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Chapter: 3067

time pass

   Chapter 3067 Time Void

  The effect of getting out of trouble in the virtual crossing of time can be called the uncrowned king, and it is the best in the whole department.

  Even if Earl Black himself sets up an imprisoning circle, as long as there is no time-related energy in it, he can still pass through the wall without awareness.

   As long as Aikes used his time to cross the area of ​​the imprisoned magic circle, the road after that would be much simpler, and the Sharon witch could completely control the space teleportation.

   This is also the fundamental reason why Akers and others were able to escape many obstacles. Because no one could have imagined that one of them would actually have an extremely rare time-based wizard.


   "Void of Time... so strong, and it's just a trick." Vai muttered softly.

   Thinking of the tricks he had learned, and then looking at the tricks of others, Wye felt the difference in the world so clearly for the first time.

  Angel and Dox actually had similar feelings to Wye. In the description of Earl Black, the trick of Time Void is simply more convenient than most spells.

   However, according to what Earl Black said before, the ability of the time system has corresponding limitations, and such a powerful trick will not be low.

   Soon, Earl Black gave the answer.

   "Although Timeless Crossing is just a trick, its release difficulty and risks are much higher than ordinary spells..."

  While getting great convenience, there are also great restrictions on time emptiness.

   The first thing to know is that the shuttle of time is not a displacement of space, but a transition of space and time.

   Neither "space-time distance" nor "jump" are words that will be used in the apprenticeship stage. Because the former involves the cognition of the void, and the latter involves the expression of energy traits.

  This knowledge, because it is too partial and esoteric, is not necessarily covered by formal wizards in other departments. However, the apprentices of the time department are different. Since time is a hidden power, it cannot be easily obtained from the outside like other elements. Therefore, in order to cultivate the apprentices' perception of time, the instructor will expose them to the "simultaneous expression" from the very beginning. time and space vector", so that the apprentice has the "concept of time".

   But also because the space-time distance involves the infinite void and the indescribable hidden power, many time apprentices are lost in the boundless darkness.

Even if the mentor takes the apprentice in person, the changes in the void are too strange to be grasped all the time. Once the apprentice perceives the concept of time, he may be at the mentor's side one second before, and he will pass through the next second. The layer of void has gone to other layers, and the instructor is also difficult to control.

   Therefore, if time depends on the cognition of "space-time distance", half, or even 70%, 80% of the apprentices can be eliminated.

  The emptiness of time is a practical application of space and time.

   It can be said that every time-based wizard who can use the Void of Time is a "lucky one" who survived in the void.

   Because just practicing is a life-and-death challenge, which is not difficult.

   In addition to the difficulties of practice, the trick of time vain has its own difficulties and limitations.

  For example, the core "transition" of Time Void Crossing is not something that an apprentice can master, so it can only be achieved by consuming magic materials.

And the magic material consumed is very valuable, at least it will not be cheaper than the magic material in the plane, especially the main material "Time Crystal". Judging from the general price in the southern region, none of them is lower than 8,000. Magic crystal.

   However, this is for apprentices. If you are a formal wizard, you don't need to consume "Time Crystals" every time. To put it bluntly, the time crystal is a crystal with a time mark, and the official wizard of the time system can make up for the consumed time mark through its own magic power, which allows the "time crystal" to be used multiple times. Save a lot of money.

   But even if you save, it won't save too much. Anyway, you can know that every time you make a time pass, you will consume thousands of magic crystals.

   If it is the advanced technique of Time Void - Time Travel, the consumption is more than tens of thousands of magic crystals every time.

   It can be said that this series of spells are all tricks made with money, and ordinary people can't afford it at all.

   Moreover, there is a distance limit for the shuttle of time and space, and the displacement of the space-time distance is less than a micro degree. Converted to the distance in reality, it will not exceed one kilometer. If you want to jump over a space obstacle, the distance will decrease accordingly.

   In the case of Earl Black's imprisoning array, even if he used Time Fleet, he could only travel less than ten meters at most.

  It is also fortunate that Aix traveled in the interlayer of the plane. If he traveled in reality, he would not be able to run a ten-meter distance.

  In addition to the limitation of the shuttle distance, there are also limitations on the number of shuttles. If you continue to shuttle in a short period of time, the probability of backlash will also increase.

   The above are the difficulties and limitations of the virtual crossing itself.

However, these are all explicit limitations, and there are also some hidden flaws: for example, after using Time Void, it will spread a special rhythm in the void, and some void monsters that specialize in cleaning up "time-related people" will Find time-based wizards through rhythmic fluctuations, and use this to forage.

   Also, when Time Void Landed, it would also release a special wave of rhythm. Although it was not released in the void this time, it was also easy to attract the attention of nearby extraordinary beings.

   Moreover, after a period of time, the caster himself will be weak, if there is no protection, it is easy to become a target.

   Combines the explicit and implicit limitations, and this is the real negative effect of time lapse.

   "The negative effects are indeed very strong, but the effect of Time Void is still supermodel. Because if there are teammates, those negative effects are not incomprehensible." After listening to Earl Black's story, Doakes said.

  Angol also agrees with Dox, that teammates can not only share the consumption of consumables, but also protect time-based wizards.

   "If this teammate is a space type, if you encounter danger in the void, the space type wizard can also exert strong mobility, ensure a high survival rate, and reduce the negative effects of time and space."

   And Aix does have teammates, and the teammates also happen to have Sharon Witch, a space wizard, no wonder they dare to use Time Fleet recklessly.

   Of course, the premise of everything is that there are teammates. If there are no teammates, the negative effects of Time Void will be terrible, and it is easy to attract the prying eyes of Void monsters.

   If Angel was a time wizard, he probably wouldn’t use Time Fate alone.


After listening to Earl Black's various descriptions of time-related abilities, Doakes couldn't help but sigh: "Although time-related wizards have various limitations, I have to say that their abilities are all very powerful, even if they are tricks, they should not be underestimated... It is indeed the rarest class."

   "I now understand why those people are so arrogant. It turns out that there is time to learn from the wizard."

   "However, then again, no one knows the purpose of the group of people attacking the Tree Court of Bilon?"

   Earl Black pondered: "On the side of the Bilos family, the reason has not yet been found, but judging from the current situation of the Bilos family, they don't care about the reason, they just hope to get through this crisis safely."

   "Crisis? What kind of crisis do they have? Not many people died." Doakes muttered.

  Angol: "Diplomatic crisis."

   Doakes pouted: "A lot of things are actually clear at a glance. There is a high probability that the Bilos family and the group of attackers have little connection. The so-called diplomatic crisis is just that the major wizarding organizations smelled honey and came together to divide the benefits."

   At least, from the perspective of Dox, a wandering wizard, the Bilos family is somewhat innocent. The major wizarding organizations are purely profit-driven black hands.

Angel said softly: "The Bilos family can stand firm in the Bilon Tree Garden, and they also have the support of major wizard organizations. For example, the teleportation array seems to be built by the Bilos family who paid for the people from the Sky Machine City to repair it. The Bilos family pays only a small part of the cost. The long-term maintenance of the transmission channel and the transmission order is done by the Sky Machine City for free. Although this is also in the interests of the Sky Machine City, the Bilos family is undoubtedly the beneficiary of this benefit. ."

   "So, he really needs to organize an explanation for the major wizards."

   "Of course, what you said also makes sense. In the absence of a default order, competing for interests has become the source of driving everything."

   Doakes glanced at Angel, but didn't refute it, he just muttered a few words in a low voice, and he didn't know what he was muttering.

  Angol didn't pay any attention to Doakes, but looked at Earl Black again: "I remember, Lord Earl Black said that 'the Bilos family has not found the reason', what about you, Lord?"

   What is the opinion of Earl Black?

   Earl Black chuckled: "My opinion? I don't have any opinion. However, to guess their purpose, you can start with the three people themselves."

   Speaking of this, Earl Black looked at Angel: "What do you think of these three attackers?"

  Angel: Am I not asking? How come it turns into asking me again?

Angel complained for a while in his heart, but he still followed Earl Black's words, thought for a while, and replied, "Let's talk about the Sharon witch first, from the information I have come across, I can basically confirm that this Sharon witch is a total fun. people."

"I met some apprentices in Paradise. They were trapped in different games. Although they may not be able to crack the game, they were not fatally threatened in a short time. From this point of view, the Sharon witch is not keen Killing people doesn't mean abusing the weak, she is more of a play and treats everything as a game; she sets various options in the game to watch the players struggle for fun."

   "In this way, it's a bit like a time thief."

   "In short, from the point of view of Sharon Witch, she has no urgent purpose. On the one hand, she creates a paradise game to watch more fun, and on the other hand, it may be to cooperate with her companions and hold back Elder Yue and others."

   "Continue." Earl Black did not make any comments on Angel's remarks. Because he had little time with Sharon Witch, Angel and Doakes had more contact.

Angel: "Come on, let's talk about Aix. Judging from all the information, this guy doesn't look like a bad guy. Moreover, as one of the three attackers, he not only did not participate in the attack, but also rescued him. Many people, if he is not the companion of Sharon Witch and others, after this, his reputation will reach a new peak in Bilon Tree Court and in the Starry Street."

   "But after all, he was one of the three attackers, and finally fled with two companions... Obviously not for word of mouth to save people."

   "He was either atonement for his companions, or he really didn't want to see people die in his heart."

   "In short, in my opinion, he still favors the good and lawful camp."

   Earl Black: "So, you don't think he has any reason to attack Bilon Tree Court?"

  Angol nodded: "He didn't take part in the attack, and he also saved people. If it is purely an argument, he doesn't seem to have a reason to attack the Bilon Tree Court."

   Earl Black said noncommittally: "Go ahead, there is one more person."

   "Stop's words... I don't know much about him, but this guy feels a little weird to me."

   Earl Black: "Where is it strange?"

  Anger thought for a while, then sorted out the words in his mind, and then said: "From his character, performance, and behavior, he looks like a thug."


  Angol: "I can't tell if he is really as extreme as he appears."

   Angel actually concealed some truth. For Stoop, Angel felt the strangest thing.

   This strangeness is not in his character, but in his emotions.

   The other two, whether it is Sharon Witch or Aix, can see their general characters from their emotions. But Stoop is different. His emotions are like a sea.

  The surface may be surging with waves, but the dark bottom is as calm as ever.

   Or the undercurrent is surging on the bottom of the sea, and there are no waves or waves on the sea surface.

  Angel can perceive completely different emotions from Stoop's emotions. Both madness and reason can be found in his emotions.

   One is hidden deep and the other is floating on the surface.

   is like a clown, whether he is crying or laughing, only he knows that what outsiders see is the vanity after being painted with paint.

   Earl Black didn't know that Angel had so many thoughts. He just thought that Angel might have been in contact with Stoop for a short time and couldn't analyze it in more detail like others.

   Earl Black: "In your opinion, does Stoop have a reason for attacking the Tree Court of Bilon?"

  Angol: "Maybe...there is."

   Earl Black smiled: "I also think he has a reason to attack the Bilon Tree Court, but I think the other two also have reasons to attack the Bilon Tree Court."

   "Huh?" Angel and Doakes both looked at Earl Black.

Earl Black: "Stop is a pleasure criminal. He uses the ugliness of all living beings to please himself. There is not necessarily a reason for what he does. Just satisfying the desire to please can prompt him to do all kinds of monstrous cases. "

   "So, he can attack the tree garden of Bilon without purpose, but he has a personal reason for attacking the tree garden of Bilon."

   "Witch Sharon, she is not much different from Stoop, and having fun is enough of a reason for her to attack the tree garden of Bilon."

   "As for Akers, in my opinion, he may be the main reason why Stroup and Witch Sharon choose to commit crimes here."

   (end of this chapter)

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