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Chapter: 1275

On the other side, the king of Longyang left the rain pavilion with infinite emotion.

Feeling the wonder of life.

Feel their own fate.

As for the identity of the royal family of Youguo as king, he is no longer nostalgic. Because it was the ancestor of the royal family of Youguo who took him first.

Just as the king of Longyang was about to turn around in the immortal sect, he met a disciple, "boy, where is the dormitory area going?"

"Your Highness the king of Longyang!" This disciple happened to have participated in the competition of seven domains to ascend to heaven, so he recognized the king of Longyang at a glance.

When I was about to kneel down and salute, the king of Longyang raised his hand and held it with pulse Qi, and then said in a deep voice, "if you want to kneel as the king of Longyang, you don't have to. But if I kneel as the elder of immortal sect, I don't think it's enough to knock one, and I don't think it's enough to knock two."

"Ah?" The immortal disciple was stunned for a few seconds and immediately showed a stunned and shocked expression, "you have joined the immortal sect!"

"OK, don't ink. Where is the dormitory area going?"

"I'll take you!"

The immortal disciple hurriedly led the way. He was so excited all the way.

King Longyang, one of the kings granted by the royal family of Youguo, chose not to compete for the position of Lord of the country and chose to join the immortal sect.

After the death of Youwang and them tomorrow, Longyang king is the most promising royal family to take over the throne.

The future of immortality can be expected!

After arriving at the dormitory area, Longyang Wang was ready to listen to Wen Ping and find a place to live, but as soon as he was close to the dormitory area, he saw two temple guards.

Big and small ones climbed out of the deep pool and were very excited. Bursts of angry dragon roars came from the deep pool below them.

The king of Longyang didn't know what had happened, but when he heard the sound of the dragon under the deep pool, he only felt a shudder from the depths of his soul.

Underwater terror!

"The details of immortal sect are really terrible." King Longyang sighed in his heart and found a place to live under the guidance of his new disciples.

"Temple... Elder, you can stay here. The dormitory area in this area is inhabited by elders and the earliest immortal disciples. If you are not used to living, you can also find a mountain peak in the mountains, and the disciples can go to the contact person to make a residence for you immediately."


The king of Longyang waved his hand.


The capital of Youguo.

The leader of Youguo is pursued by Zhuo FengChen and is at a dead end.

In a hurry, I wanted to go to tianwuxin's position, but I immediately stopped this idea after feeling the spread of the terrorist destructive power of tianwuxin's war with four and a half step Yuanyang. Because being chased by Zhuo FengChen, you don't necessarily die. If you rely on your ancestors, you will die!

Just as the leader of Youguo is ready to continue to delay Zhuo FengChen with other people's lives, he suddenly feels that Zhuo FengChen is brewing terrible moves.



Zhuo FengChen's pulse gate trembled slightly. Each tremor would make his speed soar a few minutes, and a hurricane destroying the sky and earth was blowing around him.

After a few breaths, the hurricane took shape.

Not high.

It's only a hundred feet.

But where the hurricane passed, there was no grass, and everything was broken. The Zhuo wind dust in the hurricane is driven by the hurricane to quickly shorten the distance from the Lord of Youguo.

It's only a matter of time before we catch up with the leader of Youguo.

But the leader of Youguo never thought that this time was very short.

Zhuo FengChen's ethereal voice came, "the wind kills the world · the cage of all things!"

The language fell, and the giant wind wall was erected within a hundred miles, completely blocking the escape path of the leader of the Youguo country. The only way out seemed to be in the sky.

The leader of Youguo immediately flew to the sky, but the voice of Zhuo FengChen came again.

"The wind kills the world · Yuanyang hurricane!"

When the words fell, the two strands of Yuan Yang's power suddenly turned into a giant hurricane, breaking out a howling sound that startled the world, directly involving the Lord of Youguo.

The leader of Youguo wanted to break away, but he had nothing to do.

Can only be constantly manipulated in the hurricane and feel a little tear of the spirit body.

In a quarter of an hour.

The spirit body of the secluded Lord in the hurricane has reached its limit.

It could be torn up in the next second.

"Ah!" The Lord of Youguo, who was screaming in pain, already knew that he was doomed, but he was unwilling, "Grandpa, avenge me! Destroy the immortal sect, kill Wenping, and kill the landlord of the building. I want the whole immortal sect to keep chickens and dogs!"

Language falls.

The country was directly torn apart by the hurricane.

Fall here!

Seeing this, Wen Ping smiled with satisfaction.

"Finally dead."

As soon as the leader of Youguo dies and the sky changes and they fall, the morale of Youguo will reach an unprecedented freezing point.

Besides, Youguo certainly has no time to take into account, or dare not have friction with immortal sect again. But disintegration is certainly impossible.

Because you are not the only one who has no intention.

Moreover, even if only tianwuxin, tianwuxin and one enemy against four are still in the state of not losing the wind, the secluded country will not die.

Even Wen Ping vaguely felt that he might not have done his best.

The No. 1 Nalan Muhong hasn't appeared yet. How can tianwuxin do his best?

Just as Wen Ping was imagining, Tian Wuxin's face changed when he heard the last words of the leader of Youguo before the fall, and his heart immediately scolded again and again.

"I knew he was so stupid. I should have crushed him in Zushan the other day!"

The last words before his death are not to tell zhetien Lou that there is no special relationship between immortal sect and Youguo, but a pure enemy.

I just pretended in vain!

Sure enough, the next moment the endless sky hung and smiled grimly.

"It's not a conspiracy!"

"Not a conspiracy!"

"You royal family of Youguo thought you were right and went against immortal sect beyond your power. As a result, immortal sect cut off four Royal ancestors in succession!"

Tianwuxin's expression is still ancient well without waves, but now in fact, no matter how he pretends, it's useless. The last words of the Lord of Youguo are so persuasive.

Endless sky hanging can feel thorn's hatred for immortality.

You can also feel how unwilling the thorns who are the leader of the secluded country and have broken through to half a step Yuanyang.

"Attack with all your strength!"

"Today we must kill tianwuxin!"

Endless sky hung with a grim smile and ordered, but did not let Zhuo FengChen join the battle, "FengChen, you go after those Youguo royal families who escaped from the channel of Qujing, and don't stay!"





Two people and two demons agreed with one voice.

Tian Wuxin's face can no longer stretch at the moment.

"Endless sky hanging, you must die today!" Tian unintentionally opened his mouth in anger, then raised his hand, the breath rose steadily, and an explosive punch burst out.


Two people and two demons, including endless sky hanging, retreated thousands of feet at the same time.

"Then you have to have that ability!" After being shaken back, endless sky's smile suddenly converged. He finally realized that he didn't do his best before tianwuxin.

The language falls, and tianwuxin has turned into a startled Hong and rushed to kill.

The goal is endless and hanging in the sky!

The other two demon masters and the new No. 6 HuZe in the tianbang were directly ignored.

But the endless sky didn't retreat and directly greeted it.

Seeing this, Wen Ping began to focus on the No. 1 Nalan Muhong on that day.

It's not true.

Will Nalan Muhong show up?

Wen Ping thinks it's best to appear, and it's best to fight against both sides and collectively recover for a hundred years.

Or both fall.

If it is the latter, he can wake up in a dream.


Yesterday's update, endless sky hung shouting to kill yourself.

(it has been modified.)

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