations of the surrounding people.

  Because of the changes in the outside world, many extraordinary people who knew about Fanxing District hid in one after another. That's why there is a riot at the entrance.

  These superhumans who hid in, after breathing a sigh of relief, also chatted about the outside world with their close friends.

   From their fearful expressions, it can be seen that the attack on the Bilon Tree Court was by no means a small incident.

"I just took a fancy to a bottle of potion. I went to Bilon Tree Court to compare the prices of commodities outside. I was attacked. It's really bad luck." At the door of the store, my companions murmured, "I ran too fast, and the broom accidentally fell outside. I hope no one will pick it up."

"I'm luckier than you. I took over the mission in the mission hall. When I came to the logistics support department to get the supplies, I found a mess outside and immediately hid back." The fat man who also wore a black robe, red-brimmed uniform and glasses The witch, showing a happy look.

The entrance of   Fanxing No. 13 is just behind the building of the Bilos Logistics Support Department. From this point of view, the fat witch is indeed better luck than the petite witch.

   "By the way, I just took care of one person and sneaked away. Do you know what happened to the attack outside?" the fat witch asked the petite witch.

The petite witch shook her head: "I don't know the specifics. Anyway, I heard that the guild area has been destroyed. When I ran back, I saw a huge shadow like a hill. I don't know. What kind of monster is walking in the direction of the council."

   "Council? This is the six major buildings. Are the attackers going to go to war with the Bilos family?"

  The six major buildings of the Bilos family are the six major official institutions on the bright side, namely: the Council Chamber, the Mission Hall, the Logistics Support Department, the Chamber of Commerce, the Guard Building, and the Signal Tower.

   This is just an official organization with heavy functions on the surface, and there are many official organizations that have not been listed, such as the teleportation hall, the mediation house, the clan tree... and so on.

The "destroyed guild area" mentioned by    the petite witch is not an official institution, it is more like a community street. There was an attack there, and the Bilos family might not do well.

   But if the Council was attacked, it would be equivalent to slapping the Bilos family in the face, and the consequences would be big.

   Next, the two witches were talking about all kinds of unfounded speculations and the feeling of being in a group that was afraid, and Angel did not continue to listen.

   went forward for a while, and Angel also heard more information from the passers-by.

   What the petite witch "heard" is indeed true. The attackers destroyed several leading guilds in the guild area, including the Shark Star Pureblood Society, the Kewei Alchemy Bureau, the Magical Creature Seminar... These are not official organizations, and there is no wizard organization behind them. They are private guilds, but There are many participating members, and the influence of the Bilon Tree Court is still very large.

   And now, the residences of these guilds have all been destroyed by a huge orangutan.

  Although from the passers-by, Angel did not know what species this giant orangutan was, but it should be the shadow as huge as a hill that the petite witch said before.

  What the petite witch "heard" was true, but what she saw with her own eyes and guessed it didn't happen.

   Although the giant orangutan walked in the direction of the council chamber, it was not going to the council chamber, but the arena.

Next to the Senate is the Arena. The Arena is not a building, but a large area. There are a rented magic experiment ground, a gambling arena, and a duel arena dedicated to resolving grievances. , there is also a nominal building of the Sky Tower, just the nominal name, there is no Sky Tower.

  The vast majority of buildings in the arena are also private places. The unknown gorilla was doing damage there, and although it was considered a slap in the face of the Bilos family, it was not unforgivable.

  Angol secretly guessed that perhaps the attackers were also afraid of the Bilos family? Otherwise, it would definitely be offended to death, and it would be right to pick the six major buildings instead of picking the guild area first and then going to the Arena.

  But if you are really afraid of the power of the Bilos family, why would you attack the Bilon Tree Court? This is contradictory.

   Perhaps the attackers had other ulterior motives?

  Angol thought for a while and continued to walk forward. Soon, he came to the entrance of Fanxing Street.

   He did not leave immediately, but stood silently in the corner.

  Because more people gathered at the entrance, most of them came back from outside judging from their expressions and emotions.

   After returning to the safe place, he breathed a sigh of relief, and his desire to talk began to rise.

   Some comrades-in-arms who also fled, naturally gathered together to tell their experiences. Of course, there are also some people who don't deal with each other, and they spit fragrance at each other here.

   Although it is very noisy, the information is more complete.

"You don't know, under the terrifying pressure of the orangutan, I couldn't run fast at all, and was almost trampled into a patty by the hairy beast's feet. God bless, fortunately I met a kind-hearted Egyptian Mr. Kes, otherwise I will explain it here today." Not far from Angel, a man in a monk's uniform said to his companion nun with lingering fears.

   "You also met Mr. Aikes?" Just after returning from outside, a middle-aged apprentice with a face full of life after the disaster, stopped after hearing the words of the man in the monk uniform.

   "Yes, Mr. Aikes pulled me out of the pressure, otherwise I wouldn't be able to run away." The man in the monk uniform didn't know the middle-aged apprentice, but he replied.

"Me too, I was in the tree house and didn't know what was going on outside. When I heard the noise, I ran to the window to have a look. Before I could see the situation outside, I was kicked by Mr. Akers. Kick fly, I was still very angry at the time, but in the next second, that terrifying blue gorilla stomped on the tree house where I lived." The middle-aged apprentice took a long sigh: "If it wasn't for Akers Sir, I don't think I can survive."

   "Mr. Akers is such a good man."

   The middle-aged apprentice's sigh was not only responded by the man in the cultivator uniform, but there were also many extraordinary people around, who also had lingering fears.

   Obviously, it was not only these two people who were helped by this "Mr. Ax", but there were also many people who were more or less helped by Ax.

   However, Angel was completely at a loss as to who this Mr. Akers was.

  Angol didn't pay attention to Ax's affairs, and only regarded it as a kind person who stood up in disasters. Instead, he continued to listen to other people's conversations to see if there was any new information.

  Speaking of which, the middle-aged apprentice also provided a piece of information: gorillas are blue.

Before   , Angel was still vague about the mountain-like gorilla, but some figures of the blue giant orangutan had already appeared in Angel's mind.

   "Who the **** is the attacker? Is it just that ape? I don't think that ape doesn't seem to be intelligent. Someone must be behind it, right?" Someone nearby asked.

   "I don't know about this, but someone must be manipulating it behind the scenes."

  Everyone was talking.

   Their words made Angel a little puzzled, because Bruker had clearly told Lucia that the person who launched the attack had walked out of Fanxing Street.

   These people don’t seem to know? How does Kebru know?

   In other words, did Bru also guess the person behind the attack through the gorilla? Bru has seen that gorilla?

  When Angel was guessing secretly, everyone's guesses were getting farther and farther away.

  Some people say that it was the enemies of the Bilos family who came to take revenge; some people say that it was King Guman’s slaughter action; some people say that maybe the orangutan just got lost and came to the tree garden of Bilon?

  There are different opinions, but basically they are not reliable.

At this time, a man in a wrinkled trench coat walked out from a nearby shop with a signboard of "Treasure Office". He was very handsome, but he was heavily burdened, with a lot of stubble on his chin and dark circles under his eyes. Heavy, looks like he has been depressed for countless days and nights.

   After he walked out of the store, he leaned against the door frame, took out his pipe, and listened to more and more mysterious guesses while smoking.

   "Why do you think the attacker must be Bilos' enemy? I don't think so." The man said.

   Everyone looked at each other, and when they saw the speaker, some of them sneered: "Why, what is Sherlock's opinion? Is it a new conspiracy theory, or a new paranoia of persecution?"

  The man known as Sherlock said with an unfathomable expression: "I'm not a conspiracy theory, think about it carefully, did the blue gorilla in your mouth destroy the official building of the Bilos family?"

   Someone said: "No, but that doesn't mean anything."

Sherlock: "Why can't you explain anything? Are the official buildings of the Bilos family stronger than those in the guild area? To be honest, many buildings in the guild area are newly built, especially the Alchemy Bureau, which uses The latest defense technology in the Sky Machine City. Its sturdiness is much stronger than the buildings of the Bilos family that have not been repaired for many years."

   "If the attackers really want to fight against the Bilos family, their goal is definitely to put the official buildings first, not these newly built buildings."

  Although some people have opinions on Sherlock, what he said is not without reason.

   Someone stood up and asked, "Then what do you think is the reason?"

   Everyone looked at Sherlock, as did Angel. Some of his guesses are very similar to Sherlock, but he is a visitor to the Bilon Tree Court after all. This Sherlock seems to have stayed in the Bilon Tree Court all the year round and may know something.

   After attracting the attention of most people, Sherlock slowly exhaled a puff of smoke before slowly saying: "My idea is... this is a game."

   "Game? What game?"

   Sherlock squinted his eyes: "In order to clear the Bilen Tree Court, a Bilos family found out what happened in the Fanxing District!"

   Sherlock's words shocked everyone.

  If what he said was true, wouldn’t the Starry Street be unsafe?

   "Why do you say that? What evidence do you have?"

   Sherlock: "I have no evidence, but you can think about it carefully, what's so strange about this matter."

   "What's strange?" The man in the Taoist uniform, after whispering something, suddenly said: "There is indeed something strange."

   Sherlock's words didn't attract too many people's attention, but the man in the monk robe seemed to have a bit of prestige, and everyone looked at him suspiciously.

The man in the monastic uniform said softly: "First of all, what Sherlock just said was right, the attacker did not attack the official organization of the Bilos family, and the attack locations he chose were all places where the Bilos family did not have strong control. , isn't it obvious that you don't want to fight against the Bilos family?"

"But if you don't fight against the Bilos family, why did the attackers attack the Bilon Tree Court?" The man in the monastery said with a gloomy face: "My guess is that it may be to force us into the Starry Street. This is the Bilon Tree Court. Looking for the entrance to the Starry Street!"

   When everyone heard this, there was a commotion.

   At this moment, the man in the monk robe said another sentence, but this sentence caused the air to fall into silence.

   "There is another most crucial point, which you may not have noticed. What about the members of the Bilos family? Did you see the members of the Bilos family appear? Where did the wizards of the Bilos family go?"

  The man in the dojo just tapped it out, and everyone started to think carefully.

  Yes, when they escaped, they only saw the guards, but these guards, like them, were all apprentices and did not have a formal wizard.

   It stands to reason that the Bilos family is rooted in the Bilon Tree Court, and their headquarters is also in the Bilon Tree Court, where wizards gather. Once the Bilon Tree Court changes, how can these wizards not be aware of it?

   If there is a powerful monster attacking, the members of the Bilos family must have noticed it immediately and began to think of a solution.

  Otherwise, what is the majesty of the tree garden of Bilon? Where is the prestige of the Bilos family?

  The loss of prestige is not only shameful, but also very likely to cause other extraordinary people to lose confidence in Bilon Tree Court and dare not come here again. This loss will be great.

  In this case, unless the intruder is so powerful that the Bilos family cannot resist, they will definitely stand up.

   Is the attacker strong? powerful.

   But the gorilla wasn't too strong to deal with either.

   How could the Bilos family be timid?

   Since it is not cowardice, it is very meaningful that the strong man of the Bilos family did not appear on the battlefield.

   At this moment, in the description of Sherlock and the man in the monk uniform, everyone thought of the only possibility—

  The Bilos family and the attacker are in the same faction!

   Only then does the whole thing make sense.

   And the reason why the Bilos family did this may be just as Sherlock guessed: through the route they fled to, find the starry district!

  The faces of everyone changed greatly.

   "We became pawns... They used us to find the Starry Street!"


   "The people of the Bilos family are so vicious!"

  The air at the entrance was filled with indignation, but when everyone was filled with righteous indignation, Angel walked towards the outside world with a speechless face...

   (end of this chapter)

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