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Chapter: 3068


   Chapter 3068 Uniqueness

   "Ax is the main cause?"

   Hearing this, Angel and Dox couldn't help but glance at each other. In fact, the two of them were most concerned about Ax. Although the reasons for their attention were different, their views on Ax were generally the same.

   Earl Black: "Ax may indeed be a wizard with a good lawful camp, but it is precisely because of his lawfulness that some of his behaviors are very special."

  Angol: "Extraordinary?"

Earl Black nodded: "You should remember that when Lucia mentioned Aix before, he clearly mentioned one thing. Although he took the teaching task and was very patient with the apprentices who asked for it, he only I don’t really like a certain type of apprentice, and I definitely don’t teach this kind of people."

   Earl Black mentioned that, Doakes immediately remembered and said, "I remember, it seems that Aikes treats the blood side differently when it comes to teaching tasks."

  Angol also added: "Accurately speaking, the apprentices on the bloodline side that Akers is willing to teach are either those who have not yet integrated into the bloodline, or the apprentices who have integrated into the abyss bloodline."

   Earl Black: "You are right. I asked Lucia before, apart from the other apprentices of these two types, do they have any common characteristics?"

   "The answer given by Lucia: No."

   "Also, Akers has never had contact with such people. Since they are all strangers, why is he willing to teach other people, but he is not willing to teach such people?"

   Count Black threw a question, but neither Angel nor Doakes knew the answer.

   They had thought about it before, but it was more of a subjective conjecture, guessing that in the past of Aix, he might have had enemies with some bloodline sides, so they hated bloodline sides.

   As for why he taught the apprentice of the abyss blood again, maybe it was... who was saved by someone who was integrated into the abyss blood?

   Earl Black continued: "Among the bloodline-side apprentices that Aix is ​​unwilling to teach, some are bad guys by the public definition, but a larger portion are the apprentices of the lawful camp."

   "If Ax is also a wizard of the good and lawful camp, why does he treat the bloodline apprentices of the same camp differently?"

   "Is this a completely different feature from others?"

   Angel and Doakes both fell into contemplation. At that time, they were more concerned about Ax's character traits, and they ignored this. Now that I think about it again, Akers is indeed quite strange in this behavior.

   Strange but strange, is this directly related to the "attack on the tree garden of Bilon"? Why did Earl Black specifically point it out?

   After pondering for a moment, Angel and Doakes thought of one thing at the same time: "Shark Star Pureblood Club?"

   Hearing this name, Earl Black said softly: "It seems that you have thought of it."

  Angol: "Ax will be related to the pure blood in the guild area?"

Earl Black shook his head: "There is no direct evidence that they are related, but when I came back from the Bilos family just now, I learned a death data. The total death rate is as high as 70%, and the place with the largest number of deaths. , is the Shark Star Pureblood Club in the guild area."

   "There are many buildings in the guild area, and they are very dense, but only the pure blood of Shark Star will be almost destroyed. Although other buildings around are damaged, they are not serious."

   "It can be seen that the attacker was the Shark Star Pureblood Club that was deliberately destroyed."

"In the Bilos family's inference, there is only one possibility that the attackers have done such a horrific act of destruction. They have a grudge with the Shark Star Pure Blood, or, in other words, with some people in the Pure Blood Society. ."

"However, I learned from Lucia that the Shark Star Pureblood Club is full of apprentices. Although there are official wizards behind them, they are only nominal and will hardly come to the headquarters of the Shark Star Pureblood Club. The three attackers, During the period when they stayed in Fanxing District, they did not show any hatred for the Shark Star Pure Blood Society, and they were still official wizards. From the perspective of probability, there should be no big deal with the apprentices in the Shark Star Pure Blood Society. hatred."

   "Since there is no hatred, why must the pure blood of Shark Star be destroyed?"

   "Reminiscent of Ax's peculiar behavior... All I can think of is related to the bloodline that these people are integrated into."

   Doakes looked at Earl Black with some doubts: "Is this step a bit big? How did you think of this?"

Angel pondered for a while, and then replied: "Perhaps it is because both Stope and Sharon witch have reasons for attacking Bilon Tree Court. Only Aix has no such reason, and he stayed in Fanxing. During this period of the block, the only peculiar behavior was to treat the blood side differently in teaching, so, in the eyes of Lord Black, maybe these two things are somewhat related?"

  Angel is actually sorting out the whole thing. From his point of view, these two things may be related, but at most they are weak.

   Earl Black nodded: "Angol is right. I'm not guessing randomly, I conducted a 'association divination' between Aix and the Pureblood Society."

   "The result of the divination is interesting... neither yes nor no."

"According to normal circumstances, the result of the divination is either yes or no, or the result is blurred by the interference of anti-prophecy, or the divination simply fails. But this time I succeeded in the divination, and I was not interfered by any anti-prophecy force. But the result is neither yes nor no."

   "In other words, it can also be said: there is, and there is no."

"How to interpret this result, everyone has their own opinions. But it is undeniable that there must be some kind of connection between Aix and pure blood, perhaps a hidden connection, or a direct connection, otherwise divination The results will not appear so vague."

Hearing this result, although Doakes and Angel were also puzzled by the two sides of the result, Earl Black was right, and the result also showed from the side that there must be some kind of incomprehension between Aix and the pure blood club. association.

  Doakes: "If there is a divination, it makes sense."

  Angol pondered for a moment, then said: "Even if there is a connection, it cannot be established as a reason for Aikes to attack the Bilon Tree Court. In fact, Aikes not only did not participate in the attack, but also saved people."

   Earl Black said indifferently: "I never said that he had a reason to attack Bilon Tree Court."

"Since it's not him, then..." Angel suddenly thought of something in the middle of speaking, paused, and said: "Hey, does your lord mean that the attack on the Biron Tree Court was already scheduled, and the pure blood will only be A co-factor, maybe Aikes didn't think of it himself?"

   Earl Black did not say that Ax had a reason for attacking the Biron Tree Court, but said that "Ax is the main reason that prompted Stope and Sharon witch to choose to commit crimes here".

   In this way, Ax's likes and dislikes became an "informal but implicit" criterion for Stope and Sharon Witch when they attacked the Bilon Tree Court.

  Ax treats apprentices on the bloodline side differently, so when Stoop was manipulating Shallow Sea Lux to pass through the guild area, when his mind changed, he had a black hand on Shark Star pure blood?

   Earl Black: "Yes, I do think so."

  Angel: "Human behavior and thinking are difficult to control, so behavior and thinking often have unpredictable characteristics. Therefore, from the behavioral point of view, it can barely make sense. But at the logical level, I still haven't found common ground."

   Earl Black: "Sometimes, logic doesn't really matter, what matters is the current thoughts."

After a pause, Earl Black changed the conversation again: "However, if you have to talk about the logic of the attacker's behavior, then I can also say two things... First, Stope and Witch Sharon must know that Aix has a specific The bloodline side is unhappy."

  Angol nodded. In terms of motivation, this was an inevitable result. He also analyzed this point, but it doesn't seem to be logical?

   Earl Black did not explain, but continued: "Secondly, Stope and Sharon Witch also disliked the extraordinary person on the side of a certain bloodline."

   Hearing the second point, Angel was stunned.

  If Stope and Sharon the witch also hate some kind of bloodline side, then it makes sense.

   They don't necessarily do what they do for Akers, but they do for their own likes and dislikes.

   Therefore, if they all hate a certain type of bloodline-side extraordinary, then it is very possible that Stoop manipulated Shallow Sea Lux to destroy the Shark Star Pureblood Society.

   But...what about the evidence?

  Why does Earl Black think that they also hate some kind of bloodline superhuman?

  Ax clearly showed a difference in the treatment of the blood side in teaching; but Stope and Sharon Witch did not show any similar signs.

"Evidence? I have no evidence." Earl Black directly gave a negative answer: "However, although I have no evidence, don't forget that besides Stoop and others, there is another attacker who cannot The existence of neglect."

  Angel is clear: "Shallow Sea Lux."

   Earl Black nodded: "That's right, it's Shallow Sea Lux. Wizard-level Shore Lux can hardly be found in the Southern Regions; and Shallow Sea Lux has obvious inscriptions and aura of world consciousness erosion, which shows a problem."

  Angol: "Shallow Sea Lux comes from another world."

   Earl Black: "Yes, this wizard-level Shore Lux comes from another world. In addition, there is also a desert island Lux ​​who has appeared. Like Shore Lux, it has an extraterritorial atmosphere."

   "Finally, Stoop also summoned a crocodile-head monster. This monster's identity is the gatekeeper of the Reed Garden."

  Angol said suspiciously, "Reed Garden?"

  Count Hei: "There is a wild **** in the barbarian world, called the **** of Yalu. It means that the **** of the reed garden can also be called the **** of management of the rich place. And the reed garden is the residence of this wild god."

   "The one who guards the reed garden is a crocodile-headed monster who has the power of fairness and order."

  Angol hesitated for a moment: "So the monster summoned by Stoop is the monster under the command of the wild god? Is this certain?"

   Earl Black said lightly: "Stop admitted it himself."

   Angel was a little dazed after listening to it. Since Stoop admitted it himself, it was most likely. Angel didn't expect that this incident was also related to the wild gods of the barbarian world?

   Angel had thought about a possibility before: would this attack be the erosion of the wizarding world by giants of another world.

   But that was just a random idea, I didn’t expect that I really have contact with the gods of the other world.

However, what shocked Angel was more than that. Earl Black continued: "Shallow sea Lux and desert island Lux ​​belong to the Lux family. Although the Lux family is distributed in the heavens, most of them were brought by wizards. The real birthplace is in the wild world."

   "And in the barbarian world, there is a rumor... According to legend, the **** of the reed garden, that is, the **** of Yalu, created the first family of warriors."

  Angol: ...the **** of Yalu again?

  Not only the crocodile-headed monsters are from the God of Yalu, but even the Lux family is related to the God of Yalu. Now to say that the three attackers have nothing to do with the wild gods of the barbaric world, it is really difficult to say.

   Earl Black: "So, it is basically certain that Shallow Sea Lux and Desert Island Lux, like the crocodile-head monster, come from the barbaric world."

Speaking of this, Earl Black suddenly smiled: "There is another interesting news. I got some information about the Shark Star Pureblood Club from the Bilos family. 90% of the apprentices in it are all savage. The blood of the world monsters."

"And in the past month, the guild area has held four bloodline seminars. The first three were led by the Shark Star Pure Blood Association, and the bloodlines leading the seminars were all the bloodlines of monsters in the barbaric world; only the fourth This seminar, taken over by the Alchemy Bureau, will lead the seminar on the development of the Mermaid bloodline."

   Count Black's voice stopped abruptly without giving any comment, but there was a meaning inside and outside the words.

  —isn’t that a coincidence?

Doakes also slowly opened his mouth and said at this time: "Pure-blood meeting, is it a gathering of pure-blood wizards? Indeed, pure-blood wizards have a special liking for the blood of the barbarian world, and they are among the blood-side wizards in the barbarian world. , Pure-blood wizards are the majority... Although I have not integrated into the bloodline of monsters in the barbaric world, the next time I change my bloodline, there is a high probability that I will go to the barbaric world."

   Regardless of Earl Black's words or Dox's additions, they have actually lifted the curtain on the truth.

  Stop and others have unknown connections with the barbarian world. Judging from the fact that they can bring the Reed Garden gatekeeper monsters, they may be on the barbarian world's side.

  Even if they are human, it does not mean that all human beings must stand in the wizarding world.

Humans have stayed in various worlds, and even spread their branches and leaves. Some of them were born in the barbaric world. It is normal for them to have no sense of belonging to the wizarding world; pawn.

   No matter what it is for, there is always no shortage of humans with such a reverse stance in the wizarding world.

  If Stoop and the others are really the opposite, and they have deep feelings for the wild world, then their disgust for the Pureblood Society is not for nothing.

   After all, the "floating capital" built by human beings towers above the sky of the barbarian world, and wizards from the bloodline side come here, and the barbarian world is called the "back garden" by the bloodline wizards.

   Among them, pure blood wizards are the main ones.

  Thinking about it this way, people who stand in the barbarian world are justifiable to hate pure-blood wizards.

   After thinking about this matter, Angel finally understood why Count Black thought that the three attackers hated the superhumans on a certain bloodline side.

   This is a logical base point.

   Looking at the previous situation through this logical basis, whether it was the attacker's destruction of the Pure Blood Society or Ax's bizarre behavior, there was a reasonable explanation.

  Angol had some doubts at first, but now he was persuaded by Earl Black.

   (end of this chapter)

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