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Chapter: 3015

Guild District

   Chapter 3015 Guild District

  Angol saw Sherlock's face with certainty, as if everything was under control. He originally thought that he had really met a wise man. As a result, the man's reasoning was wrong from the start.

   However, that's not all Sherlock's reason.

   After all, most of the wizards of the Bilos family went to the ruins of the garden labyrinth, and this matter was concealed from the public. Now that the outside world is chaotic, the reason why there is no large force of the Bilos family to stop it is because they are not in the Bilon Tree Court at all.

  Under the condition of not knowing this matter, looking at the attack from the outside world, it is indeed foggy, and the reasoning will be misleading.

   Therefore, I can't blame Sherlock, it can only be said that the information is not equal, resulting in all subsequent inferences being wrong.

   But then again, whether it was Sherlock or the man in the monastery, there was some reasoning right.

   First of all, the attackers had no plans to fight with the Bilos family, which should be correct. Also, even though the main force of the Bilos family went to the ruins of the garden labyrinth, there must still be wizards left behind. These wizards did not appear on the bright side, and there were some problems.

Angel's guess is that either the staying-behind wizards are afraid of the possibility of "leaving the tiger out of the mountain", fearing that after they show up, the core area will be empty and the attackers' tricks; or, the staying-behind wizards have other things to do, such as... They uncovered the mastermind behind the attack.

   The attack of the blue gorilla was definitely not accidental, there was an instigator behind it.

   And this instigator, according to Bru, was a man from Starry Street. The wizards who stayed behind may have discovered this and were at a stalemate with the instigators.

   As for what the man in the monastery had guessed: the attacker and the Bilos family belonged to the same camp?

   This should be unlikely. Even though the Bilos family does not have much control over the guild area and the arena, these two areas are both in the Bilon Tree Court and are part of the Bilon Tree Court. Unless the Bilos family wants to be completely in power, there is no need to fish so hard.

  Does the Bilos family want to take over the power of the tree garden of Bilon alone? think. But impossible.

  Because the major wizarding organizations also have their bases in the Bilon Tree Court, the Bilos family really wants to take control of the power, but they have to completely confront the major wizarding organizations. Is this possible?

  It is not necessary, and there are major wizarding organizations here, in a sense, the Bilon Tree Court will be safe.

   Therefore, it is absolutely impossible that the attacker and the Bilos family are of the same camp.

  But...some members of the Bilos family, will they collude with the attackers? It is possible.

   After all, the attack came just after the large force of the Bilos family left, which was too coincidental. Obviously, there are also problems within the Bilos family. Even if there are no betrayers, there must be speculators. Otherwise, how could the news of the departure of the large army be leaked so quickly.

   There is one more thing that the man in the monastery had guessed: the Bilos family did this to find the Fanxing Street.

   This is also nonsense.

  Anger believed that most members of the Bilos family did not know the entrance to the Starry Street; but Angel was also convinced that the Bilos family must know that there was a Starry Street in their wizard market.

   After all, the affairs of the Didia family are not a major secret in the wizarding world, especially in the Guman Kingdom. The Bilon Tree Garden has been cultivated here all the year round. Would they not know about Didia? How can it be.

   Therefore, Bilon Tree Garden should have acquiesced in the "home" of Starry Street.

   Of course, the Bilos family must have negotiated with the Didia family behind this.

   All in all, the Bilos family knew about Fanxing Street. After all these years of getting along, they never had a head-on conflict with Fanxing Street. How could they hurt themselves eight hundred just to find the entrance to Fanxing Street?

  Angol even doubted whether Bru got the news so quickly, and whether it was passed down to him by the Bilos family.

   However, there is something strange about this attack, there should be no doubt about that.

  Angol was puzzled, what would the attacker do? There should always be a purpose in an attack. What is the purpose of the attacker?

  Angol shook his head and put his chaotic thoughts aside for now. The most important thing now is to find Kael.


  Angol soon came to the entrance of the outer starry district - the cleaning room of the Logistics Support Department.

   The cleaning room at this time was not as neat as it was at the beginning, there was a mess everywhere, and even the threshold of the door was trampled.

   It can be seen how chaotic it was when everyone ran to the Starry Street before.

  To be honest, even without this attack, Angel didn't think the location of the cleaning room was safe. It is estimated that the senior members of the Bilos family may all know the existence of the cleaning room, but they just turn a blind eye to this place.

   After leaving the messy cleaning room, Angel came to the grove outside.

   As soon as he entered the grove, he saw a broom on the ground not far away.

  The broom is very delicate, the tip of the handle has a design similar to a small crescent moon, and there are bells hanging on the crescent moon…

   From the pheromone left on the broom, Angel sensed the smell of the petite apprentice before. It is estimated that this is the broom she left behind in a hurry.

  This broom is not a good thing, it's just a vehicle for a witch apprentice. Angel glanced at it and walked over to the depths of the grove.

  Although the location of the entrance to Fanxing Street is bold and directly backed by the official building, the address is rather remote. It belongs to the edge of the Bilon Tree Court and is still some distance from the center of the Bilon Tree Court.

  Angle walked towards the center of the Biron tree garden, while sensing the remaining pheromones around him, looking for the smell of Kael.

  During this process, Angel also encountered many apprentices who escaped from the center. All of them, without exception, had fear on their faces.

   From them, Angel could vaguely sense a violent pressure.

   Such violent and completely unrestrained oppression doesn't seem like the work of a wizard, should it come from that blue gorilla?

  Angol had a somewhat sloppy attitude, but he couldn't help but take a bit of solemnity.

  Although he believed that Ekael's prudence should not be involved in this unwarranted disaster, but he was not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

   Thinking of this, Angel quickened his pace.

  Among the people fleeing, Angel's retrograde was very conspicuous and attracted the attention of some people. However, although everyone has doubts in their hearts, when the disaster is imminent, no matter how curious they are, they can only hold back their minds and run away.

   Soon, Angel came to the area closest to the grove, the guild area.

   Here, if the refugee said, it has already turned into a ruined wall.

   At a glance, there are broken buildings everywhere.

   However, although almost every building here is damaged, only a few are really destroyed. Other buildings are only partially damaged.

   But the few buildings that were completely destroyed were the leading guilds in the guild area, and their buildings were also the ones with the largest area, so when they were destroyed, the place looked very "ruin".

  Look at the scattered falling rocks, abandoned buildings, and people fleeing. Angel thought for a while, and then shouted in a low voice: "Quickling, look for Kael's breath. Ermi, cover up."

  Souling has been turning into wind all the time, swaying around Angel silently. Hearing Angel's order, there was no hesitation. After responding with the sound of the wind, it turned into thousands of breezes and dispersed towards the surroundings.

   And Ermi didn't show his true body, just let Angel's shadow boil continuously, and soon, the boiling shadow completely surrounded Angel.

   Angel, who was transformed into a shadow, directly merged into the night.

   After a few ups and downs, Angel came to several places in the guild area where there were obvious mourning sounds.

The source of the    wailing sounds were basically people who were hit by damaged buildings, and most of them were ordinary people. Even if the extraordinary is hit, there is a way to escape, but ordinary people often have to work in vain.

  Angol controlled the magic hand, rescued the crushed ordinary people, and then gave him a certain amount of treatment depending on the situation. At least, give them basic mobility.

   Although the rescued people did not know who they were rescued, they sensed that the wounds on their bodies were healed, and they naturally understood that there were extraordinary people who rescued them in the dark, and they thanked the air one after another.

   But Angel left when they thanked them.

  Anger moves forward all the way, and will give certain assistance to those who are in difficulty. And as he went deeper into the guild area, he discovered a fact that made him a little puzzled.

   There are not many people asking for help. So at the beginning, Angel thought that many people had died in the ruins.

   But as Angel released his mental power and carefully explored the surrounding ruins, he discovered that very few were crushed to death in the ruins.

   In other words, apart from the building of the head guild, the damaged buildings in other places did not crush anyone at all. At most, like just now, a few ordinary people were smashed.

   And the buildings of the head guild, that is, the Shark Star Pureblood Club, the Alchemy Bureau, the Seminar of Magical Creatures... In these buildings, there were serious casualties.

   Among them, the pure blood of Shark Star will be the most serious.

   Among the buildings of the Alchemy Bureau and the Seminar of Magical Creatures, only the ones close to the Shark Star Pureblood Club were completely destroyed, and not all other buildings were destroyed, at least there were screams for help. However, several buildings of the Shark Star Pureblood Club collapsed, and in these collapsed ruins, there was a dead silence.

  In Angel's exploration, it's not that there are no people buried below, but that all the buried people are dead.

   This strange situation made Angel unable to help crouch down and protruded elemental ripples toward the ground.

   Under the vibration of the elemental ripples, the ground began to become soft from hard, as if it had turned into a swamp.

   After a while, two corpses floated up in the "swamp".

   The original bodies of these two corpses are all third-level apprentices. With their strength, their status in the Shark Star Pureblood Club should not be too low.

   Angel carefully examined the two corpses and came to an unexpected conclusion.

   Neither of them died in a hurry. That said, the blue gorillas, while destroying the building, haven't made them mortal.

  The cause of their death was that someone replaced the knife.

   It is not visible on the surface, but the interior has been completely destroyed. What makes Angel most concerned is that the blood in their bodies is almost empty.

   It's like a corpse that was rumored to have been sucked by a vampire.

   "Sure enough, the blue gorilla is just an attack on the surface, and there are actually hidden backers who are making up for it."

  Who is the backhand for the fill-up? Is it the one who walked out of Fanxing Street as Bru said?

   Angel is temporarily unable to know. However, judging from the current situation of the guild area, it solved Angel's doubt.

   Previously, from the mouths of the other refugees, Angel really didn't hear the attacker's purpose.

   But now, the attackers are purposeful actions, and their first target is actually the Shark Star Pureblood Club.

   As for why he wanted to kill Shark Star, Angel didn't know. Could it be someone from the Shark Star Pureblood Club who offended the attackers before? So in revenge, made such a big move?

   The specific situation may only be known by finding the survivors of the Shark Star Pureblood Society. Or... wait until these dead superhumans become undead, and then we will know.

  However, no one knows when it will turn into a undead.

   Moreover, maybe these undead were sucked into the Quest world before they survived the tide of the soul and emerged from their bodies. So, it is unwise to wait here.

  Angol took a deep look at the corpse on the ground, and with a flash, he disappeared into the ruins.

   By the time Angel reappeared, he had already arrived in the business district.

   This place is not as dilapidated as the guild area. From the outside, the commercial area has not been damaged at all, and the protective measures of the shops are still in operation. However, almost all the people here have run away, and the streets are empty, like a dead street.

  Angel came to the business district because it was the road leading to the Arena.

   After the blue gorilla left the guild area, it went straight to the arena and would definitely pass through the commercial area.

   And that's true...

   On the street in the business district, Angel saw the huge footprints sunken on the ground.

   Needless to say, these are the footprints of the blue gorilla.

  It is very interesting that the footprints of the blue gorilla are in the middle of the road, avoiding the shops on both sides.

   It can also be seen from this that the attacker did not destroy at will, and his goal was very clear. Going to the guild area is for the Shark Star Pureblood Club. As for other places, at most, it will only be affected, but not destroyed.

  Look at the business district, not even a single building was destroyed, it must be controlled intentionally.

   But then again, the raider’s goal in going to the guild area is very clear, so what goal did he go to the Arena for?

   Are there people from the Shark Star Pureblood Club in the Arena?

   While thinking about it, Angel quickly came to the footprints in the center of the street.

   The footprints are very large. An ordinary adult lay flat in it, and it takes four or five people to fill it up. From this, it can be seen that the size of the blue gorilla is really like a mountain.

   Judging from the shape of the footprints alone, Angel could not analyze the origin of the gorilla.

   However, near one of the footprints, Angel found some clues.

   There are messy pheromones near this footprint, and there are several other imprints on the ground that go deep into the ground. Judging from the imprints, it should be the footprints of two people and a few handprints.

  Angol looked at the various imprints on the ground and unconsciously made up a picture.

  Someone was running away and accidentally fell, and a vain handprint was formed on the ground. When he was about to get up and continue running, he found that the gorilla's feet were about to fall on him.

   At this critical moment, someone stood up and not only blocked the gorilla's footsteps with some kind of tool, but also pulled him out of the gorilla's feet.

  Because another human footprint went deep into the ground, it was obviously bearing some kind of huge force, probably left behind when it stopped the gorilla from landing. There is also a drag mark on the ground, which should have been left when saving people.

   This brain-filling picture reminded Angel of the experience told by the man in the monastery when he was in Fanxing Street.

   He seemed to be about to be stomped into a patty by a gorilla at that time. At this time, a man named "Ex" stood up and rescued him.

  So, this might be the imprint left by that Mr. Akers when he saved people?

  Angol didn't know whether his brain supplements and guesses were correct, but it didn't matter. He came here not only because he found these prints, but also because he saw a hair here.

  Blue hair.

   (end of this chapter)

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