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Chapter: 3017

female warrior

   Chapter 3017 Female Warrior

   About three minutes later, new footsteps came from the end of the corridor.

  Ax thought it was the person Angel was looking for, so his expression didn't change. But Angel, who was hidden in the shadows, frowned.

  Because it was the footsteps of two people.

  Ex didn't know whether Angel was looking for one person or two people, and there was nothing unusual about hearing the footsteps of the two people. But Angel was very clear that he was only here to find Kael.

   And among these two different footsteps, one of them... Angel can be sure, it is Kael. But another footstep sounded, slightly dull, not the footsteps of anyone Angel knew.

  Angol thought to himself: Could it be Kael's friend?

   suppressed the doubts in his heart, and Angel put his eyes into the dark corridor.

  I don’t know why there are two footsteps, but as long as you find Kael, as for unexpected things, Kael will naturally explain after leaving.

   Soon, two figures appeared under the dim light.

  No surprise, one of them is Kael, his robe has obvious folds, his hair is messy, and he looks like he has encountered some kind of crisis.

   However, Angel was not surprised by Kael's messy appearance.

  Cail, except when he encounters the ruins, will burst out with astonishing enthusiasm, other times he belongs to the kind of nerdy scholar, and he is sloppy all the year round. The current appearance is actually no different from the noon time, but it looks decadent, which is actually the normal state of Kael.

   was the person next to Kael, which surprised Angel.

   It was a red-haired woman with a hot body and wild charm.

   She is an ordinary person, but her dress is not ordinary.

   is wearing armor, but unlike Nausicaa's soft armor skirt, her armor is wooden fence rope armor, which has basically been eliminated in the complex continent where iron smelting is developed.

  Because the Muzha rope armor has a lot of gaps, in order not to be exposed, she wears an animal skin trousers and a short animal skin skirt.

The   wood armor, animal hide lining, and the three paint-smeared bars on her face made her look like a female warrior of a primitive tribe.

   Of course, dressing up in primitive armor would not surprise Angel. What really surprised him was that the emotions of this "female warrior" were very interesting.

  'Female Warrior' was close to Kael, and she was a little cautious when she saw Angel and Aix.

   These are just superficial emotions, but Angel can clearly perceive that her emotions towards Angel are 'comfortable' and Ax's emotions are 'warning'.

   It's normal to be wary of Akers. But showing pride to Angel, what's going on?

   The emotion of 'complacent' is an emotion that only acquaintances have. That is to say...she has a good chance of knowing herself.

   Was that what Kael said?

  Angol looked at Kael again, and when he saw it, he found Kael's mood was also very strange.

   Kael's emotions when facing Angel are normal, and when facing Aix, it is gratitude, but facing the "female warrior" holding his arm, Kael is a little helpless.

  The emotion of helplessness is also divided into praise and criticism, and Kael's helplessness belongs to the helplessness of "compliment".

   This is fun.

Angel looked at the 'female warrior', and the other party also stared at Angel carefully, and immediately retracted nervously... Looking at the other party's movements, and perceiving her emotions that were completely inconsistent with her behavior, Angel vaguely guessed it. her identity.

   On the other side, after seeing the people coming, Aix said to Angel: "Are they the people you are looking for?"

  Angol did not speak, but looked at Kael: "Is he the one who protects you?"

  Ax frowned, asking this in front of others was actually very rude. But he just frowned and didn't say much.

   Kael has long recognized Angel. Although Angel is in a shadow state now, he still knows Ermi, not to mention, he is also familiar with Speed ​​Spirit.

   Therefore, when asked by Angel, Kael nodded without any hesitation: "Yes, Mr. Akers is a good person. He has been protecting us. Moreover, he has also saved many people outside."

   Kael spoke very sincerely, not only with sincerity in his words, but also in his emotions. It shows that in Kael's eyes, Aix is ​​indeed a good person.

   However, the emotions of the ‘female warriors’ beside Kael were somewhat disapproving.

  Angol didn't ask about the 'female warrior', just glanced at her lightly, and then set his eyes on Aix: "I'm sorry."

  Aix waved his hand and said politely: "It's okay, the situation is urgent now, it's good to be a little cautious."

  Angol smiled: "In any case, I am very grateful to Mr. Aikes for protecting them. What I am looking for is indeed them."

   "That's good, just find someone." Exton paused and asked, "Then what are your plans next?"

  Angol glanced at Kael and the 'female warrior', and said lightly: "I'm going to take them out of here first. I wonder if Mr. Aikes agrees?"

  Ackers said quickly: "You don't need to ask my opinion about their whereabouts. I just rescued some people and prevented them from suffering catastrophe."

  Ackers said it very sincerely, at least in the emotions that Angel felt, the other party was indeed sincere.

  Angol: "Then... I'll take them away now?"

  Ax nodded and said in a worried tone: "Okay... You must be careful when you go out."

  Angol glanced at Kael and the others, and motioned them to leave with his eyes.

   Kael was very cooperative, but the female warrior was a little hesitant, but in the end she followed Kael to Angel.

  Angol nodded to Aix, then turned and left.

   However, just after Angel took a few steps, he seemed to have thought of something, and turned to look at Aikes: "By the way, I have a question for Mr. Aikes."

  Ax was stunned: "What's the problem?"

   "What do you think about the attack on the tree garden of Bilon?"

  Ax's expression paused, and he wondered, "Why are you asking me?"

Angel: "I've been looking for them all the way, so I haven't been in contact with the attacker yet, I haven't seen the blue gorilla, and I don't know what the specific situation is... And Mr. Akers Since you saved a lot of people from the threat of that gorilla, you must have some understanding of the attacker, right?"

  Ax always felt that there was something in Angel's words, but after careful analysis, it seemed that there was nothing worth talking about.

Although Aix felt a little awkward in his heart, after thinking about it, he still replied: "I only saw that gorilla, it is very strong, but it doesn't seem to have a goal, as long as you don't provoke it, it will not bite. People don't let go. That's why I can save some people. As for the others...I don't know."

   He lied.

  Angel sensed from Aix's emotions that he was lying. This is also the first time that Angel has noticed a lie from his sincere thoughts.

   However, Angel didn't dismantle him, he just looked at Aix deeply, then thanked him, then turned and left with Kael and the female warrior.

  Angol's figure soon disappeared into the darkness.

   In Ax's perception, the group of people did leave along the stairs.

However, looking at the backs of them leaving, Aikes frowned slightly, as if thinking about something. After a while, he sighed softly, turned around, and walked slowly towards the group of people he was protecting. go.


   was speechless all the way, and it was not until they came to the hall of the Senate that Angel spoke for the first time.

   "Kael, what do you think of the wizard named Aix?"

   Kael was stunned for a moment, not knowing what Angel meant, but he still replied seriously: "I saw him when I was outside. He saved a lot of people along the way. I think he is a good person."

   "Good guy?" The female warrior snorted coldly, "That's why you think he's a good guy."

   Kael glanced at the female warrior in embarrassment, not knowing how to respond.

  Anger also shifted his gaze to the female warrior. Under the gaze of the other party, Angel said lightly, "Then what do you think about this lady 'Red Sword'?"

  Angol deliberately emphasized the word 'red sword'.

   Hearing Angel's words, Kael's eyes flashed with surprise. The female warrior was stunned for a moment, and then showed a charming smile: "That stupid goose named Aix didn't find my identity. I didn't expect that, but you recognized me."

   The female warrior approached with a smile, trying to reach out and hold Angel. However, Angel was directly avoided.

   "It's ruthless, I waited for that gray merchant under the sun in the garden maze for a long time in order to spread a message to you~" the female warrior said coquettishly.

Angel: "A heroic and valiant female warrior will not show such expressions, let alone speak like this. Or, are you planning to go the succubus route? If that's the case, then you shouldn't become this kind of female warrior. , at least take off the wooden fence outside."

  The female warrior stared at Angel for a while, and finally rolled her eyes: "...boring."

   As she said, the figure of the female warrior slowly changed, and soon, she began to draw strips and elongated. The wooden fence rope armor was transformed into a plaid vest, and the animal skin lining became a burgundy shirt and black trousers. The crisp face began to become tough and masculine, and the long red hair became short.

   In the blink of an eye, he changed from a heroic warrior woman to a masculine and handsome man.

   The red hair is still the same, and the sword is attached to his waist.

   is "Red Sword" Doakes.

After    returned to his original appearance, Doakes looked at Angel lazily: "Speaking of which, how did you recognize me?"

  Angol: "If I don't even recognize my subordinates, I don't deserve to be the boss."

   Doakes was stunned: "I didn't say I wanted to be your subordinate! I just promised to do things for you!"

  Angol: "It's not the same."

  Doakes: "It's different, we have to make this point clear. My nature is at best a mercenary... um, or half a follower, not a little brother!"

  Angol ignored Doakes, turned his eyes away, and looked at Kael: "Why are you in the House of Representatives?"

   Doakes: "Hey, did you hear me?"

  Angol still ignored it, still staring at Kael.

  Kael hesitated for a moment and said, "I received Lord Hongjian outside, but the Lord said to buy some materials for making swords, so we went to the commercial area."

   "Afterwards, there was a sudden loud roar from the guild area. Before we could react, an attack happened..."

After   , the entire Bilon Tree Garden fell into chaos, fleeing and hiding. Although the shops in the commercial area had protective measures, they were not enough to see the hill-like gorilla. Therefore, the stores began to close one by one, the owners and customers were on the run, and Dox and Kael also planned to leave.

   But at this moment, the gorilla that ravaged the guild area arrived at the commercial area.

Because Carel and Doakes had already reached the edge of the business district at the time, they were completely unaffected, but many people did not escape, and were soon shrouded in the coercion of the gorilla, causing their movements to become stagnant. .

  Fortunately, the gorilla didn't care about the people on the ground, so he didn't go after him, he just walked all the way to the arena.

   Of course, not everyone is so lucky. Some of them fell in the middle of the road because of coercion, which happened to be on the way of the gorilla.

   When someone was about to be trampled to death by the gorilla, Akers appeared.

   not only leaned against the gorilla's foot with a spear, but also rescued the group of people who couldn't move because of the coercion.

  Kael: "The gorilla went to the arena later."

  Angol: "It wasn't angry because Aix blocked it?"

Kael: "I was angry and attacked Mr. Aix frantically, but Mr. Aix was very strong and was not caught by the gorilla. And the gorilla seemed to have other more important goals, Although I hated Mr. Akers, I finally changed lanes and went to the arena without chasing after him."

  Angol touched his chin: "Why did you go to the Senate after that?"

  Since the gorillas didn’t chase them, and they themselves had already fled to the edge of the business district, shouldn’t it be time to go to Fanxing Street, why did they come to the Senate near the Arena?

  Kael: "I originally wanted to go back to Fanxing Street, but Lord Hongjian insisted on following Mr. Aikes for some unknown reason..."

"Because many people who escaped from the business district entered the Council, Mr. Aikes also came to the Council and took the initiative to undertake the protection task. Master Hongjian and I followed Aikes to the Council at that time. ."

  Angol: "Dawkes also became 'Ms. Red Sword' at that time?"

   Kael nodded: "Yes."

   Angel turned to look at Doakes after he had a general understanding of the situation.

Doakes seemed to know what Angel wanted to ask, and said softly: "Don't listen to Kael's stupid words, seeing that Aix saved a few people, he thought he was a good person... My intuition told me that the There must be something wrong with Kes! I was going to take a closer look, so I followed."

   (end of this chapter)

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