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Chapter: 3064

Evening Bell Church

   Chapter 3064 Evening Bell Church

   Angel is no stranger to time thieves.

  Time thieves will look for and mark potentials who are talented and may embark on the path of truth in various worlds, and then achieve the purpose of self-sublimation by stealing the choices of potentials in the face of important moments in life.

   Earl Black: "I don't know if the time thief is a 'miracle' creature. But it is already the most powerful creature I know that is related to time."

  Angol is actually not quite sure whether the time thief is a miracle creature, but there is a high probability... yes.

  Because the goal of "pursuing the path of truth", although it is the vision of all wizards, it is estimated that only miracle creatures are really qualified to seek. And since the time thief is constantly pursuing the path of truth, it means that he has obtained the qualification to seek, and it is a miracle creature.

   Moreover, Angel had seen more than one legendary wizard, and also asked them about the time thief, and their answers were also ambiguous. Although there is no clear answer, it is certain that in the eyes of legendary wizards, the time thief is also a legendary figure.

  According to what they said, the time thief can quickly cross the space and time. One second may be in the wizarding world of the Western Land, and the next second he will be in the wizarding world of the southern region.

   This kind of quick transfer, although the special world can be used as a shortcut, but according to rumors, the time thief did not take shortcuts, he relied on his own strength to transfer.

   This is not something legendary wizards can do.

Angel had read Crowley's diary. As a legendary wizard, Crowley wanted to come to the Southern Territory from the Origin World without relying on extraneous means, but he could only slowly cross the endless space and time. Years are counted.

   Therefore, the personality of a time thief is supreme in the eyes of this group of legendary wizards.

   With a high probability, it is really a miracle creature.

   Earl Black: "Even if it is a powerful existence like a time thief, according to rumors, he still does not have absolute control over time."

   Therefore, it may be difficult for miracle creatures to have absolute control over time.

   "Everything is impossible, just because of what I have seen and heard." Angel whispered.

Earl Black did not refute: "You are right, maybe I don't understand it, it's just because of my ignorance. However, I believe that if there really exists an existence that can completely control time, that existence is definitely not what we have. I can guess."

  An ant cannot imagine the human world, nor can he guess human emotions.

  The ants do not understand why sometimes they are trampled to death by one foot, and sometimes those footprints deliberately avoid them.

  Humans may know, but ants certainly don't.

  The gap between ants and humans is the gap between humans and those who master time and may exist in higher dimensions.

   Doakes: "In the current time system, since they can't completely control time, what are their abilities?"

   Earl Black pondered for a while, as if he was considering his words.

   After a long while, Earl Black said, "As far as I know, most of the abilities of the time system are internalized."

   "Internalization?" Doakes' face was full of doubts, what is internalization?

   Earl Black: "Internalization is the ability that is difficult to distinguish with the senses."

   Count Black said at this moment, controlling the free elements in the air, condensing a flaming flame in front of him. As soon as the flame auxiliary appeared, it changed rapidly, and finally turned into a fireball with majestic power.

   Without warning, the fireball rushed towards Doakes at an extremely fast speed.

   Doakes didn't seem to see the fireball approaching.

   Seeing that, when the fireball was about to hit Doakes' head, there was a bang, and several sword lights flashed, and the fireball was directly cut into several fireworks by several sword lights, fell to the ground, and disappeared.

   Doakes still didn't seem to move, but everyone knew that it was Doakes who drew his sword and smashed the fireball with the sword light just now, but his speed was so fast that he seemed to have not moved.

   Count Black didn't care about the fireball being smashed, and just asked, "What ability am I using?"

   Doakes thought for a while and said, "Fire control tricks in trick tricks?"

The    trick trick is a level 0 trick that can create a lot of tricks that seem magical to ordinary people, but are actually not very useful.

   Regarding Doakes' answer, Earl Black did not say right or wrong, but condensed a wave of energy again, which also turned into a sphere and flew towards Doakes.

   Doakes still easily intercepted.

   Count Black asked again: "What ability did I use this time?"

   Doakes did not hesitate, and said directly: "Although the trajectory of energy cannot be captured by the naked eye, but from the perspective of energy, it can be seen that this is a series of spiritual force controlled by spiritual force."

  Spiritual power continuous bombing is an application skill of mental power. Judging by the standard of juggling, it can only barely reach level 1 juggling, but there are very few people who can release mental power in the apprentice realm. Either the natural mental strength is high, or it is the peak of the apprentice; also because the threshold is too high, and the income is too low, so this method is basically not considered a trick.

   Earl Black nodded: "You're right. Whether it's fire control tricks or psychic bursts, this is an apparent ability. With the naked eye or an energy perspective, you can capture its trajectory and confirm its essence."

   "The opposite of explicit ability is internalized ability. You capture its trajectory, and you can't identify its essence."

   "Ax's ability is an internalized ability. That's why you can't judge what Ax is."

   Of course, it is not only the ability of the time system that is internalized. It is difficult to judge the essence of the ability in many departments. Conceptually, it can be regarded as internalization.

   Moreover, time-based wizards don't think that their ability is internalization... The word internalization is just coined by Earl Black for the convenience of explanation.

Doakes said thoughtfully: "According to the meaning of the adults, Aix's continuous slash is also regarded as internalization? It is also a time-related ability? It's just because the essence of energy is not obvious, so I can't make it. Correct judgment?"

   Earl Black nodded: "That's what it means."

After listening to    Doakes, his doubts were not resolved, but deepened.

   He really couldn't think of the ability of time to "slash". In his opinion, Aix's streak was bestowed by the wild god, which is more likely.

   Count Black turned to look at Angel: "The second question you asked before, how did I judge that Aix is ​​time-based? The answer is... even slash."

   For Doakes, the most unbelievable and most unlikely answer was the basis on which Earl Black judged Aikes.

   This made Doakes a little unacceptable, looking at Earl Black eagerly, waiting for his explanation.

  Angol and Vai also looked at Earl Black curiously. For non-blood wizards like them, it is really difficult to feel empathy from the "blood art" such as "Lian Slash", so it is not as uncomfortable as Doakes. What they want to know more is, why is Lian Slash a time-based ability?

  Although the knowledge of time is very precious, since Earl Black has already said this, he has no plans to hide it... I saw him exhale a long breath from his nose, and then, the memory of the past slowly emerged.


  About the time-related ability - continuous slash.

  This information, Earl Black actually didn't get it for a long time.

   When Mr. Monchi found that he was abandoned by the time thief, he began to be suspicious; he no longer played steadily as before, but began to take a slanted sword on the road to becoming a legend.

   In the end, he chose to use the blood of the descendants of the demon gods to sublimate and develop his own legendary path.

  It was also at this time that Munch invited many wizards, hoping to get support.

   At that time, Earl Black was also invited.

   For Munch, he cares about Earl Black's choice, even more than most other wizards.

  Because Earl Black is a loner.

   Although Earl Black is the patriarch of the Noah family, he is the only one who dominates the Noah family, and almost all the people below are salted fish. In the eyes of the Munch wizard, these descendants are completely discardable.

   And in the eyes of the outside world, Earl Black did exactly that. He left the clones with the descendants, but he actually had his own conspiracy... And this conspiracy, in Meng Qi's thoughts, may be the blood of his relatives to achieve himself.

  In this way, Earl Black is alone, and he will not have any burden to make any choice.

   Even said that if Meng Qi really got the bloodline of the descendant of the demon god, he would also be able to be promoted, and the Black Earl could completely ignore him and kill him. It doesn't matter if he can kill or not, anyway, he has no burden and can run at any time.

   Unlike other top wizards, they basically have their own careers.

  Like Rhine, he will care about the people in the Savage Cave, because of this, he will be greatly hindered.

   Therefore, in Munch's view, Earl Black is an unstable variable, more noteworthy than top wizards such as Rhine and Poseidon.

   Although Earl Black was invited, he did not attend the meeting held by Earl Black, which made Munch even more uneasy.

   A lot of things happened later, and after many twists and turns, Munch finally used a "flower of frost" in exchange for the promise of Earl Black: not to interfere with the actions of the Frost Moon Alliance in the abyss.

   In fact, Monkey is too worried. Earl Black never thought about what to do to Monkey. Everything is Monkey's brain supplement.

   But I have to say that Munch's brain supplement also brought benefits to Earl Black.

  The Frost Moon Alliance has two treasure houses, which are also the highest rewards of the Frost Moon Alliance, namely the Frost Moon and the Moon Chapter.

  The Blossom of Frost is a treasure secret realm, where there are various materials obtained by the Frost Moon Alliance after reclaiming the wasteland.

The chapter of    Moon contains the knowledge collected from various planes, which can be called the "pan-plane library".

   It can be said that whether it is Frost Blossom or Moon Chapter, it is very attractive to all wizards in the Southern Region, even the Black Earl.

Speaking of which, Angel was also awarded the reward for entering the Frost Moon Chapter by Meng Qi, but Angel never dared to go... After all, Meng Qi's intention is not to let Angel get the reward at all, but to be uneasy Kindly take this as an excuse to invite Angel into the urn.

Count Hei is different from Angel. He went there generously. Even if Meng Qi really wanted to plot against him, he could easily escape with the ability of Count Hei... Besides, Count Hei didn't go there on his own, he used A clone. Therefore, there is absolutely no fear of any threat.

   Count Black went to Frost China. In Frost China, he got a mysterious invitation. This invitation was a ticket to enter the special secret realm "Evening Bell Church".

  The Church of the Evening Bell, located in the void of the abyss.

   is a peculiar building with a strong religious sense. The origin is unknown, the owner is unknown, and whether it is an abyss building is unknown.

  The only thing we know is that the Evening Bell Church has incredible power and extremely strict rules.

  If you want to enter the Evening Bell Church, you must get an invitation letter.

  If you forcibly enter the Evening Bell Church without the invitation letter, you will completely lose yourself and become an ignorant bell watcher of the Evening Bell Church.

   But if you enter the Evening Bell Chapel with an invitation, then you will have the right to be exempt from being lost - only one temple.

   That is to say, you can visit one of the main halls when you enter the Evening Bell Church, as long as you leave before the evening bell rings, you will not get lost.

  There are many secrets hidden in the Evening Bell Cathedral, even if you only go to one hall, you can get a great harvest.

   If you can go to the Sanctuary Center, it is said that you can get more immunity.

   It’s just that after entering the Evening Bell Church, it will be randomly teleported, and you have no right to choose at all.

   "After I entered the Evening Bell Cathedral, I was teleported to a place that has not been recorded by my predecessors." Earl Black was silent for a moment, then said slowly: "However, it is not any hall, but a... groom's room."

   "The groom's room is very small, just like an ordinary home. Although there are many furnishings, they are basically useless household items."

   Just when Earl Black lamented the injustice of his fate and thought he had bad luck, a lantern hung on the gate radiated a bright light.

When the    light enveloped Earl Black, a lot of information came over.

  According to the information, the horse lantern in front of him has the ability to illuminate the sea of ​​memory.

   To put it bluntly, he can reflect the scenes in his memory, and he can do whatever he wants in his memory.

  What is meant by "do whatever you want in memory"?

   For example, if you duel with an old enemy, and you lose in the end, you are unwilling; you can use the lantern to illuminate the scene of the battle at that time, and you can simulate the battle with the old enemy infinitely in your memory. Through repeated battle simulations, you can improve your combat ability and the winning rate against your rivals.

   This is a serious example of how to use a lantern, of course, you can also go the wrong way.

   Anyway, you can do whatever you want. "Do whatever you want" is completely possible, but everything is in memory, not in reality.

  The ability of the lantern can be said to be very powerful, but unfortunately, the lantern cannot illuminate the memory of Earl Black.

  Because a memory node has been recorded in the lantern.

   And only the owner of the lantern can delete this memory node.

  Although Earl Black cannot delete this memory node, he can still use the lantern to experience this memory node, and it is an infinite experience.

  This memory node, there is no doubt that the memory contained in it must be the memory of the owner of the lantern.

   Count Black was also very interested in this lantern owner, so he entered this node, and... began an infinite number of repeated experiences.

   (end of this chapter)

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