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Chapter: 3069


   Chapter 3069 Mirror

"So, this attack by Stoop and others actually contains the influence of the will of the wild gods in the barbaric world?" Doakes whispered: "It involves the foreign gods' actions on the wizarding world, then this matter Is it going to be handed over to an extremist sect in the end?"

Earl Black said indifferently: "The people of the Bilos family, it is still uncertain whether Stoop and the others are really from the barbaric world... But the people of the Bilos family will definitely do it, and even say that the transfer of the extreme sects you mentioned will be done. , it has been done now."

   "So fast?"

   Earl Black sneered: "This time, the Bilos family has offended the major wizarding organizations. Now, they only have two moves, so they obediently admit compensation; or they can introduce forces that the wizarding organizations don't want to cause trouble to drive away the wolf and the tiger."

  Angol: "The extremist sect is the 'wolf' that was introduced?"

   Earl Black: "That's right."

   "Introducing an extremist sect..." Doakes hesitated for a moment: "This should be considered a stunt, right? If an extremist sect comes, will the situation of the underground water channel be exposed?"

  At that time, more wizards will see the possible benefits in the underground waterways. Wouldn’t it make the Bilos family more passive?

   Earl Black: "It's not a foolish move to attract people from extreme sects. Because even if they don't take the initiative to lead them, the extremist sects will come after smelling it."

   "Smell? What do you mean?" Doakes: "Extremist sects also suffered in this attack?"

   "No, the extremist sects don't care about 'loss', the smell they smell, one is the reason for the Shallow Sea Lux, and the second is the reason of Aix... The time-based wizards appear here, and they will definitely come."

   Hearing this, Doakes showed a look of doubt, it is possible that such a powerful Shallow Sea Rex would attract the attention of the extremist sect. But the time system, why does it also attract the attention of extremist sects?

   Besides, the extremist sects don’t know that there will be time-based wizards here? If it was because of time-based wizards, at least they had to make sure that there were time-based wizards here.

Earl Black: "To be precise, they didn't come because of the time department. Although there are few apprentices in the time department, they won't attract their attention if they don't grow up; but the official wizard of the time department is different. With some arrangements, it can even deceive the will of the world."

"A long time ago, the will of the world in the Southern Territory was swayed by time-based wizards. Since this incident, the extremist sect took the opportunity to make a deal with the world's will and listed time-based wizards as the focus of observation. Object, once a time-based wizard appears in the southern region and disturbs the time and space, then the will of the world will feed back this information to the extreme sect..."

   "Of course, this is a transaction in our opinion, but the will of the world itself has no subjective thoughts. The extremist sects should just use some algorithm to make the will of the world approve their statement."

   "However, Akes actually doesn't use the time-based ability very often, and it has not reached the point of disrupting time and space and disrupting the will of the world. Under normal circumstances, the will of the world will not feed back the information of Akes to the extreme sect."

   "But the attack on Bilon Tree Garden this time will inevitably cause a heated discussion in the wizarding world. As long as the extremist sects look this way, they will definitely find something tricky."

   To put it bluntly, it is some authority granted by the will of the world, which allows the extremist sect to discover the abnormality of this attack.

  When the time comes, even if the Bilos family doesn't speak up, maybe the extremist sect will come.

   Now that the Bilos family has spoken, it has given the extremist sects a better reason for their presence.

Earl Black: "As for whether the underground water canal will be affected, don't worry too much about this, the Bilos family will not be so stupid to expose the situation of the underground water canal. In the past so many years, people from extreme sects have not come. I have been to Bilon Tree Court, but I didn't find it in the past, how could I suddenly find it now?"

   "Furthermore, even if it is discovered by extremist sectarians, it won't be a big problem."

   After all, in the underground waterway, whether sleeping or waking up, all are native creatures.

   No matter how much the extremist sect likes the rule of the long arm, it is difficult to control the people inside the wizarding world. In dealing with local creatures, the extremist sects can't get the bonus of the will of the world. Once they provoke the wise master and give up the psychological burden of "sticking to the city of Naruo", the people of the extremist sect may not necessarily be able to beat him. .

   Actually... Even the Black Earl would not dare to provoke the wise ruler who did not guard Naruo City, as well as other supernatural beings who might be sleeping.

  The reason why they dare to negotiate conditions with the wise master is because they can see that the wise master is relocating in the deepest part of his heart.

"However, after the attack, the Bilos family probably wouldn't dare to make big moves in the underground waterway in a short time. It would be a little troublesome for us to exchange information with the Bilos family." Count Hei said at this time, Sighed: "It seems that we still have to arrange for the clan to be stationed here."

   Obviously, the "we" in Earl Black's mouth did not refer to the people present at this time, but the Noah family.

   And when it came to arranging for the tribe to be stationed nearby, Vai lowered his whole head, with a self-deceiving look of "you can't see me".

   Presumably, Wye was worried that Earl Black would let him come to guard the ruins of the Garden Labyrinth.

   Seeing Wayna's sincere look, Earl Black snorted coldly: "Even if you want to come, you are not qualified to come."

   The clansmen stationed here must at least be formal wizards, otherwise, many things will be difficult to do.

  Way took a long sigh of relief when he heard that he would not be stationed here... As for being ridiculed by Earl Black, Way was used to it.

   In the following time, everyone continued to chat about the attack and some conjectures about the Stoop trio.

   Count Black learned about their experience from Angel, and Angel and Dox focused on news related to the barbarian world, such as... the God of Yalu.

  These knowledge related to gods, they rarely have access to, and being able to learn this information from Earl Black is also a supplement to the lack of knowledge.

  The attack on the Tree Court of Bilon, although they also suffered or even participated in it, it had little to do with them after all, so they stopped after chatting for a while.

   At this time, Earl Black mentioned the mysterious mirror of the heart that Angel had refined.

   Count Black did not accidentally mention that, in addition to exchanging information, his biggest and most interesting purpose when he came to see Angel this time was to see this mysterious mirror.

   In the face of Earl Black's request for a "list", Angel pondered for a moment and said, "Wait a minute, I'll arrange the geometric lock."

  The geometric lock is an alchemy tool that blocks the exposure of the aura, and Earl Black has seen it before, and he doesn't say anything about it.

   On the contrary, Doakes muttered in a low voice: "When I was watching it just now, you said that it was going to be precipitated. Why did you take it out now, there is no need to precipitate it?"

  Angol didn't hear it at all, and arranged the geometric lock beside him.

   However, while arranging the geometric lock, Angel actually did two things... The first thing was to pass a message to Laplace, who was still fishing hard in the wilderness of dreams, through the tree of power.

   The second thing is to remove the extra mirror connected to the Rabbit Mountain on the Unbroken Mirror.

  Mysterious figurative objects can also be said to be born when they were refining the unbreakable mirror, but that mirror is difficult to explain. Therefore, Angel simply took off the secondary mirror, and he could still connect it later anyway.

   After doing all this, Angel slowly arranged the geometry lock, took out the cleaned mirror, and placed it in the geometry lock.

   Next, without having to say Angeldo, Earl Black and Doakes turned their attention to this half-length mirror that exuded a faint glow.

  Mysterious brilliance flows continuously in the geometric lock.

   Whether it was Earl Black, or Doakes or Wye, they were all deeply attracted by the flowing mystery on the Unbroken Mirror.

   Their eyes were fascinated, appreciating this one-of-a-kind mirror.

Even if this mirror is not really a mysterious thing, for them, it is no worse than a mysterious thing... Because this mirror has another meaning: it was refined in front of them. Mysterious things.

   Now there is no second person in the southern region who can do it!

   Angel is the only one, and Angel may not be able to refine the second mysterious item in a short time. - When they want to come, Angel refined a half-step mysterious thing, which is also a matter of consumption. Therefore, without making up for the background and without new inspiration, Angel probably will not refine the second mysterious thing.

   Time passes slowly in appreciation.

   After an unknown amount of time, Earl Black and Doakes slowly recovered from the mysterious brilliance.

After    came back to his senses, Doakes did not speak, but silently stepped aside, fell into thinking, and looked like he had something in his heart.

   Earl Black looked at Angel: "The carvings on this..."

   "Originally, I didn't make any glyphs, just ordinary frames. As for these glyphs, they appeared after refining." Angel replied.

   Angel's words, literally speaking, are the truth.

  Because of the glyphs on the frame, it was indeed not in Angel's original refining plan. These glyphs of beasts are actually mysterious figurines, which Angel added later...

   Naturally, Earl Black does not know the existence of mysterious figurative objects. In his understanding, Angel's words mean: After refining, these glyphs that exude a strong mysterious atmosphere will naturally emerge.

   This is, in the eyes of Earl Black, a "mysterious embodiment" of the mirror.

"When I first saw these ten thousand beast carvings, I thought that you had activated the mirror, and the extension phenomenon appeared. But now it seems that this is the ability of the mirror itself... Speaking of which, this is quite your style. It smells unreal."

   The reason why Earl Black asked about the Glyph of Ten Thousand Beasts was because he found out that this Glyph of Ten Thousand Beasts did not seem to be an entity, but an "illusory appearance" suspended outside the mirror.

   But it would be wrong to say that it is an illusion. Because it clearly exudes a mysterious aura, and it is in the same vein as the mysterious mirror surface, so it is obviously the mysterious mirror that comes with it.

   Angel, as a refiner, is also an illusion wizard himself, and his works follow others, so he can understand it.

   "This mirror's..." Earl Black paused in the middle of his words. He originally wanted to inquire about the effect of the mysterious mirror, but after all, it was an alchemy tool refined by Angel, and it was a personal thing. It would be impolite to directly ask the other party about the effect of the alchemy tool.

  Thinking of this, Earl Black changed his words: "Is this mirror used for assistance?"

  Angol pondered for a moment, then nodded: "That's it."

  Anger's answer was somewhat ambiguous. From this detail, Earl Black already knew in his heart that perhaps Angel didn't want to say the effect of the mirror.

  Perhaps, he pretended not to know, forcibly asked, Angel would still tell the effect of the mirror, but this obviously caused a gap in Angel's heart.

   For an alchemist who can refine mysterious things, Earl Black never thought of offending.

  Thinking of this, Earl Black suppressed his inner curiosity and did not continue to ask about the effect of the mirror. Instead, he said in a tone of emotion and jealousy: "That stinky boy Sanders is so lucky."

   He had heard that Angel was directly robbed by Sanders.

I don't know what luck Sanders has had. The apprentice he grabbed has set foot on the peak within a few years... Although this peak does not refer to the peak of strength, as long as Angel exposes the refining mirror, he will status is no worse than his own.

   Earl Black asked Angel after his emotion, "You should know about Dongla's declaration, right?"

   Grafting madman Dong La? When Angel heard the name, his brows frowned slightly: "Sir, you mean...?"

   Earl Black: "She doesn't agree with you being a member of the R&D Institute, and she also declares that you are not qualified."

   "I know about this." Angel had indeed heard people talk about it, but Dong La's words only caused some repercussions in the alchemy circle. In other circles, basically no one cared about Dong La's words. The main reason is... Dongra is disgusting.

  If Angel only mixes gold circles, he may be affected, but he didn't mix gold circles, and even said that he even strayed from the wizard circle in the barbaric cave, let alone other circles.

   "The R&D Institute's exhibition is coming up. You haven't released any new products, right? If you take out this mirror, it is estimated that Dongla's declaration will become a joke."

   Count Hei suggested that Angel take out the mirror at the exhibition, so that he can not only gain a higher status, but also hit Dong La.

  Angol did not respond to Earl Black's words.

He will definitely go to the    exhibition, but it is not certain whether the mirror is released or other alchemy props.

   Earl Black didn't say much, just clicked.

   "I've seen the mirror, it's very good. Just now Doakes said that you want to settle down, so I won't bother you any more..." Earl Black said this, and motioned Vay to leave with him.

   "Speaking of which, I don't know the name of this mirror yet?" Black Earl asked suddenly when he was halfway through.

   "Do not break the mirror."

   (end of this chapter)

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