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Chapter: 3066

art of time

   Chapter 3066 The Art of Time

   Even Doakes was a little dumbfounded when he heard these four strict restrictions.

   The ability of the time system is so demanding?

   Moreover, according to Earl Black, once there is a mistake in the release process, even if it is just a little bit lax in details, it will be difficult to remedy, but will produce unknown variables.

The birth of the    variable means that the probability of being attacked will also increase.

   is equivalent to saying that just by releasing the ability, you may lose your life if you are not careful.

   This is really unbelievable for Doakes.

You must know that they may also backlash when they release spells, but the probability is extremely low. Most of them are backlashes caused by some clever tricks when they first learn the spells; and once they learn the corresponding spells, they will naturally form energy in the release. Oriented memory, operating in accordance with energy memory, will basically not backlash.

   Even if the details are not rigorous, as long as they are discovered before release, there are ways to remedy them; even if they cannot be remedied, there are many ways to avoid backlash.

   But the ability of the time system, whether it is a beginner or a long-learned one, must be released carefully, because the process of release must be changed according to the time, the situation, and the person. Once there is a variable, there is a probability of backlash. Once backlash, the consequences are unpredictable.

   This is a difficulty that Dox could not imagine.

   "Now, do you think it's fair?" Earl Black said lightly in the direction of Doakes.

   Doakes smirked: "Fair, very fair..."

Time-based continuous slashes seem to be simple to cast, but they are extremely restrictive and run the risk of backlash; while bloodline continuous slashes require a person's physique, which can be said to have very high preconditions, but after learning, basically Don't worry about the issue of release, let alone a backlash.

   Both sides have advantages and disadvantages, which is not unfair.

But if everyone was present to evaluate, Libra is actually more inclined to the continuous slash of the bloodline technique. After all, the continuous slash on the bloodline side, the practitioner has his own measure in his heart, and can freely control the progress. There is no need to worry about problems, and continue to strengthen your physical fitness until you learn it. Compared with the "extremely random" time series, it is obviously better.

   Earl Black: "Remember what I said just now, the second and third limitations of the time-linked slash? For the time-linked slash, the most important thing is the weapon."

"If the time-based wizard wants to release the continuous chop stably, he needs to customize a special weapon. And Ax, from the details after he came to Fanxing Street, we know that he probably does not have such a weapon, whether he is The teaching was before Doakes saw him unleash the slash, using ordinary weapons."

   This is actually quite normal. To be able to customize this kind of weapon for the time wizard Huo Huo, at least ordinary alchemists can't do it.

   Neither Ax nor his accomplices Sharon Witch and Stoop seem to have the alchemy equipment in hand. Maybe they couldn't find a suitable alchemist, or maybe they found an alchemist, but the alchemy items they created didn't suit them. Therefore, it is better not to use alchemy tools.

   Count Black continued: "It is precisely because Aix uses ordinary weapons, so he left evidence."

  Angol: "Master, did you mean the teaching sword from before?"

   Earl Black nodded: "Yes, I smelled an unusual energy response in that teaching sword."

"The time-based energy is very special, and I can't directly judge it as time energy, but as long as you digitize the energy reaction you smell and bring it into the formula of positive magic energy, you can get a rough coefficient. And this coefficient corresponds to The energy spectrum range of , is exactly the time system energy."

   Therefore, what is certain is that Ax used the teaching sword to perform a time-based continuous slash. And this is also the most powerful evidence that Aix is ​​a time wizard.

   Earl Black: "After confirming that Aix is ​​a time wizard, the incredible abilities he used before will be explained."

   The so-called incredible ability, in addition to the continuous slash, there are currently two abilities that need to be explained.

   One, of course, the illusion that Angel encountered disappeared.

What method did   Ax use to make the nightmare and illusion set up by Angel disappear out of thin air? Angel also had a lot of guesses before, but they all came to nothing. Now, even if he knew that Aix was a time system, with Angel's shallow understanding of the time system, he couldn't think of what kind of ability made the nightmare fantasy disappear.

  Angol cast his knowledge-seeking eyes on Earl Black.

   Count Black gave three guesses after thinking for a moment: "Time scale, body transfer, and space-time condensation."

   These are the three time-based spells that Earl Black saw from the "Notes of Hermes Practice".

   Time Scale: A first-level spell, an advanced version of the Second Scale.

The function of the   second scale is to let the energy that comes into contact with itself, whether it be a gain or a debuff, stay at the current coordinates and explode with a delay. The delay time is calculated in seconds, generally no more than one minute.

   The time scale increases the time for the delayed burst, which can be delayed for more than an hour before the energy bursts. Therefore, it is called the "time" scale.

   Doakes: "This delayed burst... After the delay is over, did it burst on him?"

   Earl Black: "No. The location of the explosion is at the coordinates where the energy should have erupted, and it will not move with the time-based wizard."

Hearing Earl Black's explanation, Doakes couldn't help but said: "How can you not move with the time-based wizard? Then this method of delaying the attack... is a bit too cheating! Isn't this invincible? As long as someone attacks , just delayed the eruption, who can attack him?"

   Earl Hei snorted: "When I talked about continuous beheading, I asked you whether it was fair or not. Didn't you nod your head? Why have you forgotten it now."

   "As long as you think about it a little bit, you will know that time-based tricks have a lot of restrictions. Isn't there any limit to time-based magic?"

  Doakes' expression froze, put away his indignation, and shyly echoed: "Your Excellency is right, this technique must have great limitations."

Earl Black did not continue to pay attention to Doakes, and said to himself: "Whether it is a second scale or an hour scale, there is a premise when releasing, that is, 'let the external energy actively contact itself', which is Said that he must first withstand an attack before he can delay the burst. Just imagine, if the initial attack broke his defense and hit him hard, can he continue to perform?"

   "Also, this technique has an upper limit of energy absorption. Once the upper limit of energy is exceeded, not only will it not be able to delay the eruption, but it will also be blamed."

   "These two restrictions are clearly recorded in the handbook; but Hermes is not an official wizard after all, and all the techniques he has learned about are only heard from his mentor, so there must be other restrictions."

   Even if there are only these two limitations, this spell is not too supermodel.

  Angol: "If the time scale can only be triggered after contact, then my illusion should be able to trigger. After Aix came to the burrow arena, he came into contact with the illusion."

"From an objective point of view, he did meet the conditions for casting the time scale." After the voice changed, Earl Black said again: "However, the time scale is usually only delayed by an hour. It has already passed an hour. If It's really delayed, that illusion should break out in the ring, but the reality doesn't."

"Of course, it is also possible that he has a deep cultivation of Shidu Libra, which can make the delay time longer, but there is no outbreak now. But the maximum delay will not exceed 12 hours, otherwise it will not be a 'Shi Du Libra'. , but the 'day' scale."

   It is not far from twelve hours now. If Aix really uses a time scale, and it is not far from the eruption, he will naturally know at that time.

   In addition to the "time scale" technique, the means of making Angor's illusion disappear may also be body transfer and time-space condensation.

   Body Transfer: A first-level spell, deploying a space-time force field in advance, and in the next certain period of time, all the attacks received by oneself will be transferred to this space-time force field.

   This spell is even more difficult to learn than the scale of time.

   Count Black gave an example, but he personally felt that the possibility of Aix using the body transfer technique was relatively small.

   In addition to the difficulty, there is another main reason, that is, the itinerary of Aix can be checked. According to the information provided by Lucia, Aix has never left the Bilon Tree Court in the recent period of time, that is to say, if he wants to arrange a space-time force field in advance, he must also be in the Bilon Tree Court.

   But there is currently no news of the existence of such a force field.

Moreover, if the space-time force field is really in the Bilon Tree Court, he will transfer Angel's illusion to the space-time force field, and Angel himself is in the Biron Tree Court, can't he still sense it with Angel's ability? To the place of illusion?

   Therefore, this technique was only proposed by Earl Black, but the probability is low.

   And another possible spell is "Space-Time Condensation".

   Time and Space Condensation Cover: A first-level spell, which creates an energy cover for condensation time in high-dimensional organs, and attacks received can be stored in the energy cover.

  The so-called high-dimensional organs refer to organs such as "thinking space, spiritual sea, and soul land" that can be perceived but difficult to find in the human body.

   Are these organs really "extra-dimensional"? uncertain.

   However, this did not prevent the wizards from thinking.

  The difficulty of practicing the Temporal Condensation Cover is not too high, and its effect is also very good in the literal sense. But there are not many time-based wizards who actually practice this spell... Because of its side effects, it is quite large.

   Condensing the energy shield into high-dimensional organs is very risky. After all, once the "thinking space, spiritual sea, and soul land" is damaged, no matter which one is damaged, it will be difficult to repair.

   Also, the so-called "storing the attack into the energy shield" does not mean that you can sit back and relax after storage.

  Energy does not disappear or transfer voluntarily.

   Therefore, the only way to make the attack inside the energy shield disappear is to release it again.

   This is very similar to the "time scale", and it can be regarded as a delayed burst.

   However, the scale of time is to leave the outbreak in place and will not affect the wizard himself.

   And the delayed burst of the space-time condensate will follow the wizard himself. Once released, the wizard himself will certainly be affected.

   And, this effect is unavoidable.

  Because this attack is released from the higher-dimensional organs, it has already formed a connection with you.

   In other words, when the time-based wizard releases an attack from the space-time congealing hood, he must withstand or decipher this attack.

Take Angel's illusion, for example, if Ax uses the illusion absorbed by the space-time condensation hood, he may not be affected in a short time, but then he will definitely release the illusion from the space-time condensation cover, and think about it. way to break.

"Time scale, body transfer, and time-space condensation. Among the time-based spells I have learned, these three may make your illusions invalid." Black Earl: "But will Aix have other Time-based magic can also crack illusion, I don't know about that."

Angel nodded knowingly. Everyone practiced different techniques, just like Angel, as an illusion wizard, who could have guessed that his first magic technique was a kind of magic technique. What about space magic?

  Angol: "If it is to choose among these three spells, Lord Earl Black thinks, which spell will Aix use?"

   Earl Black pondered for a moment, then replied: "The Scale of Time, or the Space-Time Condensation Cover. Now that the sky is bright, if there is no news of the outbreak of the illusion by noon, then the Libra of Time will be ruled out."

   Having said that, Angel can still feel it, and Earl Black may think that the probability of time-space condensation is higher.

  The scale of time... A delay of one hour is the norm, and a delay of twelve hours is a small probability event. Going to bet on small-probability events now is definitely not as high as the possibility of space-time condensation.

  Angel himself has no preference.

   The main reason was that he knew too little about the time system, and these spells sounded a little far-fetched.

   Even so, the confusion in Angel's heart at this time was gone.

   The reason why he was confused before was mainly because he didn't believe that the nightmare fantasy was broken so easily. Now that I know the weirdness of the time-based ability, and there is more than one way for the time-based ability to break through the nightmare, Angel is naturally no longer confused.

   Knowing where you are lacking, you have the motivation to pursue it.

  Angel's confusion was resolved, and he also had the intention to be curious about other things.

   In addition to deciphering the illusion, another ability that Ax showed before that made them feel incredible—

   Second, how did Aix and others break through the confinement circle?

   Regarding this, Earl Black also gave his own guess, and he was quite certain about this guess.

   "Time is empty."

   Time Void: Level 3 trick, by consuming magic materials and consuming a lot of mana, you can travel in a short distance. During the shuttle, you will not be blocked by any non-time-based abilities.

   In other words, as long as the distance and direction are calculated and the 'time is empty', even if the space is agitated and the space is blocked, you can pass smoothly.

   (end of this chapter)

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