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Chapter: 3016


   Chapter 3016 Guardian

   This blue hair is slightly smaller than an adult's pinky finger, about half a meter long, and is quite conspicuous on the pitch-black ground.

   Ingres noticed it from a distance.

   He carefully summoned a magical hand and picked up the hair from the ground.

   Without waiting for Angel to analyze the composition of the hair, Angel immediately sensed the violent coercion that remained on the hair.

   This kind of coercion was something Angel had sensed on those palpitating refugees before. Undoubtedly, from the nature of this coercion, it can be judged that the blue hair came from the gorilla who attacked the tree garden of Bilon.

   However, Angel was more concerned about some kind of strange power lingering in the hair than the remaining coercion on the blue hair.

   "The power of the inscription... Moreover, the power of the inscription is still wrapped around the erosion of the will of the world."

  Angol was actually not that familiar with the power of inscriptions, because inscriptions were not a prominent study in the Southern Regions, and were oppressed and controlled by extreme sects.

   However, although he is not familiar with the power of inscriptions, he is very familiar with the power of inscriptions that obscure the will of the world. After all, at the beginning, in order to delay Jon's decline, Angel found various methods, but in the end, only the power of inscriptions of this nature could be somewhat effective.

"This special power of inscriptions to cover the erosion of the will of the world is generally only used on alien stowaways, or important otherworldly creatures... Why does the hair on the blue gorilla have such power?" Angel He murmured in a low voice, and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes: "Is that gorilla a monster from outside the domain? If so, will the attacker this time also be related to the outside force?"

   If this is the case, then the Starry Street will be overturned this time.

   After all, the attackers came from the Fanxing District, and if there are foreign forces in the Fanxing District, let alone others, the extremist sect will not let the Didia family go, and even the preachers may be implicated.

   For the time being, I don't think about the follow-up matters. Just as far as the things in front of me are concerned, Angel always feels strange everywhere.

The first target of the    attacker was the Shark Star Pure Blood Club, which Angel had already deduced. However, is it worth fighting against a private guild like the Shark Star Pureblood Club?

   Moreover, the monsters used are very likely to be foreign monsters. Isn't this naked courting death?

  Anger can't figure it out... Or, the Shark Star pure blood will be just a small target, and the real target of the attacker has not been exposed?

  While Angel was thinking, a breeze came from a distance and blew his sleeves.

   "Quick Spirit?" Angel felt the familiar breath and said.

   A very thin thought came from the breeze.

  Anger understands that this is indeed the speed spirit, but it is divided into thousands, and a small wisp of wind cannot carry enough consciousness, and can only give feedback on actions according to the established orders.

   And the order of this breeze is: lead the way.

The object of    leading the way is naturally Angel.

  Although Angel couldn't get detailed information from this little breeze, since Speed ​​Spirit sent it to lead the way, he should have made some discoveries.

  Angol did not continue to stay in place, but followed the wind that led the way and moved forward quickly.

   The further forward, Angel's expression became more solemn.

   Because he found out that the wind that led the way took him to the direction of the arena... Could it be that Kael was really involved in the attack, right?

   Thinking of this, Angel's face changed, and the speed under his feet became faster.

  The breeze and shadows are invisible to the naked eye in the darkness, only the sounds of hunting and screeching can be heard, passing away in mid-air.

   Half a minute later, Angel fell to the ground.

   Seeing the surrounding scene, Angel relaxed a little, because the breeze did not take him to the Arena. At this time, their location happened to be the Bilos Chamber, which was one of the six official buildings that everyone said before.

  The breeze brought Angel to the door of the council hall.

   At this moment, Angel already understood what he meant without the breeze to speak.

   The pheromone of Kael remains on the armrest of this huge arch lined with iron.

   However, from the pheromone concentration above, it should have been left half an hour ago.

  Because there is a special protective magic energy array in the conference hall, Su Ling couldn't enter it to investigate, so he could only find a gust of wind to find Angel.

   "The council room was closed, and it should have been closed recently." Angel grabbed information through the energy flow of the magic energy array, "It is estimated that after the attack, someone deliberately closed the magic energy circle of the meeting room."

   It is not closed from the outside, but from the inside, and this magic energy array is controlled by a secret key... This means that the people who seal the magic energy array should be the people of the Bilos family.

  I thought it was to avoid the attack of the blue gorilla.

   This magic energy circle is well drawn, but it is much weaker than the magic energy circle of the underground water channel. Angel can even find the gaps in the magic energy array in the underground water channel, not to mention the magic energy array in front of him.

   In less than half a minute, Angel found the gap in the energy circuit.

   He didn't even use the external array disk, he just stopped the energy flow for a second and opened the door.

  After the door was opened, Angel didn't lock it, he just set up an illusion to cover it up, and walked inside the council hall.

   After entering the conference hall, the first thing you see is a corridor that is not very long. At the end of the corridor, there is a rotunda that is sunken by about three or four meters.

  The hall is surrounded by a high platform that is 15 meters high. On the high platform are a circle of seats. These seats are the seats of the councillors. In the middle of the high platform, there is another platform raised by five meters. There are three seats on this platform, namely the chairperson and the two deputy chairpersons.

   You don’t have to think about it, you are sitting on the highest platform and looking down, it’s like you are king over the entire council hall.

   This is a deliberate use of height difference to create the Weihe atmosphere.

   Angel had heard Dox say before that the Chamber of the Biron Tree Court also had the function of a "judgment court". Judging from the current environment, he really felt this way.

   Below the hall is the "suspect", and above the hall is the "judge".

   However, at this time, the council hall was quiet. The tables and chairs in the sunken hall were all messy. It seemed that something had happened. The people here fled unexpectedly, causing the council hall to become very chaotic.

  Angol stood in the center of the hall and closed his eyes to perceive it.

   "Kael's breath has stayed here." Angel looked around and noticed that the wisp of the breeze incarnation of the speed spirit was hovering on the fifteen-meter high platform at this time.

  Angol was stunned for a moment, and as soon as his toes pressed hard, the shadow floated up the high platform along the dark.

   On the high platform, Angel found the place where the breeze lingered, which happened to be a long corridor. Near the corridor, Angel also sensed Kael's breath.

"Almost forgot about the speed spirit." Angel murmured in a low voice, the speed spirit was much sharper than him in terms of perception of breath. He was still looking for Kael's pheromone in this chaotic breath, and the result was A wisp of Swiftness has found its way.

  Angol shook his head and followed Su Ling into the corridor.

There are a lot of rooms in the    corridor, but the speed spirit wandered all the way, completely ignoring the surrounding rooms.

   When Angel first encountered the room, he would also sense the breath, but after confirming that Suling's judgment was completely correct, he did not waste time. Let Suling lead the way, he only needed to judge whether there was a mechanism.

  Souling took Angel all the way to a corner of the corridor and stopped in front of an oil painting.

  Angol did not perceive any breath in this oil painting, but Kael's breath did disappear around here. And not only Kael, but also many other chaotic pheromones disappeared around here.

   And the only strange thing about this corner is this oil painting.

  In the oil painting is a tilted golden scale, one side of the scale is a symbol of a new sapling, and the other side is a stack of weights.

   Angel carefully observed for a while, and found that the oil painting was integrated with the surrounding magic energy array, and the weights in the oil painting had obvious traces of energy.

   After making a little judgment, Angel reached out and touched the weight.

  As the fingers come into contact with the weights, the weights in the oil painting seem to be activated, shimmering faintly.

   Moreover, Angel's finger moved, and the weight moved with it.

   He removed the three weights on the scale, allowing the sapling of the scale to reach a balance with the weights.

   As the tilted scale regained its balance, a halo centered on the oil painting spread out and covered the entire wall.

The moment the    aura is completely integrated into the wall, a new passage is opened.

As soon as the    channel was opened, Su Ling flew in. After a little induction, Angel decided that there was no mechanism inside, so he followed.

   This new passage is not very long, and it soon reaches the end, and at the end is a staircase that turns downward.

  There are obvious messy footprints on the stairs, and the pheromone nearby is also very chaotic. There is no doubt that everyone who escaped from the council hall should have gone here.

  Angol did not hesitate and started down the stairs.

   Two minutes later, Su Ling took Angel to a new corridor.

   This promenade looks no different from the previous corridor, except that the oil lamps here are more dim and dark, and the depths are dark.

  Angle stepped into the corridor while sensing the magic energy arrays on both sides.

   Before taking a few steps, Angel stopped.

The reason why    stopped was not because he found Kael, but because the speed spirit sent him a feedback... There was someone ahead.

   And, this man seems to be walking in his direction.

   A few seconds later, Angel heard footsteps. The footsteps were heavier than ordinary people, and they were especially clear in the silent corridor.

   Soon, the footsteps came from far to near, and came to the vicinity of Angel.

  Through the dim light, Angel saw someone coming...

   It was a shirtless man. Although he was not wearing a coat, he wore an "X"-shaped black rivet leather hoop on his chest, and a black-red cloak on his back.

   In the light of the light, the light reflected by the rivets, and the oily light reflected by his strong muscles, complemented each other.

   At first glance, it looks like a Spartan warrior.

  The only difference from the Spartan warrior is that he is not wearing crotch shorts, but a pair of tight black leather pants.

   As for the face, brown long curly hair, red eyes and freckled face... Compared with the philosophical dress, the shiny body is really dwarfed.

   "Shadow?" The muscular man looked at Angel: "No, you are a shadow wizard?"

  Angol did not deny it, but said lightly: "Who are you? Where are the people in the council?"

   The muscular man was obviously afraid of Angel, who was covered in black shadows, and asked cautiously, "Are you from the Bilos family?"

   "No, I'm here to find someone." Angel paused: "It's your answer."

   The muscular man hesitated for a moment, and then he said, "My name is Ax..."

   "Ax?" Angel was stunned for a moment. Why did the name sound a little familiar.

   The muscular man Aikes seemed to notice that Angel's tone was a little different, and asked, "Do you know me?"

  Angol was silent for a moment, then said, "Have you seen him?"

   Angel's voice fell, and the shadow around him slowly struggled and changed, forming a slightly blurred shadow.

   If he was from the Fanxing District, he would definitely be able to recognize the identity of the other party immediately. It was the man in the monastic uniform who matched Sherlock before.

Aikes looked at the familiar shadow and seemed to think of something: "I saw him in the business district before, he fell and was almost hit by the orangutan that was destroying everywhere. I pulled him. You are to find him?"

   Hearing Ax's words, Angor's mind came to the footprints of the business district, as well as the words of the man in the monastery in the Fanxing Street.

   corresponds exactly.

   The savior the man in the monk robe said should be the Aix in front of him.

   Moreover, from the mouths of other people in Fanxing District, Angel also knew that Aix saved a lot of people.

   From the mouths of those people, it can be known that they are no strangers to Aikes, it seems that Aikes was originally a person in the starry district.

  Angol shook his head and said, "No, I just heard about you from him. Listening to him, you saved a lot of people."

  Ax was stunned for a moment, reached out his hand and scratched the back of his head, and said with a smile: "It's just a matter of course."

  After laughing, Aikes asked Angel carefully: "You said you were looking for someone just now, don't know who you are looking for?"

  If Aix's emotions are not deceiving, Angel can be sure that he should be a more "sincere" person. This is in line with his behavior of saving people.

  Angol thought for a while and said, "There should be a lot of people before the council room, where are they now?"

  Ex: "You're not here to hurt them, are you?"

  Angol: "...No, I'm here to find someone, someone who was in the chamber before."

  Ax thought for two seconds: "They're at the end of this corridor, and I'm protecting them... If you're looking for someone, I can take you there."

  Angol looked at Aikes: "No, I just need to let it go and have a look."

  Angol summoned the incarnation of the swift breeze to the vicinity.

   "The incarnation of the wind element?" Aix's eyes lit up: "It's just an incarnation, but it's so pure and powerful."

  Ax can tell the essence of Speed ​​Spirit at a glance, and it can also be seen from the side that his strength will not be weak. Although Angel has not been able to determine what type of wizard the other party is, there is no doubt that he is definitely an official wizard.

   "Can you?" Angel asked.

   "Of course." Akers said without hesitation. Rather than letting Angor, a powerful wizard, pass over, Aix prefers the incarnation of this wind element.

   After all, the threat of the incarnation of the wind element is not great, and it will not harm the people he guards. And Angel, a wizard who knows no good or evil, may pose a threat instead.

   In fact, Angel also took this into consideration, and decided to send Speed ​​Spirit to investigate. Now with the consent of the so-called "Guardian" Aix, Angel directly let the speed spirit pass the other side and enter the dark corridor...

   (end of this chapter)

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