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Chapter: 3065

time memory

   Chapter 3065 Time Memory

   A dark curtain enveloped Earl Black, and he closed his eyes subconsciously.

   When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a cramped stone room.

   The room was dark, but not pitch black. On the left wall was a wall candle covered by a white gauze curtain. The wall candle was still burning, and there was a dim light from the hole in the gauze curtain.

   With this little brilliance, Earl Black could see the surrounding arrangements.

  Wooden shelf with various daily necessities on it; a desk with several boxes on the table top; and the place where he was sitting at this time—a wooden bed with messy sheets on the bed.

   There was still warmth on the bed, where he had apparently slept not long ago.

   No... It's not him, but the owner of the lantern still sleeping here.

   Earl Black knew very well that at this time, he was just himself in the past memory of the lantern master. In other words, he was not Earl Black at this time, but "wears" into the body of the lantern owner in his memory.

  Because there was no such thing as a mirror in the room, Earl Hei couldn't see the appearance of the "master of the lantern", so he reached out and touched his face.

  I want to build the appearance of the owner of the lantern in my mind by blindly touching it.

   However, as soon as Earl Black touched his cheek, he realized something was wrong. The owner of the lantern wore a half-face mask on his face. The mask above the nose was completely covered. Except for the holes in the eyes, everything else was closed.

   Count Black wanted to forcibly tear off the mask, but only felt a sharp pain.

The    mask seemed to be branded on the face of the owner of the lantern, and it was almost attached to the flesh and could not be removed at all.

   Even if it is really pulled out, it is just a blur of blood and blood, and it is basically difficult to confirm the face.

   Count Hei thought for a while, and temporarily gave up on confirming the identity of the owner of the lantern, but prepared to take a look around in this "memory" to see how big it was.

   And, confirm why the lantern owner left this memory node.

   Come to think of it, the owner of the lantern left this memory node, it should be that there are some people or things in this node that make him deeply remember.

   Earl Black just stood up and was about to take action when he heard a loud voice outside. It seems that many people came out of the room.

   Hearing the movement outside, Earl Black had a guess in his heart: Perhaps, the person coming from outside was the reason why the owner of the lantern set the memory node at this moment.

  Thinking of this, Earl Black stood up and came to the door.

   He wanted to look through the hole above the gate to see who was outside.

   However, before he could see what was going on outside, a scarlet beam of light shot in from outside passed through his brain.

   The first time and space memory journey is over.

   Count Black, who returned to the groom's room, was in a trance for a while before he recovered from the shadow that was penetrated by his brain.

   So, in the past memory, the groom's master also died like this?

   No, it was me who died... The groom master didn't die, he must have survived, otherwise there would be no such memory.

   Count Black sensed the time and confirmed that the time in his memory was the same as the external time, and he was relieved. Because he has to get out of here before the bell rings, or he will be completely lost. The time flow is consistent, allowing him to estimate the current time more accurately.

  Because he couldn't leave the groom's room, and the most valuable thing in the groom's room was the memory in the lantern, so then Earl Black entered the memory of the lantern again.

   This time, Earl Black didn't sit still on the bed, but got up immediately and wanted to open the door to see what was going on outside. Before those people came, he wanted to go out in advance to hide.

   However, just as Black Earl opened the door, the familiar scarlet beam appeared again.

   In the scarlet beam, Earl Black seemed to be suppressed by a supreme pressure, unable to even move.

   Died again.

   Next, Earl Black used various methods to test, and each time ended in death.

  After dying dozens of times, Earl Black also concluded a rule.

   As long as he gets close to the gate, he will definitely be pierced by the scarlet beam.

   Even if he didn't get close to the gate, the gate would be pushed open by someone outside. At the moment when he pushed open, the scarlet beam would still arrive as promised and shoot him to death.

   Anyway, he will die anyway.

   Either court death early, or die in two minutes.

   In short, he can live in the room for two minutes at most, and he will be killed by the scarlet beam in the end.

   And who the scarlet beam came from, and what the people outside looked like, he couldn't see clearly...

   Count Black has been "reincarnated" many times, but he still can't see what's going on outside. It was as if there was a hidden law blocking his vision.

   Count Black also tried to use his own abilities to resist the scarlet beam... still not working.

  This body rejects external energy, and if you want to use the ability, you can only use the ability of this body.

   But Earl Black doesn't know anything about the abilities of the owner of the horse lamp. Even if he does, he may not know it. Therefore, in this piece of space-time memory, he is like an ignorant person whose hands and feet are bound and his mouth is blocked, and he can only passively accept the ending of death.

   But what Earl Black can be sure of is that the owner of the lantern must not have died during this experience. But what method he used to survive, Earl Black did not know.

   Count Black reincarnated several times in the memory of time and space. In the end, he had determined that it was impossible for him to survive the scarlet beam... So, Count Black did not go to seek death.

   Instead, he focused all his attention on the cramped house.

  Perhaps, there is a secret passage in this house? So the owner of the lantern can escape?

   After many reincarnations and rummaging, Earl Black has yet to find the secret passage; however, he found a scroll of manuscripts from the box on the desktop.

The    handwritten notes are so densely written that it is impossible to read them all in a short period of time.

   But Earl Black doesn't matter, anyway, he has two minutes of safe time every time he reincarnates. He watches a section every two minutes, and adds two minutes to everything, and he can always finish it.

After    and reincarnation ten times, Count Black finally read all the contents of the Codex.

  The manuscript uses ancient Mies writing records, which is a kind of extraordinary writing popular in the source world thousands of years ago, which is characterized by being able to express both meaning and representation at the same time.

   Earl Black has also learned, so there is no obstacle to reading.

The name of the    Notes is "Notes on Hermes' Practice", which tells about a wizard who calls himself Hermes, the joys and sorrows he encountered in the process of practice, and notes some difficulties in his practice.

  Guang Judging from some records, it is a very common practice handwriting.

  But if you look at the content of Hermes' practice, you will find that this manuscript is unusual.

  This a time wizard.

   To be precise, he was an apprentice of the time department. The practice notes recorded in the manuscripts are also related to various time-related abilities.

   It can be known that Hermes should have an inheritance. He mentioned his mentor more than once in his notes; and the handbook also recorded a lot of the time-related abilities he got from his mentor.

   For example: Fifteenth Eye, Second Scale, Continuous Slash, Time and Space Slash, Reappearance of Yesterday...etc.

   These are all time-based tricks.

   However, Hermes did not record how to practice these time tricks, but only recorded the name and the various problems he encountered during his own practice.

   In addition, Hermes also recorded many abilities of his mentor, one of which made Earl Black very familiar.

  This ability is described in Hermes' records as "a technique called miracle".

   is just called, it should not be a miracle, but it seems to be able to guess from this, Hermes' mentor may be close to a legend, or even a legendary wizard himself. Otherwise, Hermes should have said "the art of legend" rather than "the art of miracle".

   The name of this spell is - Time Memory.

  According to the records of Hermes, this spell allows people to do whatever they want in their memory.

   This reminds Earl Black of the information obtained from the lantern... The lantern has the ability to illuminate the sea of ​​memory, reflect the scenes in memory, and do whatever he wants in memory.

   This is exactly the same rhetoric.

   Moreover, it is certain that the information in the lantern should be left by the owner of the lantern.

  If the room in this memory is also the owner of the lantern, then the owner of the lantern is probably Hermes.

  It is impossible for Hermes to describe different spells with the same rhetoric, so maybe the spells contained in the lantern are "time memory"?

  After Count Black finished reading "Notes on Hermes' Ascetic Practice", he continued to rummage in the room.

  Unfortunately, no valuable information was obtained.

   On the other hand, under a stone lattice at the bottom of the bed, he found a dark secret passage... It seems that the owner of the lantern escaped from here?

   So, Earl Black tried to enter the secret passage.

   But unfortunately, every time Black Earl entered the secret passage, his memory would be ejected.

   is not an automatic exit after death, but a forced exit by the lantern.

   Earl Black is not stupid, and he quickly guessed the answer: the secret passage should be the boundary in the memory scene.

  At first, the owner of the lantern escaped from the secret passage.

   He simulated this memory, just to escape again? impossible.

  Since he was able to escape back then, there was no need for him to simulate the situation in the secret passage.

   The focus of this memory scene is the people outside the door and that scarlet beam!

  Perhaps, the owner of the lantern simulated this memory just to decipher the scarlet beam, or to find out the truth of being chased and killed back then?

The above    is the brain supplement of Earl Black.

   But if his brain supplement is right, maybe the outside scene should also be simulated.

   In other words, this memory scene is not only as big as the hut, it should also be possible to go outside. But the premise is that the scarlet beam can be cracked and the people coming from outside can be solved.

  Although Earl Black wanted to go outside and have a look, there might be more opportunities outside, but the scarlet beam was not something that Earl Black could decipher at all.


  The story of Earl Black is not only ups and downs but also long.

The reason why    says so much is to express a meaning tactfully: time is the hard-won of knowledge.

   Count Black can directly say the answer, but saying it like this will only make people feel cheap, and even take it for granted.

   Count Black didn't want to exchange knowledge for anything, but just wanted them to know that time is the preciousness of knowledge.

   These implied meanings, Earl Black did not express, but both Angel and Doakes could understand.

"In the Chronicles of Hermes' Cultivation, Lian Slash is mentioned." Earl Black said, "Although the Lian Slash here is exactly the same as the bloodline side skill in terms of external performance; but he is not the bloodline side skill. It's the ability of time."

  Although Earl Black said so, both Doakes and Angel were still a little confused. How did the time-related slashing happen? Why is it time-based?

   Soon, Earl Black gave the answer—

   "Lian Slash, in the eyes of the bloodline wizard, is a special skill that can only be released after the physique and blood energy have reached the standard. It has high requirements on the wizard's physical heritage."

   "But in the eyes of time-based wizards, it's a completely different matter. It's a power intercepted from time."

  Lian Slash is recorded in Hermes's handbook as follows: When attacking the enemy, there is a probability of intercepting an attack of the same level, energy level, same magnitude, and same form from time and space.

"Intercept an attack of the same level, energy level, magnitude, and form from space and time?" Doakes repeated in a low voice, "Although I don't understand how to intercept power from space and time, but from a literal point of view, Is to use magic power consumption instead of blood energy consumption to perform continuous slash?"

   Earl Black: "That's understandable."

   Doakes murmured softly: "No wonder Aikes achieved the streak so easily before, it turned out to be just a matter of consuming a little magic power."

   Consuming mana to cast Continuous Slash is simply too easy for Doakes. They want to learn even slashing on the bloodline side, but it is a pile of foundations, and there are real requirements for physique! Moreover, even if you reach the standard, you may not be able to display it, which requires a certain talent.

   And time-based wizards, cast it with a wave of your hand... It's just not fair.

   Earl Black seemed to see Doakes' resentment, and said lightly: "The time-related slash is not as simple as you think. He has very strict restrictions."

   "In other words, all time-related abilities have extreme restrictions. If the corresponding conditions are not met, they cannot be cast... Even if they are cast, there is a certain probability of being backlashed."

   "As for the time series, there are four limitations."

   First, you must be within five meters of the enemy.

  This limits the attack distance.

  Secondly, the attack intercepted in time and space cannot be carried in the void, so there must be a constant material carrying.

   The meaning of this sentence is to use weapons to "close" to attack the enemy.

   Third, weapons are easily damaged because they need to carry the power of time and space, and special firm weapons need to be customized.

   Fourth, there is an upper limit on the attack level of the continuous slash, which cannot be achieved if the space is unstable.

   That is to say, if a single space-based wizard wants to use a super-heavy combo, then he must learn how to stabilize the space. In other words, arrange a prop in advance that can stabilize the space. Otherwise, the operation cannot be performed.

   And the above four points must be satisfied at the same time, in order to release the continuous slash.

   Not to mention the difficulty of these four restrictions, just because it forced a wizard who could attack from a distance, and had to learn to melee like a bloodline wizard, it was enough to see how strict the conditions for releasing the combo were.

   (end of this chapter)

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